How You Can Use A Bullet Journal For Blogging

Bullet Journals can be so versatile and you can use them to track all sorts of projects. I like to use my bullet journal for blogging as well as personal day-to-day tasks and include weekly spreads.

By using my bullet journal I am able to track all my blog progress and social media engagement all in one place. I can also reflect on the previous month and see what social media platforms are working well and where I need to spend more time.

These are the pages that I use for my bullet journal when tracking all blog related content.

Blog schedule

I like to outline my blog schedule for the month, so that I can plan ahead with what content I want to create. It helps me to feel organised and motivated with my blog. By having a future plan of my blogging schedule allows me to put post ideas in ahead of time, for example; national holidays etc.


Blog statistics and social media statistics

Although statistics are not everything I do like to track my numbers; follower count on my social media and my blog and page views. This helps to show me what posts are the most popular and what days and times are the more successful engagement periods. It also helps to show me where I need to work harder, what days and times I need to increase my engagement.


Brain dump for blog post ideas

Using a double page I like to have a brain dump, so any blog post ideas, titles or brands I would like to work with is written on there. My bullet journal is easy to grab and write down these ideas when they come to me, so I don’t loose them. If I ever struggle with ideas for content I can re-visit these pages and hopefully gather some inspiration.


Most popular Blog and Instagram posts

I like to use a page each month to write a list of my top 3 most popular blog posts and Instagram pictures. It allows me again to see what content is popular on my social media and then I can optimise that as much as I can.


Do you like to keep track of your blog’s progress? Do you use a bullet journal like me? I’d love to hear in the comments.


25 thoughts on “How You Can Use A Bullet Journal For Blogging

  1. I like your bullet journal you use for your blog. I don’t use one for my blog, but I do for my own personal wellbeing.
    For my blog, I just use a monthly calendar and write down when my blog posts are to air and a notebook to write down posts in drafts or ideas.

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  2. I love this! Your layouts are so pretty! I literally just have a rough notebook and a couple of spreadsheets to plan my posts but with so many empty notebooks I have I’m definitely inspired to start a BuJo for my blog 🙂 xx

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    1. These aren’t good. I am still practising with layouts etc as it’s been a while since I was bullet Journalling. Thank you, aww if you do make sure you tag me in your pictures so I can see. Thank you for reading and commenting xx

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  3. I just bought a bullet journal specifically for my blogging so it was nice to get some ideas as to what all to put in it. I already have a bullet journal for my weekly schedule, but it’s nice to have one for this specific topic. Thanks for the tips!

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    1. Oh really? That’s awesome!! Aww, I hope these have helped. If you do a blog post be sure to tag me on Twitter so I can see and read about your layouts! Thank you for reading and commenting x


  4. Journaling is such a powerful thing to do. I try to do it everyday and for everything (to do lists, diary, goals..) even if most of the time I do it on my phone. I know it’s better on the paper but the last of time is a problem sometimes!
    xx Dasynka

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