October Bullet Journal Set Up

I don’t know about you but October just feels super autumnal and it makes me so happy. I am able to wear cosy jumpers and scarves. I was excited to design another fresh months worth of bullet journal layout pages. I of course had to incorporate pumpkins into the pages because of Halloween ha ha!

I decided to use shades of orange throughout this month as I think it is the perfect colour to reflect this month. I used to love Halloween as a kid, getting dressed up and going out with family and friends. So this time of year I see my littlest sister getting excited for Halloween.


My front cover I chose was a big pumpkin with added swirls. I am definitely not the best at drawing, but I gave it my best shot ha ha!


This month I decided to use the same layout as September for my habit tracker, I found this was an easy way to record all my habits and what I have achieved each day/month. They say it takes 21 days to recreate a new habit, so I like to use these to record them.



Having a schedule helping me plan my blog content for September helped me stay organised. I decided that I would plan my blog content like this again, which has helped me stay motivated and organised with my blog. If you can plan ahead I definitely recommend it, it takes off so much pressure.


I like to keep these pages simplistic because I use them to just write my to-do lists for the day. I might next month add a more detailed weekly log, but for now it worked so well last month I thought I would continue. Again, with badly drawn pumpkins ha ha!




I decided to introduce a mood tracker page for this month, I can then track my moods and see if there is any pattern to me feeling anxious. Also this will help me see an improvement in my vitamin d deficiency symptoms.


I like to reflect on what works well on my blog and what posts reached the biggest audience so that I can learn and grow with that content. Recording my monthly views means I can see over the year if I have improved.

This month was definitely a simplistic way of bullet journalling like last month. In November’s spread I want to design a more elaborate layout.

What is your theme for this months bullet journal spread? What are you looking forward  to this October? I’d love to hear in the comments.


68 thoughts on “October Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. Your theme is so cute! I’m doing steampunk this month, though I’ve not gotten further than the cover page yet.

  2. I love your mood tracker for October its so cute! I’ve recently added a blog schedule into my bujo for October and I am hoping it helps me stay motivated! I think I am going for a similar theme with the pumpkins for this month x

  3. This is so creative! I wish I had any sort of creativity when it came to bullet journals. Unfortunately, I am so OCD about perfection I can’t even attempt them. The little ghosts are my very – they are just adorable!

    1. I am not 100% pleased with this, I don’t like the way I drew the pumpkins, but hey. I was like that with perfection, but I watched a video of the creator of happy planner talk about it and changed my whole perception. Thank you for reading and commenting x

  4. Next year, I’m actually going to make the effort with a PROPER bullet journal because I see posts like these and get proper jealous of how cute they are and how organised and structured everything is! I bet the habit tracker is so useful. I love your mood ghosts, so cute! x

    1. Give it a go, it’s so much fun. Plus for me it’s a calming creative exercise that helps with my anxiety. There are so many different ways to use and style your bullet journal too. Aww thank you so much x

  5. This is very awesome. I’ve tried a bullet journal and had to admit that I do not have the patience for it. So i’m compromising and using a big paged calendar that doubles as an artbook and journal.

  6. This is such a cute and simple layout – I love it so much (I think it’s the pumpkins). I am somewhat obsessed with the mood ghosts too, it’s a great way to keep track! X

  7. What sweet little bullet pumpkins and ghosts! The detail and aesthetic of your drawings always says to me you could make any number of graphic designer from one of your journal pages.

  8. This looks so cute! I’m loving seeing everyone’s autumnal themes. I wish I was a little more artsy. My bullet journal is literally blocks and lines 😂 x


  9. This is so cute and creative, Lauren! Those mood ghosts are simply adorable, what a fun way to track how you are feeling each day, I love it! Your bullet journal pages are always so neat and organised, plus tracking blog stats and views is such a good idea to help you decide what kinda posts to write – great idea! Thanks for sharing your October pages, this has definitely given me all those cosy Autumnal vibes, have an awesome month lovely! <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  10. I like incorporating the fall theme with the Halloween theme for October. I will use fall leaves, scarecrows, pumpkins along with ghosts, bats, and witches. I will be using stickers this month in my journal instead of doodling for something different.

  11. October is such a beautiful and colorful month. I like that you have so many plans and you will definitely be able to fulfill them. I hope you are taking Vitamin D supplements too. I like the idea of mood tracker page and your blog monthly view records. So many new ideas for me to learn. 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

    1. Thank you so much! I have been prescribed a strong vitamin d tablet as I am severely deficient, so I am hoping it starts to make a difference. Thank you for reading xx

  12. I LOVE this theme – especially the mood ghosts! I’m the same as you, I love breaking out the cosy knitwear and the autumnal colours too! I’ve been using a BuJo to plan my content and I’ve definitely found it takes the pressure off. My layouts are pretty basic but I’ve been practicing with swirly fonts and lettering and I’m gradually improving! Xx

  13. This is sooooo cute!! Love the little 👻!

    I would love to do soemthing like a bullet journal but I would take so much time making all neat, but this is such a simple yet lovely way of organising it. Can’t wait to see more of this!

    1. You definitely should give it a go. I am practising more and more for designing bigger elaborate designs! If you do, be sure to tag me on Twitter so I can see your designs xx

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