5 Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly

In the world today there is a huge emphasis on our affect on the planet. There are so many things happening and the problems with the environment are continuously in the news. Businesses are starting to become more eco friendly for example providing paper straws. It is important to look at our own impact on the environment, as it should be respected. If everyone made a few positive changes it would have such a positive impact on the environment.

I am sharing 5 ways you can be more environmentally friendly:

Take your own bags when you are shopping

Using your own bags especially canvas bags means you will limit the amount of plastic you are using. I have been really good the past few weeks remembering to pack my canvas bag in my handbag in case I end up buying things (which usually does happen ha ha!).

Donate clothes and items to charity rather than throwing them out

Instead of throwing items out into the rubbish, if they are usable to take them to the charity shops or shelters, where they can use the items and saving the planet. Luckily near my house I have a couple of charity shops where I donate everything that is in good condition that I no longer need.

Eat less meat

This is not a post about telling people they should be vegetarian or vegan. However, just by making even more meal a week meat free is helping the planet. For me personally I like eating the meat free options or a simple pasta dish with no meat. Every little positive change helps the planet.

Switch to online communication

To save paper you can switch to paper free and get correspondence like bank statements for example online rather than through the post. This will help to reduce the paper waste. However, any paper rubbish you need to discard ensure you recycle. This is my next step to reduce my waste, I have already switched to online payslips and P45’s through work but have other paperwork to switch to online access.

Reusable cups

Taking your reusable travel mugs or cups are a great way to limit your paper and plastic waste. Also in a lot of coffee shops you get rewards/perks for bringing your own cup. I think this is a great idea!

Do you do any of these already? What steps do you take to be environmentally friendly? I’d love to hear in the comments.


89 thoughts on “5 Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly

  1. Great tips! I try and do all of these, and since going dairy-free I’ve noticed, interestingly, that my meat consumption has gone down. Another good tip is to look into recycling services beside your local council – I now recycle with Enform as well which means way less plastic going to landfill for me.

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  2. It took me forever to get into the habit of remembering to bring them but I’m finally in the swing of reusable bags for shopping. To be honest I quite like treating myself to a pretty one! 😂 I also have a reusable water bottle rather than buying multipacks. I agree with you too that the meat free options can actually be pretty tasty, you can’t go wrong with a simple pasta dish! Xx


  3. All excellent ways to save the planet – thank you very much for sharing! I do ok at most of these I think, although I don’t use a travel mug (but I also don’t buy hot drinks out much). Still, I should probably get one. For ladies, I think switching to a mooncup or period pants is a great way to reduce waste – I do the former and it’s really great ❤

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  4. I literally do all of these and now I feel so proud haha! 😂 I am hoping to attempt to do a meat free month in November and I normally eat a few meals a week that are meat free anyway. Love this post though, and it’s so great to raise awareness 😊 xx

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  5. These are really great ways to be environmentally friendly! I always donate clothes I don’t want or can’t use anymore to charity organizations or hand it down to my relatives. Also trying to be more paper free especially now that I’m at school. I’m switching to using my tablet now so I use less paper! Thanks for sharing Lauren 🙂

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com


  6. Actually, a lot of times, donated clothes do end up in the bin. It’s best to try to sell them, give them away to someone who actually wants them, or swap with friends. I have been vegetarian for almost 8 years and completely agree that nobody should HAVE to give up meat entirely if they’re not able or willing, but even cutting back, especially on red meat, can make a big difference, or even buying meat from sustainable sources such as grass-fed beef and wild caught fish.

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  7. I love this post because reminding people of the small things like eating less meat can make a large difference. It’s all about raising awareness, thank you for fighting for our planet!!

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  8. These are such good and simple tips to use everyday! I myself love a good tote bag and always keep them in the car when I’m out shopping. I’m a vegetarian, but I do try to tell people about Meatless Mondays. And my friends and I love passing on clothes to one another, or I just donate mine to a thrift shop. Thanks for the great reminders and I hope your tips inspire some people to help other be more environmentally friendly!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

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  9. These are some really great tips! I actually do quite a lot of these already. I always carry a canvas bag with me in my handbag because there’s always something I need to Ickes I from the shops! We are also planning on doing a lot more meat free meals! X

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  10. Great tips Lauren, I do all of these except the reusable cup as I don’t tend to go out for coffee much these days (sob). But it’s something I’ll definitely look into. Another recycling tip is to compost your uncooked food waste – I know this is more practical for those with outside space but since we’ve been making our own compost for the last few years, I hardly need to buy any extra now! Lisa xx

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    1. We have little food bins that you can only put food in and I think it’s goes to compost, but we also have a compost bin in our garden too. Yeah we’ve had ours for years too. Thank you for reading and commenting xx


  11. I like your post – it’s straight to the point and it shows that being environmentally conscious is not something reserved for celebrities. We can all make a difference even with small things.
    (BTW I can’t imagine someone just throwing good clothes to the bin instead of donating – the very thought is horrifying).

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