5 Bullet Journal Myths

When you search online about bullet journalling there is so many do’s and don’ts, photos of weekly spreads and so much information. It can be so overwhelming especially if you are new and are wanting to learn how you can start.

I have been bullet journalling for over 2 years and I have seen and heard so many different things online that just isn’t true. I thought I would share 5 of the top things I see said online and bust those myths!

You need a LOT of supplies

Realistically all you need is a pen and a notebook, simple as that. If you are on a financial budget you don’t even have to purchase a branded dotted notebook. You could even use a spare notebook you have stored somewhere. However, if you want too you can purchase specific stationery supplies, but this is not essential for you to bullet journal.

You can only start a bullet journal on January 1st

The joy of bullet journalling is that they are so versatile and you can design it how you want it. So you can start whatever month you choose too. I recently started bullet journalling again after a break trialling a new planner system and I started back this July. Start whenever you feel ready.


There is only one correct way to bullet journal

You can head to the official bullet journal website which explains the concept and gives you useful tips on how you can use your journal. But there is so many ways you can design it specifically for your needs and own preferences. One aspect of a design or idea may work for some but not for others, so you should use it how you want too. No pressure!

You need to be artsy and creative

When you hear someone say bullet journal so many people instantly think of creating elaborate spreads. For some people they love having that creative outlet, experiments with doodles and lettering. BUT.. you do not have to be creative, you don’t even have to use colour if thats not what you want. You can have a minimalistic design, black and white or colourful, its completely down to you. If you want your pages to be creative but are not confident drawing then stickers and washi tape are great to add colour and character. My doodles aren’t amazing, but practising in my bullet journalling has definitely helped.

Your bullet journal must be perfect with no mistakes

No, just no! It is okay to mistakes and everyone does! I like to think it adds character ha ha! If I make mistakes, I sometimes will use washi tape or stickers to cover them up, which is such a great way to not waste space. Or if you don’t want to do that you can start a fresh page, its again about how you want to use it. When I first started out, I made so many mistakes, but you learn as the months go by.


Has any of these myths stopped you from starting a bullet journal? Have you heard other myths? I’d love to hear in the comments.


66 thoughts on “5 Bullet Journal Myths

  1. Definitely the myth around needing lots of fancy stationary stopped me for a while, but like you said, you literally just need a pen and notebook to get started! I’ve started mine up again for my blog and I’m loving it so far – keeping it minimal to start with and it’s all going well! Xx

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  2. I needed to read this! I’ve wanted to start a bullet journal for so long and I finally got a notebook yesterday! The myth about having to be artsy & creative is what has stopped me in the past as i never know what to draw or write and am afraid I’ll ruin it but I’m going to take the plunge as they look like so much fun! Great post as always! 😊💖

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  3. I think some of these myths apply to more than bullet journaling! Not being creative is something that holds many people back from writing and drawing and journaling. The trick is not too think to much and just start doing what you yearn to do.

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  4. Some of those things like the need to make it absolutely perfect has stopped me from starting a bujo before but I’m gonna go for it this time and make one for school! I am so excited and have already bought one, just have to wait for its arrival. I can’t wait to customize it. Just have to remember it doesn’t have to be tied to one layout and I can do whatever I want! Thanks for sharing Lauren x

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

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  5. Thanks for sharing these myths, Lauren. I’ve definitely believed in the beginning that more supplies = better bujo, but to be honest, I tend to use the same markers/colors. And I totally agree, the bullet journal is amazing because you start one whenever, wherever.

    Eena ☼ cabin twenty-four

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  6. Not being creative or having the right supplies have put me off starting off a bullet journal. Also I didn’t realise there was no need to wait until Jan 1st! lol. I feel silly for thinking so. I’ve been thinking about starting one to keep up with my exposure therapy work.

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  7. so great! these myths have absolutely stopped me from making a bullet journal. i’m not good at drawing or calligraphy so that has made me feel like i wouldn’t be good at making a bullet journal but i need to get over my fear and just make one because i love the sound of them. this is such a helpful post and reassuring

    mich / simplymich.com

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  8. See, I think bullet journaling would be very ‘me’, but I’ve never got around to it. However, this post has reinvigorated me – I’m going to check out the basics on the link you provided right after finishing this comment. You make it sound very chill and low pressure, which I think is good – you don’t want to go into anything feeling stressed!


  9. Lauren thanks for debunking those bullet journal myths! One if the main reasons I shy away from bullet journals is the idea I need to draw. I guess I see some really pretty elaborate journals full of color and graphics…I’m always left like, “wow, I want mine to look like that”😂 but I need to remember it’s my journal, my way👏🏾

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

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  10. This is so true! When I started using the bullet journal system about a couple of years ago, I used to feel this immense pressure to make my spreads and trackers look pretty. Because that’s what I’d see all around. But now I just use a diary and a pen and it works for me splendidly. And I do make pretty spreads when I feel like but that’s just because I want to 🙂
    Thank you for this lovely post!

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  11. Using a bullet journal has pulled everything together. From ideas and scribbles to long term plans and future schedules. The freedom to decorate or not is in the hands of the journalist. Personally I don’t. The myths should be destroyed and buried, but we all enjoy reading stories right, so no harm in scanning Pinterest for the pretty layouts, just don’t start buying. Get a good book and put pen to paper. Own your mistakes and love what you do. Thanks for pointing out the myths.

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  12. I love how you debunk all of these myths about having a bullet journal. I agree with you – you can start anytime! I say the same thing about working out, you don’t need to wait to the new year to start. If you really want to start something, you would do it right away. Oh man, I used to be so OCD with my journal!! It HAD to be perfect. I learned to embrace my mistakes, hehe. Thanks for sharing all of these facts!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  13. I’ve never owned a bullet journal or ever given it much thought. I think I will look into this a bot more as it might be helpful for me. Thanks for sharing x


  14. Honestly, everything on this list is a reason I don’t bullet journal 😦 When I think of a bullet journal, it somehow reminds me of my perfectionist side and it refrains me from being more personal and natural when writing. Hopefully, I can get over them! Thanks for sharing xx



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