BourneFree 2019

Around the world there are so many Pride festivals being held and at the weekend it was Bournemouth Pride also known as BourneFree. I have been going to Bournemouth Pride for quite a few years now and I was so excited to celebrate with friends.

I love the whole concept of Pride festivals I think for me anyway it highlights that there is still not equality for all people in society and the world. It allows people who feel marginalised to come together and feel loved and accepted. These festivals are a safe space to have fun, feel accepted and are people are able to be their authentic selves.

BourneFree every year teams up with local businesses and charities to promote safe spaces and show their support. Every year they work with the police and fire service, the police in particular were sharing services they offer to the LGBTQ+ community.



There was huge talents that graced the stage at the weekend. They all had incredible voices and were full of positive energy.

BourneFree had Chloe Akam, Abz (from Five),Sam Callahan and Laura as P!nk tribute act were on the main stage that I saw. Later on in the evening there were even more including a Sugababe, Big Brovaz and Booty Luv who I saw a couple of years ago and got to meet. There was such a huge range of music sung by all to cater to everyone!

Chloe Akam


Abz (from Five)
Abz (from Five)
Laura P!nk Tribute Act
Laura P!nk Tribute Act

I had an amazing weekend, front row to see some amazing acts in the glorious sun! Looking around at so many happy people just being proud of who they are. The tent area with the main stage was covered in colour, rainbow face paints and glitter, including me! I loved it!




I had such a great time with my friends all celebrating together. Already looking forward to next year’s celebrations.

Have you ever been to a Pride festival? If not, what is the best festival you have been too? I’d love to hear in the comments.


24 thoughts on “BourneFree 2019

  1. I love pride.. unfortunately it’s been years since I had time to participate in one… maybe next year. Love the colors, and how we all come together and celebrate love no matter what gender or sexual preferences ❤

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  2. This looked like such an awesome event, I am glad you had a wonderful time lovely! I’m loving your rainbow shades, super cool 😀 The police and fire engine look brilliant, it’s so nice that the whole community got together to show their support. Glad you enjoyed the music too, I remember Abz from 5ive, he was always my fave (ahh, nostalgia!) and how cool is Chloe Akam’s dress!! Thanks for sharing, fab post and brilliant photos too! ❤ xxxx

    Bexa |

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  3. This looks like an amazing places to be, and the feeling of acceptance the photos show with color and heartfelt singing reminds me very much of the witch camp I am cooling at. A lovely place to be yourself and be loved and embraced.


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