15 Activities To Help Relieve Stress

Today is World Stress Day. Stress is so common and can cause serious problems for your mental health and impact your physical health. It is important that it is taken seriously. In a study in 2018, 74% of UK adults had felt stressed at some point with more women at 81% compared to 67% of them being male. There is little activities that you can do to relieve stress. I am sharing some of the easiest ways you can relieve stress.

1. Spend time with your family/loved ones

2. Write down in your journal about your feelings

3. Take a long shower or have a bath

4. Read a book

5. Exercise

6. Take a walk

7. Listen to music

8. Meditate or do some yoga

9. Be creative e.g. colouring

10. Play a game on your phone

11. Vent to a family member or friend about the situation or reason you are stressed

12. Pamper yourself e.g. facemask, have a massage, get your nails done

13. Have a nap

14. Deep breathing exercises

15. Spend time with friends

Stock photo by Happiness Maker

These are 15 inexpensive activities you can part take in to help relieve stress. It really is important though if you are struggling to reach out to a loved one or a doctor.

When you have had a stressful day or are feeling stressed, what do you like to do to feel relaxed? I’d love to hear in the comments.






98 thoughts on “15 Activities To Help Relieve Stress

  1. Stress is a permanent state of mind for many people. Your list is great – I liked the bit about venting – I tend to keep lots of stuff bottled in, and I really need to let it all out more often.

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  2. World Stress Day – I have never heard of that! But certainly feeling it a lot these days. I’m trying to carve out more time for my own hobbies, like reading and writing. And definitely want to get back to journaling and connecting more with loved ones. Thanks for the tips!

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  3. I do most of the things you’ve mentioned and I agree, they’re great for stress relief! Sometimes life can be overwhelming – reminders like your post are important because we take a moment to check ourselves. Thanks for posting!

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  4. What a neat list of easy-to-do activities 🙂 I used to play video games to relieve stress and to some extent it worked, since it made me think about something else than whatever was causing the stress. Ever since I became a dad I don’t have time for video games, but I find that music helps. Both playing and listening.

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  5. Great list Lauren! Napping is definitely at the top of my list although sometimes I get too stubborn to nap though it helps me more than anything. Playing games and watching something I like is great as well. I feel like working out stresses me more than anything haha! Unless I do yoga or something. Thanks for sharing!

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

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  6. Hey, that’s a nice list of some good ideas for managing stress. 🙂 I found the venting to another person one interesting. I hadn’t really thought of it before. I often invite others to vent their worries out at me, but I’ve never really considered it for myself. Apart from like… gently hinting at having something on my mind, or actually talking to a professional. But of course, it would work for me as well I think. Thanks for the quick tips!
    Mori (moriganna.com)

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  7. These are all such excellent examples! I didn’t even know there was a World Stress Day, but I’m so glad there is so that people can share awareness about it! I don’t think we realize how much stress affects our mental and physical health, but it really does. My favorite de-stressing activities are definitely reading (there’s no better escape for me!), journaling or just writing down little ideas for stories I have, taking naps (if I can!), and seeing friends (when I can!). The rest are excellent ideas, and some I should incorporate in my own life. Lovely post!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

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  8. Many good ideas! I like colouring, baking and eating! It is so important that we each have something to help take our minds off things and give ourselves a break!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  9. love this. managing stress is so important! i need to get better at it because i tend to create stress for myself out of nothing so i’m constantly feeling stressed. i love watching netflix under my weighted blanket that always relaxes me. xx

    mich / simplymich.com

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  10. Some good advice here! I was getting really stressed in work, then they started to make us take our 1 hour lunch breaks (they tried before but that another story) and now I sit in my car to play guitar, listen to my audiobook and phone friends for a catch up! So definitely would add them to the list 😊

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  11. I find that having a walk or a long soak in the bath are so relaxing for me because they allow me an extra amount of space to think and wind down. I really enjoy having a relaxing coffee too x

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  12. Ah I needed this. I’ve been feeling so stressed with building my own business, going to university and working on my thesis project for graduation while doing a minor as well. I’m struggling to find time to wind down and take a step back to relax. Up to the point where I’m now actually planning free time into my calendar. Definitely going to try these activities, love how simple yet effective they are!

    Melissa | Rosy Melissa

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  13. These are all so good, but I especially like #4 and #13. Getting ready to do #6 right now if I can get over the stress of stepping outside when it’s getting so cold! Not quite ready for winter temps, but they are here in my neck of the woods. There’s nothing quite like a walk to make me feel better and reduce stress. But it’d be easy to talk me into a nap about now!

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  14. Love the activities you have here! If I’ve had a stressful day I like to have a bubble bath, hot chocolate, comfort food and an early night. Sometimes I like to workout when I’m stressed too, even if its just a bit of gentle yoga. 💖

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  15. Important topic and always good to be reminded about our options when needing a break! My faves are going for a walk and taking a bath or shower as well as venting to a friend! I’ll be taking a walk very soon today! Thanks for posting!

    Trace x

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  16. I love reading as it forces me to focus on the book rather than whatever I’m feeling stressed or anxious about. I also love a Netflix session too! Stand up comedy is also one of my goto’s as I always feel better after a good laugh! Xx

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  17. Oh man, this blog post speaks to me a lot. I feel like I stress out a bit too much. Exercising is great to relieve some stress! You can never go wrong with a hot bath either. Those self-care beauty days go a long way too! Thanks for sharing all of these ideas :).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  18. These are some great ideas. I always feel so relaxed when I’m in the bath, and when I get out aftwrwards. I’d also add something you can get lost in, like arts and crafts or playing your favourite video game. I agree that exercise, especially a long walk can be such a great way to de-stress too.

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