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4 Tips For Working With Brands

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For a lot of bloggers being able to work with brands they love is a goal they would like to achieve. If you are new to blogging or haven’t worked with brands before it can be daunting and you can be left confused as to what your first step should be.

I have been extremely fortunate to work with some incredible brands and I am more than grateful. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been turned down or had e-mails ignored before. It unfortunately comes with the territory.

It has only been in the past year that I have started reaching out via e-mail and social media to brands I would like to collaborate with. As previously brands would contact me, or I would find the opportunities online. Networking is definitely key to successful collaborations. I have had my email passed to other PR consultants and found collaborations that way also.

I have recently had a lot of comments on my blog and Twitter asking how can I reach out to brands, what should I say and where can I find blogging collaboration opportunities. The 4 tips I have written have been working well for me so I wanted to share these and maybe they can give you the boost of confidence you need to reach out.

1. Make a list of all the brands you would like to work with

Writing a list of the brands you would like to work with in the near future is a great start, it means you can do some research and see if you can establish a contact or a contact e-mail. Carrying out research on the brand, finding the brand’s message means you can tailor your e-mails to them. Brands appreciate you making the effort. Some companies will get hundreds of generic emails sent to them, make yours stand out!

2. Reaching out to brands via e-mail

When you have established a contact e-mail, there is a list of things you want to make sure you include:

If you have a media kit already designed then you can attach that to the e-mail if you prefer. In the next month or so I want to allocate time to designing my media kit to use in future e-mails to brands.

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3. Searching for brand collaboration opportunities online

You do not need to reach out to brands if you are not confident in doing so, you can find great opportunities online. Twitter has so many different opportunities that bloggers can get involved with. Brands will often use Twitter to reach out as they can reach a wider audience. I have found several opportunities through Twitter. If you are wanting to look for opportunities, searching for #bloggerswanted #bloggersrequired and #PRrequest, will provide you with the latest tweets requesting work with bloggers from brands and other bloggers. Respond to the opportunities you want and put yourself out there.

4. Patience and perseverance

With any task or project it takes time and doesn’t always work out first time. Blogging is no exception! Many people will openly say blogging is easy, we both know it isn’t! Sometimes you may be turned down or not have a reply to your e-mail, but keep going, it will happen!

If you do work with brands, make sure you are declaring your content. It is important  your disclosure is clear to your audience. These are just a few tips on how to find brand work. Just make sure you work honestly with the brands. But also remember do not sell yourself short! Know your worth, some brands will expect something for nothing. You don’t have always say yes!

What tips would you give to bloggers who are wanting to work with brands? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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