National Read A Book Day – Mini Book Haul

Today is National Read A Book Day and I am excited to celebrate this day with sharing a mini haul of recent books I have purchased. As a child I would read so many Jacqueline Wilson books, I always remember having my head buried into The Bed And Breakfast Star and The Lottie Project! As I grew older I fell out of love with reading and that all changed a few years ago.

I came across Kiki Archer through two Youtubers I have watched for years, I then came across Kiki Archer’s Youtube channel. I watched videos of Kiki Archer reading passages from different books and they made me laugh. So I ordered one of her books Too Late I Love You and I fell back in love with reading!


I purchased 3 more Kiki Archer books and I thought I would share these with you. I cannot wait to start reading them!

  1. The Way You Smile

Camila Moore has only been with one man and he left her for a gym goer. She has two teenage boys and feels the answer is to return to work. At work she meets someone unexpected but is it real love or just infatuation.

I love the cover. The face with extra emphasis on the lips. The colours compliment each other so well.


2. Say You’ll Love Me Again

Sophie a 23-year-old piano teacher has kept a secret hidden for the past five years and broken her golden rule do not let anyone “see you”. She meets someone will she risk everything or hide from happiness.

I love the bright colour of this book cover with the different coloured hearts which looks so good. The font is big and bold, so it stands out against the background colour of the cover.


3. Lost In The Starlight

A-list singing superstar Honey Diamond has it all. She is a shy girl who has only ever known fame. Will the online gossip sites ever leave her alone? Will she ever experience the love she sings about?

I love the cover, the details with the music notes and the bright lights that look like stage or camera lights. I think it compliments the storyline so well.


All these books are soft back which I love, I find it is flexible when I want to get cosy and read. I love that on the back of each book there are photos of Kiki and it even shows what awards she has received for her books. How awesome is that?


Are you celebrating by reading today? What was the last book you purchased? I’d love to hear in the comments.



24 thoughts on “National Read A Book Day – Mini Book Haul

  1. I Loved Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger I used to have a collection of her books. The last book I have bought was Copycat by Alex Lake although I have not got round to reading it yet as I am still working on How Hard Can Love Be by Holly Bourne. Loved this post xxx

  2. I need to check this author out as those books sound right up my street. I am almost at the end of my current book so the timing couldn’t be better 😊

  3. I love a book haul! I’ve never heard of Kiki Archer, but these books sound right up my alley. So thanks for introducing me to a new author! 😊 I never read the Jaqueline Wilson books when I was younger… I was more of a Roald Dahl fan.

  4. Oh my yes, I remember the good old days of reading all the Jacqueline Wilson books! I loved them! I haven’t read a good book in a while, so I’m always keen to hear recommendations. I’ve never heard of Kiki Archer, but her books sound like real cosy reads. Also loving the covers too, especially the yellow… bright things always catch my attention 😀 Thank you for sharing your thoughts lovely, I’ll keep an eye out for these! Have a great weekend! <3 xxxx

    Bexa |

  5. Love the cover of Love Me Again! I do not buy books often so . . . the last book I bought was Roan Rose by Juliet Waldron. A lovely historical fiction piece, alive with all the pain of women during the War of the Roses.

  6. I was more of a JK Rowling fan when younger or Tale of Unfortunate Events, so I can’t say I’ve read her books. But I did watch Tracey Beaker (wasn’t that by the same author?).

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