25 Ways You Can Use Washi Tape

If you are a fellow stationery lover, then I am sure you are also a lover of washi tapes. There are SO many different designs, colours and sizes. I have so far around 50/60 different tapes, no I am not ashamed and yes I am always looking to buy more ha ha! I get asked questions on my blog and social media about what you can use washi tape for, so I thought I would share a list of 25 ways you can use your tapes.

1. Create a washi tape journal swatch

2. Decorate your planner 




3. Wrap presents

4. Cover up mistakes in your notebooks or bullet journals

5. Cut out and create stickers

6. Decorate your homemade cards and the envelopes 


7. Wrap your current pen – so you use the right one (if you have so many of the same like me ha ha!)

8. Make titles for your bullet journals 

9. Decorate your home made bookmarks

10. Cover the whole inside page of your notebook or bullet journal with your tape

11. Decorate your notebook pages


12. Write on them and label storage boxes

13. Use different tapes to break down different chores on your to-do list

14. Create a mood tracker in your journal

15.  Colour coding for different tasks or events

16. Use to stick pictures or mementos into a scrapbook 


17. Make your own bunting

18. Decorate gift boxes or storage boxes

19. Use them as sticky labels for notebooks or folders

20. Use them as sticky notes to write important information and reminders in your diary

21. Decorate your scrapbook


22. Create borders in notebooks and bullet journals

23. Create tables in your bullet journal for weekly spreads

24. Use on page edges to help with bookmarking or use as tabs

25. Decorate your bullet journal pages



Do you like washi tape? Do you have another use for washi tape? I’d love to hear in the comments.



83 thoughts on “25 Ways You Can Use Washi Tape

  1. I love these! I confess I have a bunch of this tape (and I don’t even know why or how) and now I know what to do. I’m going to use it mostly for my journal and for labeling small boxes. Thank you!!!


  2. I have always wanted to collect washi tapes (bc they’re super cute!!) but I am not really sure of how to use them. These are some creative ideas!! I also saw an artist use washi tapes to decorate her drawings. 😃🎨

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  3. I’ve always wanted some washi tape because they come in so many different designs but I never really knows what to use it for so this post is definitely helpful. I love the idea of using it on a notebook or planner! X


  4. I admit that I have become a crazy fan of washi tape since I started using a planner and bullet journal! I have quite the collection now and will definitely have to try some of these suggestions!

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  5. I had never even heard of washi tape but I’d definitely keep my eye out for these in the future and use them for decorating handmade cards or gift wrapping

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  6. I love washi tape so much! Part of me never want to use them because I don’t want to buy more but they’re meant to be used, hehe. I love how versatile they are. Oooh, I like using them to cover up mistakes, hehe. I used to love using them to tape up any cool artifacts from events. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  7. Wow! Your washi tape collection is so bright, colourful and awesome *heart eyes* I love it! Thank you for sharing all these fabulous ideas, Lauren! You have given me so much inspiration! At the moment, I just use my washi for decorating my planner and adding it to cards and gifts, but now I feel like there is so much more I could use it for. I never thought of adding it in a notebook, but yesss, washi would be an awesome way to decorate pages or use it as way to divide sections. Thank you again for sharing your creative suggestions, I’m defo going to make more use of my washi tape collection (also, perfect excuse to buy more, he he!) brilliant post! ❤ xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  8. All such great ideas, washi tape just adds that touch of colour and can make something simple look nice! I love all your pictures showing all the different washi tapes. Another thing I’ve used it for is to hang up posters, as in the house I was renting at university I didn’t want to leave greasy blu tac marks on the wall!


  9. oh my god I cannot tell you how much I love this post!!! I’m an absolute washi tape junkie (I’ve actually created a washi tape swatch journal page already haha) so these are fab ideas for how to get the most use out of them! xxx


  10. I use washi tape to stick pages of sheet music together – this could be useful for any fellow musicians out there! I also use it to colour code different chargers and cables so I remember which are for what device!

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  11. I loved reading this!! You have a great collection and these are all great ways to use them! I love to use washi tape for pictures and to decorate my notebooks, they put a nice touch to them! Thanks for sharing x

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