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5 Things I Have Learned From Bullet Journalling

2020 bullet journal spread with titles of goals, focus, dreams and affirmations

Bullet journalling has opened me up to a huge world of trackers, weekly spreads and fun creative page ideas. I was surprised at the size of the bullet journalling community when I first started journalling in 2017 and its even bigger now. There is even Youtubers who are sharing content all about bullet journalling.

I know bullet journalling is different for everyone, but the idea is for your journal to be a resourceful planning tool. I enjoy scrolling through online and seeing other peoples’ creations.

I am in my third year of bullet journalling and with each bullet journal I have developed. My lettering, the style of my layouts and the method in which I utilise the journal has changed.  If you are new to bullet journalling, I have posts sharing bullet journalling essentials as well as the pros and cons to a bullet journalling planner system.

I am sharing 5 things that bullet journalling has taught me, see if you can relate to any of these:

1. I work best when I have tasks written down in the form of a list to check off

I like writing a list of all my daily tasks, being able to visualise means I can methodically work down the list, checking them off as I complete them. Being able to see the tasks I have achieved each day makes me feel productive and that I have had a successful day. It doesn’t work for everyone, it is important you find what works for you to be the most effective and productive.

2. Trackers motivate me

Having a habit tracker with the daily habits I want to commit to, helps motivate me to check off each one. Allowing me to be the most productive with my time, but I can also refer to them for example when did I last go to the gym, do a deep clean or post to Instagram. The great thing about habit trackers is you can tailor them to suit your lifestyle.

3. Writing down my goals keep me motivated and focused on achieving them

In my bullet journal I always write down my goals, as I use my bullet journal daily it keeps them on my mind continuously. Being able to plan all my tasks to achieve the goals I want to focus on.

4. It is therapeutic

Even when I designing simplistic spreads or creative colourful designs, I find it so relaxing and calming. When I am feeling anxious being creative helps to centre my feelings and I feel more myself. Who doesn’t like getting creative with coloured pens and washi tapes?

5. They are great for reminders

Sometimes I am so rubbish with remembering tasks or appointments, so having them written down is so helpful. As I use my bullet journal daily I will continuously see them and not forget. Also writing things down, means you can refer back or reflect on memories.

Bullet journalling can teach you a variety of different things, but you can even learn about yourself through it also.

Do you bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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