25 Ways You Can Practise Self Care

Self-care has become a well-known term and I think that people are now making themselves a priority. How many times have you cancelled something you had planned to be there for someone else? Or when was the last time you said no? Sometimes it is easy to forget about yourself because you want to make sure everyone else is okay.

It is okay to put yourself first!

If you are wanting to practise more self-care but are struggling with ideas, I have written 25 ways you can put yourself first.

Spend time with family

Spend time with friends

Take a bath/shower

Get your nails done

Cut out negative people from your life

Take a walk

When I went to the New Forest for a photography course, look how beautiful it looks.

Have a nap

Say no when you really don’t want to do something

Have a lazy day

Write your feelings down or write about your day in your journal



Practise meditation and deep breathing

Write a list of everything you are grateful for

Get creative e.g.. colouring or scrapbooking


De-clutter a space in your home

Make yourself a healthy meal

A digital detox day

Watch your favourite movies

Forgive others and yourself



Sing or dance

Put on a face mask

Drink water or a warm drink

Listen to some music

Practise yoga

These are just a few things you can do during your day or week to take some time for yourself. Even if its just for 30 minutes, just remember you are important. In order for you to look after other people, you have to be okay and looking after yourself.

What do you do to show yourself care and love? Are you good at practising self-care? I’d love to hear in the comments.





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