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Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but also one of the most stressful. A lot of the stresses can be down to expectations. There is a worry of what are the right gifts to buy people, preparing the Christmas dinner and making sure the house looks great for you and your guests to enjoy the festivities.

Here are 9 useful tips to help you have that stress free Christmas:

1. Write a list of people you want to buy for

Writing down a list of people you are wanting to buy for and then checking them off once you have purchased them. This will help keep you organised with gifts and means you will not forget anyone. Having lists can help you feel the most organised and motivating when ticking them off.

2. Set a budget

Budgeting for Christmas is important as no one should be putting themselves into debt showing you love them. Christmas is more about the love and togetherness and of making more memories than presents. Allocating a budget that you can afford for gifts and sticking to the budget allows you to shop with piece of mind that you will not in debt going into the new year. Setting a budget for other aspects of Christmas like food is also important, it is so easy to stock up and over spent. But try to stick to your shopping list to avoid overspending and causing food waste.

3. Have a festive declutter

Before Christmas having a declutter and tidying up can help get your house ready for you to enjoy the festivities and for when guests are coming over. Having a tidy organised house can help create a relaxed and calm environment.

4. Learn to say no

Knowing how much money you want to spend and what parties and Christmas activities you want to attend and what food you would like to cook. Over committing yourself is one of the biggest contributor to holiday stress.

5. Buy online

Buying gifts online whether that is small businesses or larger companies is a great way to avoid the hustle and bustle of the high street. It can be a lot easier to shop from the company of your own home. As shopping on the high street especially around Christmas can be so stressful.

6. Schedule time for yourself

In the lead up to Christmas there is always so much going on and it is easy to get caught up with everything happening, it is easy to forget to look after yourself. Scheduling time each day or each week to spend it with loved ones and doing something that you love can help reset your mind and stop you from becoming overwhelmed.

How do you stay organised this Christmas? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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