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AD* These products were gifted to me but all opinions are my own.

I always excited when I find a new brand who sells quirky stationery. I like unique and different stationery that is not only practical but fun! When I came across Thinking Gifts on Twitter and reached out, we decided to collaborate on a product review. I was able  to search their website and tell them what products I liked from their website.

Thinking Gifts started out selling book holders. The founder of the brand Gary was a student and was in pain from reading. His physiotherapist recommend that he used a book holder. When Gary brought one, it did not work well nor did it look great. Gary decided he would make a better one. He designed the deckchair book chair, it was award winning and the start of an innovative book accessory design.

Thinking Gifts design all their own accessories and stationery, which is stocked by many house-hold brands across lots of countries.

The Notester Desk Accessory

How funky is this? I have never seen quirky sticky notes with a holder like this before. What a fun addition to a desk or stationery shelf. The toaster acts as a great holder to keep the sticky notes secure and clean. The holder makes it easy to grab and use. The holder inside comes with 2 sticky note pads that have 100 notes on each.


What is great is once you have used up all of the sticky notes, the slots fit standard size sticky note pads, or in some cases it can be used as a phone dock.


There is a pencil sharpener which also has a removable tray for easy cleaning.


The toaster also acts as a magnetic paper clip holder


What an awesome multi-purpose desk accessory. Having all these features in one product means you can also save space on your desk.

FlexiStand with Flamingo Print

I am probably not the only one who watches Youtube or TV on my phone when travelling, or when I am at home. The difficulty of holding my phone constantly. This flexi stand is such a handy tool to have for my phone. I don’t like pop sockets, they got on my nerves and they are uncomfortable when using my phone generally. So this flexi stand is perfect. It is small and light to be able to fit in your pocket or in your handbag.



Not only can it be used to hold phones, but also EReaders and small tablets also. I love this print, the flamingos look cute and the colours compliment the design so well.


SweetNotes – Cupcake sticky notes

How cute is this pack of sticky notes? I like using sticky notes, to jot down reminder. To stay organised I write down any jobs or to-do’s that are important and need to be achieved. The cupcake sticky notes come with 125 sheets.

The cupcake print is so pretty, the pink base with the coloured sprinkle balls just work so well together. I like how the sticky notes have a cupcake holder design. Its so sweet, literally ha ha! I am looking forward to using these.




Popcorn Notes

I am really liking these food related sticky notes. Like the cupcake notes these also come with 125 sheets. I love popcorn especially at the cinema, so having it on my stationery is an added bonus to make my desk colourful.

I like to use sticky notes in my notebook also to highlight important things I want to include in blog posts or important things I want to do on my blog. It brightens up my pages.




Other products of theirs I like are the cat flexistand and the mcdoodle sticky note pads. They also have book holders, bookmarks and other stationery. If like me you love stationery, you should definitely visit their website.

I want to thank Thinking Gifts for sending these products for me to review. You have a great selection of products which are great quality. You can find Thinking Gifts on Instagram and Twitter.

What is your favourite product I was sent? What is your favourite product from their website? I’d love to hear in the comments.


53 thoughts on “AD Thinking Gifts Review

  1. Wow, this is such a cool and quirky stationery brand! Thank you for sharing these goodies Lauren, I love them!! I’m so impressed at the toaster, I’ve never seen anything like that before, it’s great that it has multiple uses, saves desk space and looks really awesome too. The cupcake and popcorn sticky pads are so much fun and such a nice way to brighten up your notes! Also, I’ve never seen a FlexiStand before, but thinking about it, they are a great idea, especially if you watch a lot of YouTube. Thank you for sharing so much cool and unique stationery, I’ll defo have to head over to their shop for see more! Fab review! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  2. 😂 I LOVE the toaster notes! I have never seen anything quite so charming and funny at the same time. What an innovative and fresh idea; I have never seen stationary like this before, and love something that stands out in a crowd.

  3. I love this post! I think the popcorn notes are my favourite (but then again, I think I have an unhealthy obsession with sticky notes). The notester is so multifunctional though which I found very impressive xx

  4. That’s amazing the founder saw the issue with what was on the market and decided to design his own book holder that worked well and really helped everyone who needed one. That is such cute little toaster with sticky notepads and even better is that when you run out of sticky notes you can just fill them with standard ones or use it for your phone as well – multipurpose! Wow, even better is the pencil sharpener and that it’s magnetic for paper clips – seems like they thought of just about everything a desk would have, such a great convenience!

    The FlexiStand seems amazing to hold your phone up personally I don’t have a pop socket either, that’s great that it can not only be used for phones but for tablets as well. The sticky notes are so adorable, especially the popcorn one! I have to say my favorite is the toaster with the sticky notes, so so useful!

    1. It is definitely had multiple features which can help organise your desk and make it fun! I love the choice in designs you can get too! Pop sockets hurt my hands after a while, so this stand is so helpful. Thank you for reading and your kind words. Please can you send me the link to your blog so I can have a read xx

  5. The toaster is so creative and cute. I like that is 3 things in one. That would be very handy. The different stationary are different would be a creative way of organizing things.

  6. Oh, these are so cute. I love quirky stationery, the toaster stick notes holder has to be one of my favs of this post. The phone stand too!
    Thank you for sharing this brand, I will have to have a look at other items they have!

    Aimsy xoxo

  7. WOW Gary is so talented, I seriously love all of his designs haha! The toaster was so cute, I was not sure how big or small that was. The sticky notes are a must have, the cupcake is such a cute design! I need one of those phone holders in my life!!

  8. Loving these! I especially like the flexi stand – the flamingos are adorable! Definitely a site I’m going to bookmark for my Christmas shopping! Xx

  9. These are such wonderfully unique products! My favourite has to be the ‘notester’, I love the design and could see this on my desk at work. I’d definitely chuck my paperclips at it! Haha, I do go through so many post it notes at work too. Thanks for sharing.

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