What I Love And Hate About Winter

A winter scenery with frost on the grass and covering the leaves.

With any season there are things that I love and things that I hate about it. I know for many on my social media timelines are moaning about Winter, they want it to be Summer. But there isn’t much I dislike about Winter, it is one of my favourite seasons, I know many would disagree ha ha! I have come up with a list of the things I love and hate about Winter, so see if you can relate to any of these.

I love the colder and fresher weather! For me breaking out my cosy jumpers, thick hoodies and my coat makes me happy. Just lots of layers ha ha! Autumnal/Winter fashion are pretty much my favourite clothes to shop for.


I love the Winter comfort food! Stews, casseroles, homemade soups and lots more roast dinners. The slow cooker definitely gets a lot more use during the Winter. When its cold outside and you come home to warm comfort food and the house smells yummy.

I love when Winter comes along as it means Christmas is also coming! I love Christmas and being festive. It means I get to spend time with family that I don’t always see a lot of during the year, enjoying yummy festive treats and lots of board games!

A winter scenery with frost on the grass and covering the leaves.

To be honest I can only think of two aspects of Winter I dislike, one being rain and the other is dark early mornings! In the UK we tend to get a fair bit of rain anyway, but during Winter we seem to get an extra amount and it annoys me especially if I have to go out that day! As I start work at 6am, it is so dark when I am walking to work and I hate that!

What do you love or hate about Winter? What is your favourite season? I’d love to hear in the comments.

38 thoughts on “What I Love And Hate About Winter

  1. My favourite season is Autumn, I love that it’s chilly but bearable if you layer-up. As simple as it seems, I’m easily pleased by Winter comforts… most of them being centred around food 😁😅 I enjoy sitting with some hot green tea, a hearty soup and a book or cosy vlog to watch. Having cats around is also a preferred bonus. By the way…

    Merry Christmas! I hope 2020 brings you plenty of joyful moments, and that you achieve all you aim for in the new year.


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  2. Sadly I don’t experience Winter here in Indonesia! I hope my experience of the cold and chilly early Spring in Korea counts, though 😁 Just like you, I liked the fresh weather and the comfort foods (I had some delicious and warm stews in Korea), but it caused my skin to itch and sometimes it hurt. But I pretty much liked the weather in the late Winter.. or early Spring 😀


  3. Interesting perspective! I’ve always wanted to live in a country that experiences winter, having never experienced it myself. But I do recognize that it’s not always pretty! As someone who doesn’t like it when it’s too dark outside (i.e. when a street lamp’s busted), I think that’s going to be a problem for me too. Oh well, nothing’s perfect!

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  4. I miss the hours of sunshine and I’m not a fan of the cold. Other than that, sometimes how the snow falls or falls on the trees is such a sight to see. So beautiful!


  5. I am like you and I don’t actually mind winter! I would love to see some snow, even just a little bit 😂 but yeah I hate the rain and dark mornings, I hate walking to work in the dark in the morning xx

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  6. I prefer summer so the cool weather and clothing isn’t for me, and I hate day light savings time! But overall, I love the festivities of winter

    Ash | thisdreamsalive.com

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  7. My favorite season is the autumn, ABSOLUTELY LOVE the color of the trees. I used to hate winter and love summer, but as I got older this has swapped. Winter means colder and dryer (better for my eczema skin) and that means I sleep soundly at night.

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  8. Totally agree with you! I love the crisp winter air and getting to bundle up in my sweaters, scarves and coats. And Christmas is the best! Honestly, I love winter so much more than summer. Dark days suck but I haven’t found this year too dreary.

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  9. The air of winter is cold and fresh; crisp. I agree that I love breathing in lungfuls of it.
    Frost on the ground crunches when I walk on it. And nothing is prettier then frost on the windows in the morning. 🙂

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  10. I literally live for summer! It’s interesting that you find so many people love summer, I don’t know of many people that prefer it to winter! I do love the ‘cosy’ aspect of winter and all the yummy food that is suddenly appropriate to eat again! But, being from such a cold part of the world, I really do live for the warm air in my lungs and the sunshine on heating my bones! 😁😂 x

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  11. I only like those frosty days when it snows and everythings is covered in a white layer of fresh fluffy snow. That’s a beautiful time. But the short days, the cold, all the rain or when the snow turns muddy..no, winter is not my favorite.

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  12. It is so so hard for me to pick a favourite season!! I LOVE going to the beach in summer and spending hours there chilling out and reading a book, but I also can’t think of anything better than snuggling up with a billion blankets in winter watching a movie. There’s so many good things about both ahhh

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