3 Steps To Plan My Week

A planner open with the calendar on show on top of a desk.

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I like to plan, I always have been a planner. I like to know what is happening in the week ahead and the feeling of being organised and prepared. I don’t know what it is about the start of the new year, but it always makes me want to go a little bit planner crazy!

The start of a new month and a new year, means a fresh start in my diary and my bullet journal. I get all excited when I get out all my stationery to plan my week, all you stationery lovers will know this feeling well!

I will usually do all my planning on a Sunday. For me, a Sunday afternoon or evening will consistent of me, my diary, my pens and my phone. I know some people prefer to use their phones, I do utilise my phone calendar but I love putting pen to paper and having a diary to refer too. Also, it gives me an excuse to shop for more stationery!

My Diary

I am currently using a BusyB mid year diary which I love. In my diary this is where I will record all the appointments I have on my phone, whether that be work commitments or meetings. I will have the commitments on both platforms, referring to my phone at a quick glance if needed.

A BusyB metallic blue mid year diary for 2019 to 2020

To-Do Lists

To-do lists are such a great tool to keep me organised and get things done. There is something so satisfying about ticking off a task. I will then plan my week to-do list tasks and allocate the days and times for each one. It means I do not get overwhelmed and I can make my days the most productive.

My Bullet Journal

I make sure that my bullet journal spreads are planned for the following weeks and if I have some time I will add some more content to my bullet journal. As preparation is key and being ahead in my planning of my spreads is so helpful.



Having planning sessions on a Sunday works well for me because then I know what I need to achieve on Monday and I can start my day productive. I have Monday and Tuesdays free and so these first two days of the week I am super productive and usually achieve a lot of my tasks.These 3 tools and steps I take, helps me stay organised and keeps up my motivation. Having a simple planning process in place can boost your motivation and productivity.

How do you like to plan your week? I’d love to hear in the comments.

99 thoughts on “3 Steps To Plan My Week

  1. I am a list lover. I can’t function without one.

    I was just writing my shopping list as well.

    I am really getting in to my bullet journal at the moment, mainly for my blog but I can see that it will really help me to work on my life one too x

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  2. I tend to plan day to day more than weekly but to do lists are something I couldn’t live without! I do feel like sometimes though maybe if I had a weekly plan like yours then maybe it would all be more smooth running. Awesome post x


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  3. Yes! I love this system. I use a bullet journal to plan my blog schedule then a daily diary to plan my to-do lists. I sit down at the start of the month to do the bulk of my blog planning then check in and see if anything needs adding each week x


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  4. I love this post! I use my planner to plan everything, and I also love lists. You gave me some great new ideas. I haven’t used a bullet journal yet, but I want to try it. Great post!

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  5. I have a diary where I put all my day to day things in such as appointments, birthdays etc. I like to get it out my head, because sometimes I just can’t remember everything 🤣 I also have a power planner which is like a goal setter for each month and each day but I’m yet to utilise this. I brought it because I couldn’t help myself because I just love stationery 🤣 I used the busyb diary last year and think they are fab!

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  6. I love this!! I’m really trying to get into planning this year to keep me active so have just started experimenting with my bullet journal for monthly plans and then my diary has a to-do list section that helps me plan the week.

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  7. I mainly use my diary to plan my week but my Mum got me a really lovely goals planner for Christmas which is so useful. You can write down your goals for the week along with your to-do list and there’s even a bit for next week too so you can plan ahead. I’m like you in that I love sitting down with my stationery to get planning! X

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  8. I love planning the week too! I feel like it is important because it helps keep your focus in check. Love that you customize your journal the way you want. It is a win-win where you can personalize it the way you want and you get that muscle memory of writing it down. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  9. I love journaling and I actually ordered my new planner and I am so excited to write in it and set goals. I actually accomplished a lot last year just because of having a planner and journaling. Great post.


  10. I totally relate to loving to plan and especially going planner crazy at the beginning of the year! And that satisfaction of checking off a task!

    I bought a new planner this year that I’m using for both my life and blog. It has 50 pages of bullet journal pages in the back. This is my first time ever using bullet journal pages, so I appreciated seeing some of your pages for inspiration! 🙂

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  11. I’ve been really big into planning with my journals now. I used to exclusively use my phone. I like being able to completely customize my lists and finances in notebooks though.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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  12. I don’t ever plan my week but I feel like I would be less stressed if I did! These are some good ideas and I’m definitely going to give them a try and see how well it works out. It’s gotta be better than my current plan of winging it haha. Thanks for sharing!

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  13. I do try and plan for the week ahead but I’m certainly not as organised as you, sadly! But one thing we do have in common is I have to write things down, I can’t be doing with electronic calednars and to do lists on my phone. Pen and paper every time, as you say, there’s something about crossing off your to do list that’s sooooo satisfying 🙂 Lisa xxx

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  14. Great post! As a very organized person too, I can absolutely relate. However for me diaries are sort of overwhelming, it’s too much information to be processed so I rather just stick to to-do lists, which is already a lot when you keep plenty of lists, lol.

    Keep up the great work! x

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  15. I try to keep a running file on my phone of “top priorities” and other things that I need to get done over the course of my week. I love the app TickTick

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  16. I love to do lists, but unfortunately I start too many of them, one for the blog, another for work, maybe a shopping list..I tried apps but paper lists are so much better.. Still, I need a good diary to keep it all in one place.

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  17. I love keeping a planner too where I write my appointments, goals and whathaveyou. I’m very old school like that cos I prefer writing with a pen and paper. I buy a planner every new year too and it gives me a feeling of excitement writing down my goals and also a sense of control when I put down my schedules cos life can be crazy.

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