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Storage Ideas For Stationery Fans


If you love stationery, you probably have a house full of it. Pens and pencils, notebooks and sketchpads, sharpeners, rulers, staplers and yes, even fountain pens. Stationery is so easy to buy, fans can quickly gather a large collection.

There are several ways you can organise your stationery collection and enjoy it for its own sake, as well as finding what you need quickly. Any of these storage ideas might suit your needs or inspire a few of your own.

Sorting by Category or Use

You could put all pens together, collect up your pencils or pile your various notebooks into a heap then organise them by size or type of paper (lined, dotted, graph, plain etc.).

Other categories include children’s stationery items. If you have kids, chances are they also have a good collection of crayons and colouring books. Finding storage methods for those to keep them separate from your own is a good idea.

You could also categorise stationery by professional or creative use. The notebooks or memo pads used for work probably won’t inspire you as much as the pretty notebooks or colourful pens used for drawing or journaling. Especially if you enjoy bullet journaling and like creating elaborate page spreads.

Figure out all the different uses you put your stationery too, and divide it up into categories that make sense. After that, finding practical ways to keep the collections together becomes a bit easier.

Archival stationery is a special category you might want to consider secure self storage for. These things including journals, diaries or memoirs from previous years, photo albums, or scrapbooks as well as collected memorabilia. Storage facilities include locker-sized self storage units that are ideal for stationery fans or students with precious term papers they need to keep safe.

Furnishings for Stationery Storage

A rolling chest on castors with shallow drawers is ideal for both adults and kids. It’s easy to move and holds all kinds of stationery so you can wheel it to wherever you (or the kids) are working. Divide all your different supplies between the drawers so they don’t get muddled, and you can get straight on with being creative without any fuss or delay.

Other basic ideas include pen pots or baskets you can stand notebooks up in. If you have a desk, consider installing a shelf up above, then using this to house all your pots and baskets. Choose fabric or wicker baskets rather than utilitarian plastic tubs and they will look as appealing as their contents.

Having other simple storage furniture, such as end tables with drawers, or coffee tables with lift tops or shelves underneath are also useful for items you might want to grab quickly during the day or evening when inspiration strikes.

Creative and Fun Storage Ideas

Taking something designed for a certain purpose and putting it to use for something else is a great way to stamp your personality on your surroundings. With stationery items mostly being quite small, there are lots of ways to keep them neat and tidy.

Long Term Storage

If you’re going to store paper long term, remember that it tends to discolour and go brittle over time. As well as sunlight, the main culprit for this is the acid in ordinary boxes and paper. When you’re putting paper items away at home or in a self storage room, make sure you use archival quality boxes and storage containers. These are acid and lignin free, so your journals or artwork won’t get ruined.

If your stationery collection is getting out of hand, there’s no need to part with all the lovely items you’ve gathered. With some organised storage, you can keep everything neat and have plenty of room for more!

Do you use any of these storage ideas for your stationery? I’d love to hear in the comments.

Guest post: Big Yellow Self Storage 

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