Autumn doodles, titles and borders for your Bullet Journal

I love this time of year, the beautiful colours changing in nature. Although, I love sunny days I cannot wait for it to be colder and I can wear cosy jumpers and just lots of layers ha ha! The colours in nature for Autumn are beautiful and I thought it would make a great colour scheme for Autumnal Bullet Journal spreads. Having my bullet journal gives me the space to practise my doodles (I need all the practise I can get, ha ha!), borders and titles with different lettering.

I was never an amazing drawer growing up but I always liked to doodle, colour and draw, so the bullet journal was the perfect purchase having blank pages to fill an be creative with now. Having these doodle pages helps me with inspiration for future bullet journal spreads. If you are new to bullet journalling or want to learn more about it you can see my posts about my journey here, here and here.

I used my Crayola Super Tips and my UniPin fine liner 0.2mm. I love that my Super Tips collection have so many Autumn shades and give the page such an autumnal feel.


I loved practising these doodles. All these Autumn doodles can help inspire the next few months spreads. These doodles and borders are so easy to draw and help make the future spreads look more creative.





Of course, these are not perfect and I am still learning how to doodle different things and experimenting with borders and titles. Doodling relaxes me and makes me feel happy. What do you like to doodle? Do you enjoy being creative? I’d love to hear in the comments.



67 thoughts on “Autumn doodles, titles and borders for your Bullet Journal

  1. Your doodles are fab and have certainly given me lots of inspiration for my theme for October which I’ve decided is going to be Autumn. I would also like to incorporate a nut collecting squirrel as they’re one of my favourite creatures and I saw one run across my garden lawn earlier for the first time this year!

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      1. I love to draw, but like you, I do find it quite difficult. I think with drawing, the more you practise, the better you get. I prefer to copy an example though as I find it really hard to visualise things from memory and draw them accurately. I’ve found a lovely step by step for drawing a squirrel so I’m going to give it a go!

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  2. Your doodles are lovely. They look like they’ve been printed in the book because they are pro. I can’t doodle to save my life so I use stickers instead. Right now, I’m in the mood to send Halloween-themed mail within Canada and the US, and hope to expand worldwide in the future. I love sending cards, stickers, keychains, photos etc. anything that is flat enough to fit inside of an envelope! 😊💕

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      1. Your drawings are not rubbish to to me. I think your doodles are very good. What would be super cool is turning them into stickers! 😂🤣 I rely heavily on planners and stickers to keep track of things, and even then I have a hard time keeping up with it all. My favourite calendar right now is the big one on my fridge. The boxes are huge and very user-friendly for blind people like me. 😆

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  3. They’re beautiful. I like being creative but I can’t draw. I’m more into the writing side. I’ve stumbled upon your post in a thread from bloggershare on twitter. Thanks for sharing your post.

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  4. Oh they look gorgeous. I particularly love that beautiful lettering, and the pumpkins! Autumn is absolutely my favourite time of year, and these doodles make me so ready for warm jumpers and nights by the fire.


  5. These are great! I love being creative! and while I’ve been known to doodle now and then I’m not much of a drawer,. I use most of my creative energy for designing things and building and remodeling houses and furniture 🙂

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