25 Ways You Can Practise Self Care

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Self care is becoming ever more important in the fast world that we are living in, everyone is always so busy with home life and work commitments that life passes us by so fast. Stepping back and taking time to take have a breath is something that should not be a rarity but a necessity in our lives. In order to live a sustainable meaningful life, you have to take time to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Practising self care is something you need to choose to do, setting the intentions each week to look after yourself and making yourself a priority. Regularly part taking in activities that relax you and show yourself some love means that you can breathe and enjoy the small things it life that make you smile. There is sometimes some guilt around treating yourself and that should not be the case. In order for you to be successful and productivity you need to feel well rested and refreshed, that is one you are at your most motivated.

Self care does not have to be a grand gesture and can be a small inexpensive activity and so being too busy is no longer an excuse for neglecting yourself. Self care and taking the time to rest has been proven to boost your mental health, your self esteem and self worth, by improving these areas in your life can then positively impact your physical health. Your health is the most important and these small gestures can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

I am sharing 25 self care activities that even the busiest people can practise to improve their lives:

Spend time with family – Being able to have fun and make memories with loved ones is a great way to relax.

Spend time with friends – Making memories and laugh with friends can help you smile.

Take a long bath or shower – This allows your body and mind to physically relax.

Get your nails done – This can help you feel confident.

Cut out negative people from your life – Avoiding toxic habits can boost your mental health

Take a walk – Enjoying nature and gentle exercise can release endorphins and make you feel happy.

Have a nap – Giving your body in a rest can allow you feel awake and refreshed.

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Say no when you really don’t want to do something – This is putting yourself first.

Have a lazy day

Journal your thoughts and feelings – Writing can help with your mental health

Exercise – This releases endorphins and makes you feel good.

Practise meditation – This helps to relax and clear your mind.

Create and write in a gratitude journal

Get creative with a colouring book or scrapbooking

Reorganise your space 

Declutter a space in your home – Having a tidy space means a tidy mind.

Make yourself a healthy meal – Giving your body nutritious food will make you feel good and keep your body healthy.

A digital detox day

Watch your favourite movies


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Sing or dance

Put on a face mask

Drink water or a warm drink – Drinking water has so many benefits and helps with brain function.

Listen to some music

Practise yoga – This activity can be a form of gentle exercise as well as relaxing your body and mind.

These are just 25 simple activities with most not costing you anything but are so valuable in many other ways, you should never wait until you have reached the dreaded burn out before you start taking care of yourself. Practising self care regularly can help you balance your lifestyle.

What are your favourite self care activities? I’d love to hear in the comments

129 thoughts on “25 Ways You Can Practise Self Care

  1. Such a lovely post, a reminder that self care doesn’t need to be huge activities or costly in anyway.

    So many of these can be achieved so easily.

    Bath and a book are my go to x

  2. Love these suggestions! For self-care I really like lazy days in my pyjamas and also things like doing my nails and make-up, which interestingly I’m finding is making a massive difference with my SAD this year (I’m trying to style myself around the season, which I think is helping me to accept it more, rather than feel against it)

  3. So many great ideas! My favorite method or mantra of self-care is that doing nothing is doing something for yourself. It’s self-care, not selfish.

  4. Lovley post!! 🙂 Some really great ideas too. When I need some TLC I like to give myself a nice tan as I feel alot more confident and healthy with a glowing tan!! x

  5. I really love how you haven’t made self-care into something that has to be really big and time consuming. Even an hour completely to yourself a day will do! Or if you’re me, 10 mins watching the geese and Squirrels
    doing their thing on campus is satisfactory to lift the mood! 😅

  6. Nice and simple ways pinpointed! Just the way I like it. Cheers for sharing Lauren 🙂 Yoga’s something I added to my weekly routine and I’m loving it – even if I’m not perfect at it being a guy and all. I’m seeing the benefits of it, especially before going to work (at the gym ironically) and feeling my muscles much more relaxed.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  7. I love that these suggestions are on the simpler side of self care. I’m definitely going to look after myself by heading off to make a warm drink now!

    I really need to get better at the saying no to things one :-/

  8. Sleeping is definitely my number one. I used to not allow myself to go to bed until I had scratched every item off of my daily to-do list. Now, if I’m too tired to function, I move my unfinished tasks to another day and go to bed early. It definitely improves my mood and energy the next day.

  9. I love this post, especially since Christmas isn’t too far away and we tend to forget ourselves coming up to this holiday. I can not wait to read your posts when they come up on my notifications 🤩🤩🤩

  10. I often find that self care is associated with going to the spa or taking a bath … but it’s way more than that and it doesn’t have to be lumped into generic activities like that. Self care is any activity that helps a person relax, unwind, feel at peace with themselves and shed stress. My favourite thing is a mug of tea and a good book but to each their own.

  11. I find decluttering to be so relaxing, especially when I’m not in a rush to do it and I’m just taking my time. I also love to colour and knit and that’s really calming too! X

  12. Lovely post with some really simple but effective ideas. Self-care is so important, especially when so many of us live such hectic lives, but even something small can have a big impact. My personal fave self-care ideas are to practice yoga, put a face mask on and light some candles

  13. De-cluttering! How I live when I empty out crowded spaces. I could do it for a living.
    I cleared out my aunt’s space when I stayed with her, and how much I cleared away when I came home. I feel so fresh when I sit back and regard the fruits of the labor. Having clean space makes clean space inside me. 🙂

  14. lovely post, i like how you mentioned a lot of “boring” self care options like drinking water or having a shower. i think it’s great that people are starting to realize self care is not a luxury but a necessity. xx

    mich / simplymich.com

  15. I totally agree with you on getting your nails done or doing your own nails. I find it to be relaxing. And of course, I have learned to carve out some time for myself just to reflect and relax.

  16. Great suggestions. I love that there’s a great mix of things to do here for your body and mind. My favourite thing to do is just switch off and read a book x


  17. I am awful with self care but I have been trying to get better with it. Thank you for this beautiful list of things I can do.

  18. Hey Lauren,
    Simple yet hilarious ‘actionable’ self-care tips.
    Thanks to you am looking forward to having a lazy day and digital detox day. – is it even possible in our age of the Internet of Things?

    Relaxing and unwinding have become a luxury that we must take. Very recently we did a mandatory shut down with startup and small business founders. These business owners and some authors have not taken a break in ages. Fatigue lowers your productivity levels if you do not have frequent breaks. I write a lot. I am thus forced to take walks, and at times work while standing. Even the simple exercise of having a mat on the floor and legs up the walk eased backpressure. I rarely sit on the full journey of a flight, no matter how short. To reduce stress to manageable levels or zero levels os great self-care.

    This is a must share. Tweeting it now.

  19. Great post!

    I like taking a walk to the beach in the winter. The water is so beautiful this time of year. Which is also somewhat annoying since it’s way too cold to go swimming in, LoL.

  20. This is great list with some lovely tips 😊 I love taking some time to do my nails and having a lazy day, both are my goto’s for self care! X

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