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My Twitter timeline is filled with so many talented and creative people and I enjoy seeing all of their artwork. Lena is one of those creative people.

I have followed Lena for the longest time. She has a blog as well as runs an online store where she sells her beautiful artwork. I am always so surprised by the designs Lena creates, so colourful and beautiful. We all need colourful prints in our life, don’t we? Lena kindly sent me some pieces of art to review and share on my social platforms.




This A6 print is so pretty. I had this similar print as my wallpaper on my phone. Lena is so generous as often shares photographs for everyone to use as wallpapers. How beautiful is this design of the sky? There is several tones of blue which are blended together so well. With pretty white stars in the sky and the moon. She has it printed on A6 card, so you could display it as is, or pop it in a frame.




This A5 print is beautiful . This print was such a splash of colour leading into Autumn. These flowers are so pretty, they are different shades of pink and purple. Adding that effect of blending on the flowers adds definition and texture to the painting. The gold colour is so gorgeous. There is flecks of gold throughout the print, which compliments the design so well. The print is on A5 textured card, which gives the design a real rustic artistic feel. This is one of my favourites.




This A5 print is so pretty. This picture is such a beautiful scenery design. It reminds me of   a Winter/Autumnal evening. Bright white stars against the dark blue and black sky is bold and stands out. I love how the sky colours are blended, they flow so well. Lena is so talented when it comes to designs like these.




I like this design, the quote is inspiring. The border is so pretty with the flowers deigned along the line. The colour of them is a pastel pink and it compliments the design so well. The background has pretty shades of blue and pinks, it looks so beautiful. It works so well with the cactus. This print is bold and colourful and would be great framed on the wall. I also have this design in sticker form on the front of my notebook, which I won in a competition that Lena held.


Lena sent a thank you card which has pretty pink leaves on textured card. The rough edges make it so rustic and artsy.



Thank you so much Lena for sending me these lovely pictures of your art. You are incredibly talented. If you want to see more of Lena’s art you can find her on Instagram, Twitter and purchase her art of her shop.

What is your favourite design Lena sent me? I’d love to hear in the comments.




43 thoughts on “Art By Lena Review

  1. What a gorgeous selection of art! I’m completely blown away by Lena’s art – I have an A5 print that I won in a giveaway which features nicely above my bookshelf, and I looooove her phone wallpaper freebies (I’m currently using one of the skyscapes). I’ve decided I’m going to use her header design services too so can’t wait for that!

  2. I love the piece of the sky. Something about it is so alive and mysterious and full of life, one could look at it forever. The cactus I would love to send as a gift to my aunt!

    Peeked at her shop; the prices are perfect. 🙂

  3. I follow Lena and Twitter and love seeing her designs pop up in my feed. You’ve received some beautiful prints here Lauren, I love the nighttime sky one especially.

  4. these are some gorgeous prints i always see them on my timeline might have to treat myself too now, love supporting small businesses!x


  5. I love these prints that Lena did! The night painting is so cute!! I love how there are stars all over. That is totally my vibe. The floral print is cute too! It looks really nicely done. She does a great job with the blending too. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  6. Lena’s artwork is absolutely beautiful, she is super talented! The flower print is gorgeous, I’m loving the purples and pinks, it is so pretty. The night sky artwork is incredible, it gives me that Autumn/Winter cosy vibe too. Ignite Your Dreams is so inspirational and motivating, perfect for a notebook. Thanks for sharing Lauren, such a brilliant review and stunning artwork, can’t wait to share my post later in the week!! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  7. Beautiful and colorful artwork brings joy for me. I always admire and love artwork and Lena’s artwork is amazing. So beautiful and colorful. I can see how many shades of blue she has used in that sky artwork. The flowers are always appealing to me. Lovely post Lauren. 🙂

    Via |

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