Summer 2019 Bucket List

It is finally Summer and in the UK we have been having some amazing sunny days, which makes it even better living by the beach. I thought for my first post in July (how is it July already?) I would share my Summer Bucket List for this year. I usually dread Summer, I love the season BUT I never feel comfortable in the clothes. However, I am making a conscious effort to embrace my body and different outfits. So let me share with you the 8 things on my list.

1. Go to the beach as much as I can (I spent a lot of the weekend there last week)


2. Swim in the sea (I did this at the weekend and definitely can’t wait to go back)

3. Wear my swimsuit on the beach and not cover up (I did this on Saturday and even shocked myself, I was scared and felt uncomfortable at first but I DID IT!)

4. Go to Bournemouth Pride

5. Have a picnic

6. Go on days out with family and friends and make the most of the warmer days

7. Buy more Summer clothes and embrace my body (I have recently purchased an outfit for Pride it is no where near what I would usually wear but I am excited!)

8. Have lots of BBQs

What do you want to do or achieve this Summer? I’d love to hear in the comments.




57 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Bucket List

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to a few more BBQs with this nice weather! I’ve got a few more days of holiday before I go back to work and I’m determined to make the most of it, but I’ve no idea where to start! 😂

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  2. Aww yess, I love this list Lauren! It’s definitely making me want to take a trip to the beach, you are soo lucky to live so close! Wow, go you for swimming in the sea! I’ve never actually done it, I’m kinda scared but it does sound like a cool thing to do. Also, yaay for embracing your body and being confident, that’s really inspiring! I hope you have an amazing summer and do everything you want to. PS. Looking forward to see your outfit for Pride, you gotta send me a pic, I’m sure you will look awesome!! ❤ xxx

    Bexa |

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    1. It was so much fun, we swam and mucked about and had a laugh. Thank you, I am hoping the more I do it the easier it will be. Also fake it until you make it kinda thing. Thank you! I hope you have a great Summer also. I will send you a pic for sure ❤️xxxx


  3. I so wish we lived closer to the sea, I would be there every day, as would Flora. Sigh. Maybe one day! Love your bucket list, Lauren, BBQs are definitely on my list this summer and I can’t wait to see your Pride outfit too 🙂 Lisa x


  4. These are lovely ideas Lauren. I’ve actually never swam in the sea, and I haven’t worn a swimsuit on the beach since Weston-Super-Mare as a child.

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  5. Your summer sounds glorious and awesome that you happily wearing your togs! Being comfortable in your own skin is a wonderful thing. I have some nasty scars from multiple surgeries as a baby and a few years ago I had them tattooed over. I am not exagerating when I say it was life changing and I wore a bikini for the first time ever at age 34!

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    1. That’s amazing! I haven’t worn a bikini since I was prob about 16 and even then I wasn’t confident. But hoping to continue getting more and more confident in my body. Xx


  6. Great post, Lauren! If I lived in Bournemouth I think I’d be at the beach every day, haha. It’s great that you’re embracing your body this year and trying new clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear. Go you! Summer is my favourite season so my plans include soaking up the sun and enjoying every minute of the warmer weather before it gets freezing again!


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  7. I would love to live close to the beach! On a sunny day there’s something so relaxing to sit there and listen to the sound of the sea 😍

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  8. Sounds like you’re in for the best summer! I wish I lived close enough to the beach to go there often, I love beaches! Thankfully I’m going on a beach holiday on Saturday so I’m excited for that! I hope you have an amazing time and don’t cover up, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about and I’m sure it’ll boost your confidence!

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  9. Love your summer bucket list! Who could not possibly have going to the beach on theirs? Beach time is on mine but it has not happened yet! Congratulations in finding the courage to step out without covering your bathing suit; once you do it once, it becomes easier every other time. 🙂

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  10. Hope you’ll accomplish all of your bucket list items! Ooh, I need to get my butt out to the beach as well. YESSS on having a picnic! They’re the best. You can’t go wrong with BBQ’s as well. I like that you’re trying to embrace your body more with summer clothes! Sending you lots of love!

    Nancy ♥

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  11. I haven’t been to the beach in so long. I mean Brighton, last year. But I still think that stony beaches are just not the same. There is just something special about running through sand and building sand castles (i’m still a kid at heart). Well done for embracing your body!
    Laura /

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  12. I love reading peoples bucket lists! I’m the same as you and live really close to the beach which is amazing in the summer. We’ve spent a lot of evenings at the beach recently and had fish n chips for tea and then ice cream afterwards. It’s great that you’re trying to embrace your body and I bet you look fab! 🙂
    My summer bucket list is to – Sort out the garden (this is a work in progress), walk as much as I can to enjoy the weather instead of getting in a car, host a BBQ and invite my friends and take lots of photos to remember all the good times.

    Thanks for sharing! xx

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  13. I love this list! To say I live in a seaside town I really don’t go to the beach often enough which will hopefully change very soon. Well done to you for wearing your swimming costume on the beach too – I’ve not been brave enough to do that just yet but maybe this will finally be the year I do! xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

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