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September Bullet Journal Setup


I am loving being back into bullet journalling and getting creative with the different designs. I love the start of a new month, especially when its the start of Autumn. I love Autumn, as I love reasons to wear cosy jumpers and chunky scarves. The fresh crisp days makes me happy.

I enjoyed setting up this months bullet journal pages. I got all cosy put a programme on and got designing. I decided to incorporate all of the colours I felt represented Autumn and I am really excited to use these pages. If you want to read about my other bullet journal posts, you can read them here and here.

I like to put a page with the title of the month, its a fresh start for a fresh month and keeps it separate from the previous month. I wanted to keep the page simple with the different shades of orange and brown. I loved the quote I found online so I decided to put  that on the title page and it gives me a reason to try different lettering.

I sometimes have a terrible memory, so having a habit tracker can help me take note of everything. Also, they say if you break or change a habit it takes several weeks to become the norm. I can keep a record of my steps for example. It will help me find any patterns and what I can do to change them. I tried a new layout to record this. I usually use a big table, but I definitely like this layout better, it is a simpler and cleaner look.

I have a page specifically for recording all my blog views, visitors, likes and comments. Having a record of these allows me to track patterns of the best days to post. Also what days I may need to improve my engagement and promote more of my posts to help my views.

With these weekly spread pages I wanted to incorporate the colours and the Autumn leaves. I use the weekly spreads to write my to-do lists and events.

I included a quote at the end of the weekly spreads. “Every end is a new beginning” Again, it gives me a chance to include more brush lettering. These pages help keep me on track with every task I need to complete and ensure I stay motivated and organised.

I have this page so that I can plan ahead for my blog and know what content I want to create this September. It means I can stay ahead of myself and keep organised and it not be stressful getting the content onto my blog. I have created titles for all posts this month, but chosen not to share them in this photo. They are secret..shhh! Ha ha! It also means I can look back and see all the content I have created on my blog.

I like to use this page to see what blog posts were the most well received. Reflection is key for growth and development.
Do you have a bullet journal spread for September? What are you most looking forward to this Autumn? I’d love to hear in the comments.




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