December Bullet Journal Set Up

I can’t believe it is already December and is going to be Christmas soon. I am so excited! I can’t believe that 2019 is in it’s last month, where has the time gone? For me, this year has definitely been one of the fastest years that I can remember. I really enjoyed getting creative with this months set up and excited to see what you think.

I have enjoyed creating a bullet journal again and have loved getting more creative as the months have passed. Apart from December being a time for Christmas, I also get excited for a fresh new bullet journal in January, fresh pages and the creativity can develop. So here is what I have designed for December:




I saw this design on Pinterest by Wellella, I loved this design and wanted to use it. I love the little designs that created the giant bauble. I have seen layering of washi tape before from Amanda RachLee on Youtube and never tried it before, but thought I would give it a go. I love how it adds to the design.



For my habit tracker I decided to incorporate a Christmas theme and have the habits in baubles hanging from the top of the page. This month I have only including a few that are going to be the most important for this month. I used the same festive colours throughout this months spread, as it is Christmas.



December’s mood tracker I used a design that looks like Christmas lights, I found this design of mood tracker on Pinterest also by Wellella. I will colour in each bulb with the colour that I have correlated to that mood. I have liked having a record of my moods for each month. I experimented with different lettering during this set up.



I kept the blog statistics page quite simplistic with a simple design. I like to have a page to keep all my records of my blog statistics, I have been recording them for months and it is is great to be able to track the progress that I have made.




I designed double page spreads for my weekly spreads in December. Using a bauble design to be able to record my to-do lists is a way I haven’t designed before. I designed some tree branches so it looked like the baubles were hanging from the tree. I used festive colours to bring a Christmassy feel to the spread. I used the same washi tapes layered throughout the spreads to add decoration and texture to each page.

What is your theme for December in your bullet journal? Do you like to use washi tape in your bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.





66 thoughts on “December Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. I love your December bullet journal setup! The decorations around the word are so cute!! I love the trackers you’ve set up as well. December is perfect because all of the festivities give a lot of opportunities for layout ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy β™₯

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  2. I love it. There’s a lot going on without it looking too cluttered or busy. I have used washi tape in my bullet journals but mostly just on the cover. My journal is mostly just used as a planner so I’ve gotten away from actually decorating it, but I love to see what others come up with to fill their pages each month.

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  3. This layout is absolutely gorgeous! Amanda Rach Lee is one of my all-time favourite YouTubers to watch – and I don’t even have a bullet journal. The mood tracker is definitely my favourite spread, this month’s theme is making me feel so festive already! xx
    El //

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  4. Your bullet journal is so beautiful. I’m always tempted to try it but I feel a bit like it would make me less productive rather than more, so if I did it would have to be as an old style diary journal but with a bullet journal aesthetic.

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  5. I love love the look and creativity! It resembles the Christmas holiday. I have been wanting to start a bullet journal myself but don’t know where or how to start. Thanks for sharing!

    Kendra | Self-Care Overload

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  6. AmandaRachLee has such beautiful bujo designs and I love her videos! Your December set up is really pretty and this is such a great month for designs as it’s the festive month! I’d be so happy if I could draw this well haha. Thank you for sharing, I’m so happy to see this and hope you had a great year!


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  7. I absolutely love your spread for this month – your BuJo spreads are always so pretty but this is def my favourite! I especially love the title page and the mood tracker. I found a really good guide for some little Christmas doodles on Pinterest so I’ve been adding those around mine this month! Xx

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