BusyB Mid Year Diary Review

I came across the BusyB brand online and reached out to them to work on content for stationery week earlier this year and they were kind enough to provide products for a giveaway also. You can read my review of their products from Stationery Week here. I love the quality of their products and I was in need of a diary and I decided I needed a BusyB diary in my life.

As you will see from my blog and my social media platforms, I do have a bullet journal. I have decided I am now going to use my bullet journal solely for trackers, recording blog statistics and blog schedules. I made the decision to have a separate diary to record daily appointments, work commitments etc. I had seen so many different diary options online from BusyB and knew thats where I would be shopping.

BusyB has a beautiful range of mid year diaries as well as 2020 diaries for the new year. I chose a mid year diary as I wanted to start using it straight away. It was so hard to choose because they had so many different colours, sizes and features.

I decided to purchase the Mid Year Perfect Planner in Petrol Blue. It has a textured finish and it is soft faux leather. It runs from August 2019 to August 2020. This planner is an online exclusive and is currently in the sale, such a bargain!



The blue looks metallic in the light with the dates in a rose gold finish, it looks so beautiful and the colours compliment each other so well. It comes with a secure strap to keep any additional pages you want to include secure and even comes with a pen loop. On the back of the diary you have the logo embossed, which looks so cute and subtle.



You have the front page which has the obligatory this diary belongs too space.



The diary has a personal details page where you can keep all your personal information, especially helpful if you misplace your diary. On the opposite page the diary has a useful information page where you keep information such as passport information, dentist etc. I haven’t had a diary with space for each access to this information before. this is such a great feature.



The diary comes with an overview of 2019 and 2020. I like having a visual to see and can refer to it for planning. I love the lettering and colours they have used for the months of the year, it compliments the design of the diary so well.


The diary has a double page birthday tracker. This is so useful. I can write all my family and friends birthdays and I can refer to them all in one place. This way hopefully I will be organised and not forget anyones birthday.


There is 4 timetable templates which if you are in school/college or uni would be perfect for you to write lessons/lectures in. I have decided I am going to utilise these timetables for blogging. I am recording the days and times of blog comment swaps and when I am posting on my blog. As there are various swaps, recording the days and times of each swap means hopefully I can engage in all of them and not forget!


Each month has a double spread, which is handy to be able to see the month as a whole and plan events and social activities. The pages are from August 2019 to August 2020. The pages have faded polka dots which makes the pages look so pretty.


After the month spreads there is a notes page and a pocket, where I can keep receipts, invites or other information I need to keep hold of. Throughout the diary there are the notes pages and pockets, these are so handy!


There is a quote page with “Lets Get Started” it has a bright coloured page and beautiful brush lettering, which I am loving right now! Each week is designed horizontally, with space to write down all my activities. It also has a note section.




There is also a year planner of 2020 and 2021 (that was such a strange date to write ha ha!). This is so helpful to be able to plan ahead personally and for blogging work and events. It has a vertical layout which is easy to refer too. There is a “Need To Know” section where there is 4 pages of list space for contacts. This will be helpful keeping all my blog contacts and brand contacts all in one place. There is a page for important websites, where I am going to write down all blog related websites and passwords so again they as all in one place for easy access.



Something I have not had in a diary before is pages for expenses, this is going to be so useful. There is 5 note pages and 6 perforated pages for reminders, how cool is that?




This diary comes with a range of stickers that you can use throughout your diary. The colours compliment the diary so well. I am looking forward to using them.


On the back page is a mini notepad which is great to jot down notes, I can use this space to write down blog ideas or titles. Or if I am needing to give out information, I can tear it out to give out to another person. Everything is one place, it is so handy!



I love that this diary lies flat which means it is so easy to write in. One of my pet peeves about notebooks and diaries is when the pages do not lie flat. I have several notebooks from BusyB and they also lie flat, which is why I enjoy writing in them.

If you are looking for a mid year diary or a new diary to start in 2020, BusyB should be your first stop! Do you use a diary or do you use your phone? How do you stay organised? I’d love to hear in the comments.

33 thoughts on “BusyB Mid Year Diary Review

  1. I love having a diary. I mean I do sometimes use my phone as well but nothing beats writing it down on paper. I love the look of this diary and will definitely be checking them out 😊 xx

  2. I’m more of a phone person, really, but this seemed pretty awesome and I can imagine it being a great investment for those who love beautiful things and have a neat handwriting (ie. not me!)

  3. Great review. I personally do not have a diary (well write in one as technically I own one – my wife gifted it). How do I stay organized? Good question. I take things as they come along… which isn’t great, but it has worked for me so far.

  4. I LOVE stuff like this – anything to help me stay more organized!! Thanks for sharing – I”ll have to check it out!!

  5. It is so cool that you got to collab with BusyB, especially when this came from you reaching out to them. Oh man, I need to do a better job with my journals! I never follow through because it is a bit too much for me to carry around. I love that there is a lot to fill in! Glad you enjoyed using them. Keep it up!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. Oh my god I am in love! Getting the new diary is always my favourite part of coming towards the end of the year 😂 I’m gutted I’ve already bought mine but I may have to treat myself to one of these in the future!

  7. This diary looks fab! I’ve used a few BusyB products in the past and currently have one of their magnetic shopping lists with pen on my fridge. It’s great for keeping me organised and for meal planning. I usually use my phone for appointments as it’s always on me.

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