My 2020 Bullet Journal

It is a brand new year 2020, who else is excited for a brand new year? I always feel extra organised and ready to get planning in January. I decided this year to use my bullet journal a little differently, I want to use it more like a journal. Something I can look back and reflect on. I currently have a mid year BusyB planner where I include my appointments and my to do lists. So I will use these both together this year.

I have the initial set up in my bullet journal as normal and will include a front page, habit tracker and mood tracker for each month. However, instead of weekly spreads I am going to journal each day. I wanted to get back into journalling and using my bullet journal for that means it is all in one book and its so much easier. I am going to trial this for the first quarter of the year and see if it works well in my bullet journal.

So here is my initial Bullet Journal as well as January’s pages set up:


This double page spread is at the start of my bullet journal. It has spaces for me to write down my goals, my focuses, my dreams an affirmations for the year. I like the spacing I have used so that throughout the year I can add things to list. Having them all written down in the first pages of my bullet journal will keep reminding me throughout the year.


Very often when you think about goals and setting goals, for me anyway I don’t instantly plan how I am going to get there. However, using this page I can break down my goals into mini tasks in order to achieve the goal. I think it makes the goal more achievable and is less daunting. I am looking forward to filling this out and planning.


I haven’t used any bill trackers in any of my bullet journals before, but as I am trying to save with my ISA for my mortgage. I want to keep track of everything and so I can save as much money as possible.


This page is for me to record where I travel to this year, small or big. I want to travel and visit more places this year, so this page is going to be one I can look back on and reminisce. I thought the design inspired by Amanda RachLee was cute and looked like it was on a pin board.



These pages I am SO excited for! For Christmas I was given a Hp Sprocket from my mum. If you know about HP Sprockets it prints out images onto sticky back glossy card, so it is perfect for me to stick it into my bullet journal. For each month I will print out my favourite photo, to remind me of that memory.


I am always hearing about or being recommended certain tv shows or movies. Usually I write them down on a piece of paper or in a notebook. I will now have them all written down in one place and I can tick them off as I watch them.


I loved this print by Amanda RachLee so I wanted to use it in my bullet journal. I love the black and white colours for this print.


I kept the page simple and with the black and white, monochrome feel. I think it looked classic and wanted January to be a simple spread.


Again, I used black and white theme to keep it classic and simple. I kept the habits specific and relevant.


The mood tracker is very simple with a key. Using a mood tracker has been really helpful to keep track of my feelings and energy levels each month.

I really enjoyed setting up my bullet journal this month. I kept January very simple and classic. I am looking forward to utilising my bullet journal this way. Are you bullet journalling this year? Do you have a theme for January 2020? I’d love to hear in the comments.



127 thoughts on “My 2020 Bullet Journal

  1. Happy New Year! I love this idea for a bullet journal, I’ve always wanted to keep a bullet journal and follow a lot of blogs that use them, I just struggle to keep up with them every day, how do you stay on top of it after the January motivation runs out?

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  2. I really love all the thought that went into planning out & designing your bullet journal spreads. I think it’s awesome you’ve included practical things like budget trackers and goal trackers, but also fun things such as favorite things, places you’ve visited, and photos. Incorporating photos of the month is something I haven’t seen before but I’m loving that idea!

    I’m already behind on my spreads but I hope that I’ll be able to work on them more this weekend!

    Happy New Year! 😀

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    1. I was inspired by Amanda RachLee on YouTube she has been doing it and now I got my hp sprocket I can design these pages! Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you get your work on your spreads this weekend! Happy New Year xx


  3. I love how you have created a big banner with 2020, and put a word for the year under each number! The bill tracker is a first but such a good idea! We need to keep those bills paid.
    Knowing yourself well enough to write down tv shows, books, and music instead of trying to remember them all is something I need to learn.
    Happy journalling!

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  4. Love your layout and can’t wait to see how you fill up the places you’ve visited page. I love bullet journaling but haven’t had time to be creative with me so have gone back to a doodle planner for this year but am loving seeing how everyone else has set there’s out!

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  5. Love set up! I was going to start a bullet journal this year, but I’m trying to wein myself off stationary, so I can eventually be using reusable notebooks. I have my eye on a reuseable bullet journal though, so that might be on the cards soon!

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  6. Oh I can’t wait to see what your HP Sprocket prints out and where you go! What a fab present, I’ve never heard of one of those, I’ll have to investigate. I love your BuJo set up, Lauren, it’s so clean and straightforward. I don’t really use my BuJo any more, just as a blog planner and calendar really. But I love being inspired by your monthly layouts! Lisa xxx

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  7. Really loving the monochrome look – it’s so simple but so effective! I also love your bills tracker and Places I’ve Visited page too. I got an HP Sprocket for Christmas a few years ago and I love it, although I genuinely never thought to use it in my BuJo, I only ever use it for scrapbooking! Definitely point to have to start using it more, it’s such a great little gadget!

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  8. This is something I wanted to start for 2020, but I haven’t even got round to buying a journal yet, dammit! But I always love to see the posts anyway because they’re great for ideas you can translate into other areas even if you don’t have a journal yet.

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      1. Yeah, that’s true actually! There’s me in New year mindset, like nah I have to wait for 2021 now 😂 Thanks it’s

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  9. This looks great! I keep talking about wanting to start a bullet journal, but this may be the push I need to finally pull the trigger and make it happen… I love that you have the ability to track everything from paying your bills to whether you got your steps in, all in one spot!

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  10. I love your January setup. My bullet journal always looks so basic because I’m not that gifted when it comes to drawing/ lettering. I love the idea of the page for TV shows etc. I always read recommendations then completely forget about them x


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    1. I love the simple monochrome feel for January. As long as it serves its purpose at the end of the day is good! Yeah so do I, that’s why I wanted to include this page. Thank you for reading and commenting Sophie x


  11. This is such a great and simple design. It looks easily achievable to a newbie like me who dreams of using her million journals for bullet journaling. I love the habit teacher and bill tracker. It’s a swell idea! Thanks for sharing.

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