15 Activities To Help Relieve Stress

Today is World Stress Day. Stress is so common and can cause serious problems for your mental health and impact your physical health. It is important that it is taken seriously. In a study in 2018, 74% of UK adults had felt stressed at some point with more women at 81% compared to 67% of them being male. There is little activities that you can do to relieve stress. I am sharing some of the easiest ways you can relieve stress.

1. Spend time with your family/loved ones

2. Write down in your journal about your feelings

3. Take a long shower or have a bath

4. Read a book

5. Exercise

6. Take a walk

7. Listen to music

8. Meditate or do some yoga

9. Be creative e.g. colouring

10. Play a game on your phone

11. Vent to a family member or friend about the situation or reason you are stressed

12. Pamper yourself e.g. facemask, have a massage, get your nails done

13. Have a nap

14. Deep breathing exercises

15. Spend time with friends

These are 15 inexpensive activities you can part take in to help relieve stress. It really is important though if you are struggling to reach out to a loved one or a doctor.

When you have had a stressful day or are feeling stressed, what do you like to do to feel relaxed? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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