Pamper Night In With Lush

Around this time of year the weather is colder and I don’t know about you but my skin has a bit of a freak out ha ha! My skin can become dry and tight and just looks a bit sometimes. So I love a night in with a bit of pamper and I definitely treat myself to more of these evenings during Winter.

I went Christmas shopping last week and decided to have a little shop in Lush. I wanted to see what their Christmas range was like this year. I couldn’t not treat myself ha ha! I thought I would share my purchases and what I used in my pamper night.

Not So Secret Santa 

This bath bomb is so cute, with a hidden Santa inside. This bath bomb is a citrus scent (which I love!), using lemon oil and lemon myrtle. The Sicilian lemon oil refreshes your mind and skin.

So White

This bath bomb has bergamot oil, rose absolute, neroli oil and soybean flour. This scent s fresh with floral undertones, this is going to be so relaxing when I use it.


This one of my favourite bath bombs, I always have to pick up this one when I go shopping. It has fresh avocado to condition and moisturise the skin as well as organise extra virgin olive oil. It has lemongrass and bergamot oils which help create that citrus fresh scent, yummy!

Dragons Egg

I have really gone for a citrus scented haul this time around. The last bath bomb I picked up has lemon oil to help with cleansing, bergamot oil, jasmine absolute and popping candy – how cool!



Mask of Magnaminty 

This is a face mask I have been using for years. It has honey and kaolin to clean, clear and calm skin. The mask is made with peppermint oils to stimulate the skin and primrose seeds and aduki beans to exfoliate the skin. It is one of my favourite face masks to use in a pamper evening.

Makes you look like the Hulk ha ha!


I decided to have a pamper evening last Monday. I had some time off work and thought it be the perfect way to fully relax and look after myself.

For me the ideas of a perfect night in is a long soak in the bath, a face mask, cosy pjs, warm tea or a yummy hot chocolate and relaxing in bed watching my favourite tv series or movies.


What do you like to do during a pamper night in? Do you have a favourite bath bomb from Lush or a favourite face mask? I’d love to hear in the comments.


34 thoughts on “Pamper Night In With Lush

  1. I don’t think there is nothing better than a pamper night with lush bath bombs, and I think I am getting some for Christmas so I can’t wait! 😂 I love the not so secret Santa one as well 🎅🏼 xx


  2. There’s nothing better than a Lush pampering pampering! I’m addicted to their bath bombs and bubble melts, but haven’t tried any of their face masks. Yet. But I’m popping in there tomorrow for some Christmas shopping, so we’ll see. 😊 I love the sound of the ‘Not so Secret Santa’.


  3. I haven’t used bath bombs before but I love face masks. I haven’t used Lush before. I like to pamper myself by getting a hair mask done at the salon. It makes me feel so good afterwards and I love how soft my hair is


  4. I love Dragons Egg! I’ve just been bought the snowman bath bomb to so longing forward to using that. The galaxy one was interesting – felt like bathing in a black void! (smelt good though)


  5. Lush does such a great job with their products. I feel like ANYTHING from them already constitutes as a self-care item. Oooh, you can’t go wrong with their bath bombs. I love how the fizz and have some fancy show you for. Thanks for sharing your self-care routine with Lush!!

    Nancy ♥

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  6. Lush products are fab for a pamper evening! I’ve tried the Cosmetic Warrior face mask recently and while the smell is a little difficult to get used to (it has garlic in!) it’s actually really effective at clearing your skin. I’m also currently using the Snow Fairy shower gel as it’s one of my ultimate faves! I’m going to have to try some of the ones you’ve used here, especially the face mask! 😊

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