5 Reasons Why I Love Bullet Journalling

Bullet journalling for me is not only about being organised but it is another creative outlet for me to experiment with lettering, colour and washi tape. There is so many different designs and so many creative possibilities to fill those blank pages. It makes me happy. If I feel stressed or anxious I get my bullet journal and do something creative. I am going to share 5 other reasons why I love to bullet journal and how it benefits me.

I can design a weekly planner in a layout that works for me.


I can keep log my weekly planner, habit trackers, blog statistics and to-do lists all in one place.


I can practise my brush lettering


I can practise doodling, writing titles and designing borders.

If I want to change a layout or design because I don’t like it or I have made a mistake I can just change it or start a fresh page, it doesn’t matter.


Do you bullet journal , if so what do you love about yours? If you don’t bullet journal, what do you do to be creative? I’d love to hear in the comments.



50 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love Bullet Journalling

  1. I used to love bullet journalling. I really need to get back into it but my problem is I’m too much of a perfectionist and end up hating every design that I do! It’s meant to be relaxing and it just sends me into a tailspin lol.

    Despite that, your post really makes me want to try it again. I might start a bullet journal next year for blogging.

  2. I love the vibrant and happy colors of your doodle at the end; it is inspiring. There is nothing better than being organized and seeing all the little things making up your day down on a pretty page.

  3. I love the idea of a bullet journal, but I have no creativity and I am a super perfectionist, so would probably lose my mind doing it! I love seeing other people’s bullet journals though. They always look lovely and super organized!

    Maybe one day I’ll get one, but for now, I’ll just keep using my desk and having a million sticky notes haha

  4. I’m starting to see the 2020 planners in the stores. While I’m not excited about a year gone, I am super excited to pick out a new planner!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Bullet journaling is the best! You can do so much with it, and be as creative as you want. I love that every page is a new opportunity to express yourself, and mistakes are OK! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. I haven’t bullet journalled before but I can defo see how it would work for me. I do like doodling and writing so maybe I will give it a go. Maybe it will focus my mind so I don’t get so distracted x

      1. Thank you, yeah I’ll have a look through 🙂 I’m researching at the moment to figure out the supplies I need and perhaps the type of design I’d like to use 🙂

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