4 Reasons Your Blog Engagement Is Not Growing

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Do you ever look at other bloggers and wonder how they can get so much engagement on their blog posts? Do you want more engagement on your blog? I am sharing 4 reasons why you are not growing an engaged audience.

Having put focus on these 4 areas I have seen my engagement improve on my blog. Taking these steps will help ensure you boost your blog engagement and they are super simple and easy.

When it comes to running a successful blog, engagement is one of the most important aspects. You may see bloggers with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers, but they may only receive a handful of comments. Having more followers does not necessarily mean you are more successful. So worry less about the follower amount and engage with the followers you have, they will come. It is all about patience and perseverance.

1. You are not engaging with your audience

Would you want to engage with a blogger who ignores their audience? It is important that you engage with your audience to build connections. You can’t expect to have an audience that engages with your blog, if you are not prepared to do the same. Building connections and making friendships through your blog means you then build an engaging community to support and share your blog posts.

2. You are not being consistent

If you are not posting consistently, your audience will be unaware of when you will be posting and it that makes it difficult for your audience to follow posts. If you are posting consistently is another step to improving your DA score. To make sure you are consistent putting a schedule in place is so helpful and allows you to have the time to continuously create fresh content.

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3. You are not present on social media

In order to build a community you need to also be visible on social media. Being visible on social media means you can engage with other people and share your content on your platforms to build up a following of consistent readers. Being able to share your blog content on your platforms means you will reach a wider audience and can boost your levels of engagement on your posts.

4. Reply to your comments

When your readers take their time to read and post comments, it is polite to reply to those comments. If you then read one of their posts and leave a comment, that reader is likely to return to your blog as they can see you are supporting them also. This step has brought me a lot of blogger friends, a supportive and engaging audience. Showing kindness and support to other bloggers will also bring you positivity and motivation.

What is one tip you would say to bloggers who want to build an engaging audience? I’d love to hear in the comments.

232 thoughts on “4 Reasons Your Blog Engagement Is Not Growing

  1. These are such essential tips for blogging, and are so so important for growing your blog! Unfortunately I have been so bad with blogging consistently for the past 6 months and I have 100% noticed a massive drop in engagement as a result. I’m hoping to pick up my game this year and hopefully get back to where I used to be when I first started blogging! Great post xx

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  2. Great post! I’m surprised by how many people don’t realize that you have to be willing to engage with your audience if you expect them to engage with you… It’s important to keep the give and take in mind!

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  3. I struggle with comment engagement. My blog is six months old at present and it’s something I’m really looking to build up. Mostly I think it’s to do with low traffic to be honest. However, traffic is beginning to move in the right direction for me now, so perhaps it’s more a case of just waiting a little longer!

    Some good tips here though.

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  4. Great tips! I have recently returned to one blog post per week (I was at two per week but it was too much) and I really like that for consistency. I could definitely do better at engaging with other bloggers though – so here I am 🙂

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  5. Great advice. This is exactly what my blogging goals are for this year. My biggest struggle is sticking to a schedule and being consistent with blogging. I just need to find a way to balance blogging with my full time job and living life! But I’m confident I’ll get it straightened out.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Rachel from somerootswander.com

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    1. Find the amount that works for you. Maybe start with once a week. Plan ahead and allocate time! It is hard but having a schedule in place has changed blogging for me! I hope these tips help! Good luck with your blogging goals for this year xx

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  6. Great post Lauren and I can agree with all of these. I am guilty of the last one because my time got limited to where I only ever had time to either write a blog post or reply to the comments and I ended up deciding to skip on replying, however I do go to their blogs and comment in return! It’s so important to know engagement with others is key if you expect anyone to engage with you. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I think these are all great ways to increase traffic to your blog. I feel like I am hitting all the points and still struggling, but I am new (blog is a month old). I need to be patient and keep working hard at it because things take time.

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  8. Excellent post, love! I am all about getting back to comments. I would leave them for a day or two and then reply to all in bulk, just because it means I can be dedicated a few hours each week to going through every one of them, and returning them if links are left.

    I have pulled away from social media a bit as of late, but not so much that it’s dipped my engagement hugely.

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    1. I used to do that, but I found it so overwhelming. I dedicate time each day to respond and return comments. You have to do what works for you. That’s good you haven’t noticed a big difference xx


  9. Great post! There’s some really useful advice here that I’m going to apply to my blog! Last time I ran a blog I was really inconsistent with posting but I’m determined to be better this time. Really useful ideas here!


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  10. Ah, wow. Great post! I was completely guilty of a lot of these in the beginning. It’s crazy that I didn’t realize these then. Better late than never I suppose.
    Thank you for sharing! I’m sure this will help so many people.

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  11. These are some great tips! One of my main goals for 2020 is focusing on my growing my blog more so I will definitely be implementing all this! Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Love this post – clear and to the point. I’ve only recently started blogging and I’m confident I’m doing everything I can to make it a success and this blog has reassured me that I’m doing the right thing. Thank you!

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  13. Great info! I definitely agree that engagement is key! I am struggling with juggling too much stuff and not posting consistently! I finally just posted again for the first time in a while just 2 days ago. My goal is 2-3 times a week! I just need to stay on top of it!

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  14. Great tips! I’m working on all of them as a new blogger especially #1. It was much harder at first (especially on FB) and though it’s not where I want it to be…the engagement is much better!

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  15. I so often see people complaining about a lack of engagement and it’s always them who are the LEAST engaged with their audience! You get back what you put in is what I’ve always believed. Some great tips here! xx
    El // welshwanderer.com

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  16. Completely agree with the being active on social media! Twitter for me has really boosted my engagement, and I’ve just started using Facebook for my blog as well which is also helping. Great post!

    – Charlotte / charlottesspace.com

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  17. Informative post!
    Some good tips!
    I’m really struggling with audience right now, but also with time for content and engagement. Wanting to make this more of a business, but haven’t been able to leave any part of my job yet.
    Going to try to set a consistent schedule for engagement specifically.

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  18. I tried to push myself to write 2-3 times a week last year save for Blogtober, and it was hard! But I was new and needed the posts so I worked hard at it. Now trying to post more than once a week AND do a weekly YouTube video AND newsletter feels a bit too much. So I aim for once a week and twice if I feel inspired. That leaves me more time to engage on a daily basis. Hopefully doing this consistently will help over time.

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  19. Great post. I’ve definitely been trying to be more consistent as well as replying to comments when people have been kind enough to leave them. Blogging for me is all about connecting with people not about what numbers I can reach

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  20. These are great tips.
    I definitely need to be more consistent with when I publish a post. I used to be, however studying a degree full time whilst being a full time mum and self employed has affected how regularly I am posting.
    Thank you for sharing!
    The Sacred Space AP

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  21. I had sworn off ever getting a Facebook account because I thought it would create too many distractions. Having taken over as the communications director for a small business, and having blogged for a little over six months now, I can finally see the value in using social media. It doesn’t have to be a liability– you can turn it into a huge asset!

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