Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

Christmas, the festive season can be a joyous occasion, but with so much going on it is so hard for it not get stressful sometimes. At this time you want to be able to enjoy the build up to Christmas. I have in previous years left most things to the last minute and it is always such a rush and end up stressing about everything. I am sharing some tips I have already started using to get ready for Christmas also writing this post will help me stick to these and check them off.

Christmas cards from Say Nice Things Stationery


Hopefully a stress-free Christmas here I come:

  • Write a list of people you are wanting to treat and ideas on what to buy for them.
  • Once purchased gifts for each person write it down and check them off the list.
  • Buy online where you can, its less stressful and don’t have to deal with busy shops.
  • Set a budget.
  • Start buying before December – I have already and I already feel more organised.
  • Don’t put yourself in debt to prove to others you love them, its not about gifts.
  • Write a list of everything you need to complete over the holidays e.g. write and send Christmas cards.
  • Have a food list for everything you will need for the festive period.
  • Ensure you have a clear out of your fridge and freezer so you have enough space for all the yummy food.
  • Have a sort and tidy of the house, ready for guests and to make space for Christmas.


I hope these tips help you have an enjoyable festive period with minimal stress. Do you use any of these tips leading up to Christmas? Are you an organised or a last minute buyer? I’d love to hear in the comments.


38 thoughts on “Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

  1. Some very helpful tips here, Lauren. I must admit I’ve never thought about clearing out the fridge and freezer but that is such a good idea, I will be doing that before Christmas this year now. And yes to buying before December – I tend to buy throughout the year when I see things I think people would like. I couldn’t leave it all to the last minute, that would be far too stressful! XX

    Lisa |


  2. I love online shopping for Christmas presents – it can also give you lots of ideas! Plus it’s brilliant to search for a discount code and save yourself some money ☺️ Some great tips to help with what is a very stressful time of year! xx


  3. We had very similar posts up today! Christmas can be SO stressful. It’s so important to take these things on board. Clearing out the fridge and freezer is definitely something my Mum and I need to do! We’re already worried about where we’re going to put everything! xxx

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  4. Great suggestions for a stress free Christmas, it helps to space things out ahead of time so you don’t lose your head in December. Setting a budget is also super important, you can go SOO overboard with that. Thanks for sharing Lauren xx


  5. The essence of Christmas is to celebrate. Admittedly, we humans smile more when we receive something. Opening a gift is like being given a warm, cosy hug.

    I loved your point about not putting yourself in debt to prove you care about someone! It is not a true friend if they do not understand that. And it is not a true Christmas if you have worn yourself to the bone without thinking of yourself. 🙂

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  6. Great tips! I do most of these things. I usually sit with my mum and we make one together for immediate family to make sure there’s no overlaps. Then make a rough plan about where to get the bits from and tick them off as I go. I bought my first gifts this week! x


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  7. Great tips! I try to keep a list going on my phone all year round where I write down anytime I hear a friend or family member mention something they like or want; that way, I have easy reminders and ideas all in one place when it comes time to buy presents.


  8. Great tips! Making a list is one of the best things you can do, I find it so helpful! This year I’ve even gone a step further and I have a spreadsheet 😂 I keep track of what I’ve bought for who, where it was from (in case it needs to be returned) and how much it cost so I can see how much I’m spending. It’s also helping me track what I’m buying online too so I can see what’s arrived and what I’m still waiting on! Xx

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