November Bullet Journal Set Up

I am back with another bullet journal set up blog post, for all you planner and stationery babes! I have to keep reminding myself that it is going to be November, its nearly the end of 2019 and Christmas, which I am super excited for! Where has 2019 gone? This year definitely feels one of the quickest years of my life!

For my November spread I wanted to continue the autumnal colours and use leaf doodles as decoration and colour for each page. I chose to have my front cover with lots of leaves as I could use different autumnal colours to reflect the leaves on the ground. I experimented with lettering, adding a yellow drop shadow to add depth to the lettering.




The habit tracker layout I have used is the same as previous months. I find this layout the easiest to work with. This month I have included social media into the tracker, this is to remind me to post consistently on all platforms. This is also going to be so helpful as I need to work balancing all of them. I continued to experiment with brush lettering and leaf doodles.



I like to use my bullet journal to record my blog statistics. I like to keep a record and see my progress. It is of course not all about numbers, but I like to see whether my audience is growing. I use a simple design to record these statistics.



Last month I introduced a mood tracker and I found it useful. It helps me track any consistent feelings of anxiety. I decided to doodle different size and shaped leaves, I will colour them in relating to my feelings.




I decided to design my weekly spread a bit differently this month, I designed a smaller layout all on one page. I liked the idea of separate boxes for the weekdays and a joint box for the weekend. I added a drop shadow to each box, it adds depth and colour to the weekly spread. I decided to add a simple autumnal tree and leaves incorporating the range of colours I have used throughout this months set up.



I enjoyed setting up this November bullet journal spread, I used a range of colours and incorporated more doodles and experimented more with lettering.

What is your November bullet journal theme? What are you looking forward to this November? I’d love to hear in the comments.



87 thoughts on “November Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. This is such a cute planner Lauren. Especially the mood tracker by coloring leaves is such a brilliant idea. I love your habit tracker goals as well. Even I try to hit 10000 steps daily even when I am at home. But for the past 3-4 days I have not been that well and my step count has gone down to half. It is always great to keep a track of everything in written it helps immensely. 🙂 Love the way your have planned and colored.

    Via |

  2. Such a pretty set up! Loving the autumnal pages and how you’ve done the headings in such a pretty font. I’ve tried and failed in maintaining my bullet journal so many times but maybe one day I’ll be able to stick to it. Thanks for sharing your journal x

  3. So so beautiful! I think i am just going to send you my journal, you can make it all pretty and I can write in it, Ok??

    Seriously though, I am loving the Autumn feel for your layout and keeping track on blog and social media is a great idea!

  4. I love the dots! Have you seen the archer and olive bullet journal it has black pages! Look it up, I really want to try it! Thank you for your really lovely comments! I love designing the mood trackers x

  5. Beautiful! I love setting up my journal at the end of the month, and watching/reading other peoples! I only use one colour so I went with brown, feeling the autumnal vibes!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    1. It’s so much fun, to get a bit creative and get organised for the month ahead! I like seeing other people’s designs too! Thank you for reading and commenting! Can you send me the link to your latest post, so I can have a read x

  6. The first page is gorgeous! I love the autumn colors you chose. it goes perfect with the month of November! If only I had any sense of creativity…then I would totally get a bullet journal!

  7. Absolutely love this! Starting a bullet journal is something I really want to do in 2020. Love how you’ve created themed illustrations and combined wellness and blog tracking in one

    1. I would recommend doing it. There are so many ways to use them and you don’t have to make them elaborate if you don’t want too. Thank you for reading and commenting. Can you leave the link to your latest, so I can read x

  8. oh my gosh! this is SO cute! I absolutely love this layout! do you use a notebook with dots or just blank pages? definitely gonna have to pick one up soon and start bullet journalling myself! xx

    mich /

  9. Very nice! Just out of interest: how much time do you spend daily on your bullet journal on avarage? I’ve been thinking of starting one, but I don’t think I have enough time?

    1. I will set up the first lot you see in less an hour. But the if I do a simple layout it’s even quicker. You can use a bullet journal in its simplest form, you can search or online for simple ways if you are pressed on time

  10. I love seeing your bullet journal set ups – and I adore the autumnal theme!

    The leaf mood tracker page is such a great idea, what a wonderful way to look after your mental health.

  11. I love this post and all of your artwork and bullet journal ideas. I’m just getting into journaling but I love love love stationery and doodling. Really enjoyed reading your post.

  12. I’ve never used a bullet journal. They look so fun and beautiful! I’m just not that great of an artist! Love yours! And love the mood tracker!

  13. I love the leaves art work on this, it’s a great theme and makes the journal look really appealing to use. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I’m loving the leaves theme! I’m currently just working on improving my lettering techniques but in the new year I’m determined to get going with some proper themes – I think a mood tracker would also be an excellent addition for me too! Xx

  15. I like the leaves! 🍁🍁🍁I went really simple in my bujo this month. I wanted to do more “fallish” things but that didn’t happen🤷🏻‍♀️. Great job on yours!!!

  16. Love this! I did a similar set up for September! Check out my most recent post where I did a (very early) flip-through of some of my favorite 2019 pages!

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