Pro And Cons To Bullet Journalling

I first learned about bullet journalling when I was watching Lily Pebbles videos on Youtube and fell in love with the concept. I spoke to my auntie and she had already been bullet journalling for a while and shared her tips and where I could buy the essentials. I fell in love with creative outlet it gave me, I was able to design my layouts and be proud of what I had created. I have used a variety of different planners and journals, bullet journals are definitely the ones that not only make me the most productive but the ones that bring me the most joy. If you want to read about my old bullet journal you can see the post here. I thought I would share some of the pros and cons, so if you are undecided about whether it is for you, hopefully this post can help you. 

Pros To Bullet Journalling

1. You can have a design/layout the way you want it

When you buy regular planners or journals they are structured and no room for you to change aspects you don’t like. Whereas with bullet journals you design your own weekly spreads your way. So whether you like a vertical layout, a horizontal layout, notes and reminders sections, meal plan you can have that all. Bullet journalling is all about tailoring it to your style and your need to be the most productive.



2. You can have everything in one place

Instead of having a day-to-day diary, to-do list pad and my habit trackers in a separate notebook, you can have everything in one journal to be able to refer to it easily as well as not carrying them around with you if like me you will take them to work for example. This is one of the reasons I love bullet journalling so much, so much more efficient for me.

A throwback to how I used to record my habit trackers, updated post coming soon

3. A great creative outlet

For me being creative helps when I am struggling with my anxiety, it helped me so much before I had CBT too, it gave me focus. So being able to design elaborate themes, doodling and colouring helped me not only with anxiety but made my bullet journal look pretty and colourful.



Cons To Bullet Journalling

1, They can be time consuming

When you are wanting to design elaborate weekly spreads and themes, it can be time consuming especially if like me you want it to be “perfect“. If you are particularly busy it can be hard to find time to plan your weekly spreads, I try to allocate time usually on a Sunday evening to plan my week ahead and then I go into a fresh new week focused.


2. They can be intimidating

When researching bullet journalling, especially on Pinterest. Seeing the beautiful and creative designs can be so intimidating and can leave you wondering where to start, what to use and what spreads to use. It is hard not to get drawn into the creative possibilities. When I first started bullet journalling my designs where basic, but as you carry on you find your style and you can experiment more. No one starts out amazing! I am looking forward to sharing my newer designs in and upcoming post.

3. It can be expensive

Bullet journalling can get expensive if you feed into aspects on Pinterest (it is hard not to sometimes). You can be drawn into or sometimes advised to buy some “essentials” but they are not necessarily needed. Like any planner, you have different brands that will offer that service, I get my bullet journals from Amazon and they are very reasonable and affordable. I usually use Leuchtturm, but recently was gifted a Bujo Box which has all your bullet journal essentials for a reasonable price also.


I am going to be sharing some posts in the future all about bullet journalling, so if you are interested or wanting more tips from my experience watch this space. I have a post here where you can read about tips I wish I had known when I first started bullet journalling.

Do you like bullet journaling? Do you have other pros or cons to this way of planning? I’d love to hear in the comments.





60 thoughts on “Pro And Cons To Bullet Journalling

  1. These look so lovely. I fell completely out of love with mine about two months ago. I’m trying really hard to get back into it 😔 I think I new pens and supplies I think to restart my motivation!

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  2. I keep coming back to Bullet journaling, but not all the Pinterest ones. It does keep me on track with running list and keeping all in one notebook. But I find it hard to keep up all the other hype. It helps me being an Teacher’s aide though because I can divide up pages for what needs to be done in my workday.

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  3. I love the idea of bullet journaling but my inability to draw or even write nicely ruins it for me 😫 I get frustrated that mine looks like a 3 year old did it 🙄🤣

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  4. I am so intimidated by bullet journalling – but I do find I quite like my pre-printed weekly planner anyway so I’m not sure it’s something I need? I have a couple of apps on my phone which track habits and are useful for when I’m not at home so I’m not convinced that it would help me with that either.

    Love the balance in this post – possibly not the intent but it’s kinda helped me see that bullet journalling probably isn’t for me and that’s okay because I’m still getting the basics with my current systems.

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  5. Great post! I haven’t jumped into bullet journaling yet, but I know that if I do, I’ll be sure to look on your blog first thing for pointers. You always have great recommendations and tips, and this post really helps to point out the honest perspective of pros and cons. Thank you for sharing!


  6. I love the idea of bullet journalling but I think I would get frustrated that I couldn’t get it to look exactly how I wanted, AND I would need to set up the whole year in advance because I like having that overview of what’s coming up. I’ve compromised by getting journals which have a full week on one page and then a notes page on the facing page so I can use that space to record and doodle things each week. It’s worked quite well for me!

    Your journal is beautiful! I love how bright and decorative it is, and it’s so neat! It looks really perfect.


  7. I know someone who bullet journals and she likes it. I can’t see myself doing this since I’m impatient and would have to scrap the entire notebook if I mess up a page. This is why I can’t use adult coloring books and prefer adult coloring postcards.

    If you look at my phone, it’s pretty basic. Basic background, same phone case I had when I first got my phone. Based on this, you can see I’m a boring, simplistic person, and bullet journaling is everything but boring. Love the concept – but I’m not skilled enough to do it due to lack of patience and perfectionism 🤷‍♀️😓

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    1. Good thing is you can use washi tape to cover mistakes or make it into a doodle page. There is so many ways not to have to pull out a page. Not boring just like the simple things in life and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s not for everyone. But it’s good you know what works for you x

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      1. I almost bought these cute stickers for planners/scrapbooking but didn’t end up buying them. Now I really wish I had. The only washi tape I used came from the dollar store so maybe that’s part of the issue I’m having (it doesn’t stick very well but it’s cute). I’ve seen what you’ve done with your washi tape – you really make your journals come to life! 😊💜

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  8. It’s really interesting to read about someone’s experience with something you’ve tried!

    It had always been the self-customization, time-consuming feature of a bullet journal that stopped me from using it — tried it twice and just can’t. But I can totally see the creative outlet it offers to others and if it helps, that’s great! For me, free writing on my phone is a more easily accessible and therapeutic method. And then I have my numerous sketchpads and journals for more artsy, visual creative channeling!

    Kate |

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  9. I loved bullet journalling but I got too caught up in needing the perfect layout! I almost feel like I need to have the whole bullet journal planned out and ready to go by January 1st, otherwise, I don’t have time to plan everything I might need properly. I would love one specific to blogging and writing but not sure how to get started.

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  10. Thanks for this excellent post it’s reminded me I haven’t picked up my bullet journal for a few weeks and actually seeing as today’s plans have changed and I’m feeling generally under the weather it’s a perfect day to spend an hour on it 🤗

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  11. Such an interesting post, Lauren. I know exactly what you mean about feeling daunted by Pinterest rather than inspired sometimes! And time is a great factor too, I don’t keep a particularly fancy BuJo, just a note of my blog and social media scheduling, along with my monthly stats recording. I’d like to use it for more one day, perhaps books I’ve read, places I’d like to visit, a bucket list perhaps. Food for thought – and yay for your washi tape! Lisa xxx

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    1. Definitely a good idea to do that in the future. I am excited to share more bullet journal posts! I would love to read or see how you use your bullet journal. So please link me if you ever post anything about it xxx


  12. Oh my, those pages full of your colourful doodles are incredible! They are so bright, fun and happy! 🙂 I always admire those who can keep up with bullet journalling, it’s such an amazing way to be creative and I love that it gives you so much freedom. The tracker is especially cool and such a good way to stay motivated with daily goals and healthy habits. I’d love to give bullet journalling a proper go sometime as it combines two of my favourite things – planning and being creative 🙂 I’m defo looking forward to more of these kinda post as they are fantastic for ideas and inspiration. Thanks for sharing Lauren, brilliant post as always! ❤ xxx

    Bexa |

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  13. It is interesting that you have included some cons in bullet journaling. You’re being real that not all things are perfect. I love the ability to be flexible with your bullet journal! You are so creative with your bullet journal designs! I agree that it can be super time consuming. If you have a lot of time, it is great. If not, it can be proven challenging. Oh man, I don’t want to imagine the cost of all of the stickers! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥


  14. Agree with all of these, love getting creative with mine and having all my stuff in one place, but it does take so much time to get it looking the way I want and so time consuming, my habit trackers and mood trackers end up not fully filled out sometimes because I’m too busy! Great post and your journal looks really good

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