International Chocolate Day Ft. Popcorn Shed

Today is International Chocolate Day! What an awesome day. I am so excited to be working with Popcorn Shed, to share with you their Gourmet Chocolate Popcorn. How awesome does chocolate popcorn sound? I did not realise there was a day dedicated to chocolate until I was researching different holidays online.

I thought that because it was chocolate day I would reach out to Popcorn Shed and organise a collaboration with them. They were happy too, which I am was so excited about. If you would like to read my first review of some of the amazing gourmet popcorn they sent me, you can read it here.

The company Popcorn Shed was founded by cousins Laura and Sam. They have been operating out of their garden shed since 2016. Popcorn Shed is a family-owned business made in Britain. They dedicate themselves on perfecting popcorn treats bringing happiness to their fans.


They offer gourmet Popcorn Sheds, Snack Packs, Gifts and they even have vegan popcorn MiniPop.

The lovely Laura and Sam sent me some yummy chocolate treats to help me celebrate Internationals Chocolate Day!

Salted Caramel With Milk Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn Snack Pack

This popcorn comes in a snack pack form and is less than 120 calories, so its even a healthy snack to enjoy, so it is a win win! They are gluten free and they are made from all natural ingredients. These packs are easy to take to work or just grab on the go. I must say it tastes so yummy, the flavours compliment each other so well. It was loved by my household as well as myself.


Berry-licious (Caramel and raspberry gourmet popcorn with dark chocolate)

I LOVE the packaging of the Popcorn Shed products. They are so cute and because of the cardboard it is recyclable which is environmentally friendly which is a great aspect of this brand. All popcorn shed gourmet popcorn are gluten free also.

This flavour is definitely not what I would typically go for, but this flavour is so delicious. I almost did not want to share them ha ha! But I did! Knowing that these treats are made from all natural ingredients means I am having a healthier snack that also tastes so good.


Pop ‘N’ Choc (Chocolate caramel gourmet popcorn with milk chocolate)

This is my favourite one. It tastes so chocolatey and so good! You know when something is very more-ish, that is definitely this flavour of gourmet popcorn ha ha! On the back of each packet and box there is all the ingredients and nutrient information is clearly displayed.



I love the packaging with the lettering and the little slogan “unlock the flavour“, which works so well with the key incorporated in the lettering.


These gourmet popcorns are so yummy, thank you so much Laura and Sam for sending me these lovely chocolate treats for International Chocolate Day. You make some amazing tasty treats that me and all my family love.

You can find Popcorn Shed on Twitter, Instagram and their website to check out more of their products.

Have you ever tried Popcorn Shed products? Which flavour would you like to try from the products I was gifted? I’d love to hear in the comments.

32 thoughts on “International Chocolate Day Ft. Popcorn Shed

  1. I love that popcorn is getting more interesting as a snack – nothing better than curling up with some and a movie. The Pop’n’Choc definitely sounds delicious!

  2. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do collaborations but don’t know where to start. I also feel like I haven’t had enough experience blogging, but most of all, I am too scared to reach out to companies *crawls into a corner and stays there*. The popcorn looks amazing, especially the caramel and raspberry popcorn with dark chocolate. I could omnomnom that popcorn in one sitting. 😍❀❀

    1. I answered a tweet the first time I worked with them. This time, I reached out to them. I was thinking about doing a blog post on this, is that something you think would be helpful. I am not an expert, I just message them. The worse they can say no. But you have to keep going. It is hard work. They were so yummy! Xx

  3. Oh man, there are so many different international days to keep up with! You can never go wrong with chocolate. I love the taste of chocolate on popcorn. Thanks for sharing this brand – I’ll need to check it out!

    Nancy β™₯

  4. Its international chocolate day? I didn’t even know! Love popcorn and this looks amazing! Good post, keep writing x

  5. Love milk chocolate but have turned to dark chocolate for healthier option and because I can’t OD on it. Sweetened popcorn is only an occasional treat. Instead I go for the lighter versions with no sugar.

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