How To Stay Motivated With Your Blog

Recently I have had a lot of readers write to me and have asked how I stay motivated with my blog and consistently post. I am not going to lie previously I struggled to stay motivated and I fell behind with posting. Sometimes I lost all motivation and didn’t know how I was going to get out of the rut I was in. If you are currently feeling this way I have a post 10 ways to improve your creativity, those tips helped me get creative again!

I am sharing these 5 tips that have helped me stay motivated on my blog.

Work to a schedule

When I first started blogging I didn’t really have a strict schedule, I would post when I had time or if I had writers block it was whenever I had an idea. This was lacking consistency. Having a schedule of what days and times you post, gives structure and can help with planning content for your blog. Posting consistently helps to develop a returning audience. I have a blog post coming soon about how I stick to my blogging schedule.


Stay organised

When I stay organised I definitely feel less pressured, when I am less pressured I have more fun and enjoy posting. Having to-do lists for all your blog posts will help you stay organised with writing and scheduling. Using my diary I can write down any tasks I need to complete that day.


Keep blog ideas fresh

Writing about different and popular content makes it fun and exciting to post and connecting with a varying audience. Varying content makes it fun and interesting for me, I don’t like to write repetitive content.

Try and engage as much as possible

Getting involved in engagement pods or comment swaps on social media, not only can you share your latest content with others but you can read other peoples’ content. The comment swaps are great to be able to leave genuine comments, make friends and build a community. A community that motivates you to be the best you can be.

Read blog posts, research and search Pinterest

Reading posts, researching and searching Pinterest can help give you a fresh perspective and motivation on new blog titles or points you want to discuss. Carrying out these activities gives you time away from your blog and you can come back to it with fresh eyes and hopefully a boost of creativity.

Do you loose motivation with your blog? What things do you do to keep motivated with your blog? I’d love to hear in the comments.


62 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated With Your Blog

  1. Hi Hun great topic ive not posted anything for ages because when i do post its something so close to my heart and so real and plus i don’t want to just post any old thing as my blog is about beauty inside and out,but i really should post more often, thanks great topic Hun x 😃

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  2. For me it’s not so much motivation but WHAT to blog about! Some days I feel rather limited by my niche, yet everyone tells me that’s what I’m supposed to have? Good tips for staying organised – definitely something I need to do.

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    1. When I first started everyone said that to me! I don’t really have a niche really. Blog what you want to blog about, that’s what I would recommend anyone. So if you want to review a beauty product or write a personal post. Just write that, I think a niche comes in time. But that’s just my opinion anyway! I hope it helps xx


  3. Great info! I’m motivated, but lost. I’d like to make some money with my blog, but lost on all that comes with ads. I work full time & it’s hard to devote time to the blog some days. I think a schedule like yours may be what I need.

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  4. Hi lovely! I was so sure I was following your blog and saw this on my Twitter timeline, reading the title alone it instantly resonated with me. I’ve struggled over the last few months especially with getting my mental health in order and also finding the motivation to return to blogging properly. I’m not sure what’s gone on with me in the last few weeks but I’ve sort of fallen into a really good swing of things! I find it quite hard to keep up that momentum and stay organised but this post has genuinely really helped me! Thank you so much. You’ve inspired me to better my current organisational skills…or lack of!!

    Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

    Loads of love abbie x

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    1. I am glad you were able to relate to this post. It is hard and there will be times where you are down or not feeling it but that’s normal! I hope you manage to get better organisational skills! I hope it helps. Happy Sunday babe xx

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      1. Thank you for writing/posting it! I’m sure it helped a lot of people! I’m really hoping so, I think I’m going to spend some time now I’m feeling productive to fully write up and draft posts so I can try and stay motivated by regularly posting. Hope you had a lovely weekend xxx

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  5. I love these tips for keeping the motivation going with your blog. You’re very organized with keeping a schedule. I try to do the same. Engaging is so important. This is how you learn and grow, while bringing viewership to your blog. Thanks for sharing these!

    Nancy ♥

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  6. Love this post, Lauren! I definitely need some blogging motivation at times. You’re right about having a set schedule; when I don’t have one I’m not as productive. And engagement with other bloggers is also very important!

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  7. All these are great tips and it’s a good read for me! Especially staying organized, something I’m still learning *giggles. Funnily enough, my latest blog post is related to blogging. I’m glad you’re motivated and I’m looking forward to reading more posts of yours! 😊


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  8. Always a pleasure to read your posts. It’s really nice to hear about the real life blog challenges others face- helps make the dark and gloomy times a little lighter. Ideas are great too!
    Many thanks for sharing this,
    Spence 😁

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  9. These are all fantastic tips, Lauren! I know when I have some kinda schedule and plan I am so much more motivated with my blog 😀 I definitely agree with engaging with the blogging community and joining in with comment threads, it’s such an awesome way to stay connected and feel inspired by others ideas and suggestions (just like I am reading this post!). I gotta say your planner is so neat and organised #goals. This post has given me a much needed motivation boost – thank you lovely! ❤ xxx

    Bexa |


  10. I definitely needed to read this! I’ve found having a content schedule is so helpful in keeping up the motivation but I’ve definitely struggled these last couple of weeks, so this post came at the right time 😊 thank you for sharing! Xx

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  11. I am a beginner blogger and already the lack of motivation dread has creeped in. While the online blogging world is a wonderful thing to be apart of, it can also be challenging. It’s come from the thoughts and feelings I have as a blogger every day. I felt disappointed in the lack of support and I just didn’t feel good enough. I realized that if I wanted to make it as a blogger (and a happy one at that) I needed to shatter those feelings for good.

    I’ll never be good as blogger–so and –so…The comparison trap is the biggest reasons blogger fail. Has anyone else ever felt this way? Just a few months ago my traffic was at a complete standstill. I was sharing my heart hoping someone could relate. I realized that I was being inpatient. Your traffic won’t grow overnight. I also feel that the blogging community can be quite cliquey. I don’t know if anyone else has felt this on their journey. But instead of harping on thoughts in my head about why people don’t like me or why I haven’t been noticed I started asking myself–are you actively engaging with other people? I wasn’t. I was just expecting everyone to come flock to my blog without any intentional effort of connecting with others. Whenever I feel like this I remember that I am not dedicating time to participate in the community. We must stop obsessing over stats and numbers. What happened to blogging because you enjoyed it? Where did the added pressure come from ? Anything I feel stressed out about doing takes the enjoyment out of it and I am less likely to stick with it.

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  12. I really needed this. I’ve lost all my motivation to blog recently, and that includes reading blogs and using Pinterest too. There’s over 100 bloggers posts in my reader at the moment which I’m, very slowly, trying to catch up on. Stress at work is leaving me drained so I haven’t been keeping to my blogging schedules either.

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