7 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing

Whether you are new to blogging or have been blogging for a while, it can be difficult to grow your blog and it does take a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, there is not a hidden secret to building a business overnight.

If you are struggling to grow your blog, there may be some things you are doing or not doing that could be hindering your success and effectiveness. I have created a list of 7 aspects for you to focus on or alter to help build your blog audience and boost your statistics.

#1 You are not promoting enough

When you hit that publish button, your post although out there on the internet will not be seen by everyone. Then comes the work of the promotion. You have to do that! Post promotion whether that be in a tweet or an Instagram post, is vital to drive your blog traffic. One tweet about a new post is not enough! To boost your blog traffic you will need several promotional posts across all your social media channels as well as engaging in comment threads across Twitter. On Twitter for example I have followers from all around the world, so I will schedule promotional post tweets at different times so my blog posts are viewed by a larger audience.

Photo by James McKinven on Unsplash

#2 You are sharing content that is not helpful or relatable

If you are using your blog purely for personal use, that is absolutely fine and this will not apply to you. However, I am assuming if you have clicked on this post, you are wanting to grow your blog. So sharing content that is helpful or relatable, you have to make that person want to click on your profile. Also researching keywords to base your content on is also a great way to help grow your blog.

#3 You are not engaging with your audience

The only way your blog grows and becomes successful is because you build a loyal audience. So engaging with your followers is key to a successful business. Whether that be replying to comments, supporting other bloggers or networking on social media, all those connections will help build your blog and your brand. No one wants to support the blogger who ignores their following! I will reply to all my comments, it just sometimes takes me a while, because I may be at work.

#4 Your blog is difficult to navigate and find your follow button

If you have a blog layout that is not compatible for all devices it can deter people from following your blog or reading several of your blog posts. You want to ensure you blog theme is compatible for all platforms people may be viewing your blog from. If you haven’t got a follow button visible, make sure you get one. People don’t like to go searching ha ha! Pop ups can also be incredibly annoying for readers of your blog. If they want to follow your blog, they will. You don’t need them!


#5 You haven’t listed your website links on your social media channels

On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have places on your profile to add your website link. This makes it easy for your followers or brands to search for your content. If you don’t have it there, your audience may find it difficult to find your promotional tweets. Get that website link on show!

#6 Your blog has a sign up to comment system

I don’t know about you but I have so many accounts and emails to keep track of, the last thing I need to do is sign up to another separate platform just to comment is a big deterrent. Your audience wants a user friendly and easy website to navigate and be able to comment.

#7 You are not consistently active

Although it can take a lot of time, being consistent on social media and engaging with your followers and sharing your content helps to grow your blog. Also, posting consistently on your blog is also important, in building an engaging audience. If like me you work as well as blogging using a scheduler is your best friend, you can schedule promotional posts throughout the day without actually having to be online.

Just changing these aspects of your blogging journey will help boost your blog and increase your following and engagement. Blogging is not easy, it does take a lot of hard work, but it is worth building a positive community and making some friends in the community.

What other reasons do you feel can hinder a blog from growing and being effective? i’d love to hear in the comments.


111 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing

      1. That’s what I tell myself. There’s some real fans who come to me saying that they can’t believe they had missed a post or an announcement. And of course you get all the time new followers who have never seen your old content.

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  1. Promotions are something I’ve been very bad at in the past but this year I’ve really been trying to do more of that, not just with new posts either, recycling older content too. It does make such a difference to how visible you are. And yes, replying to all comments is a must, it’s so rude not too. How can you expect to grow an engaged following if you don’t engage? Great tips, Lauren, thank you! xxx

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  2. One good reason is not reciprocating. We all join in, we all try to engage with as many as possible but there will always be some that just don’t return that.

    It’s frustrating as hell and a sure fire way to get me to stop reading.

    Great tips, sometimes in the busyness of life and blogging it’s easy to forget ourselves x

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  3. There are some great tips and pieces of advice here Lauren! My blog has become a bit neglected in recent months but I’m making a bit more of a conscious effort to schedule tweets and be more active on Instagram too. If you want the views, you’ve got to put some hard work in! It’s not handed to you on a plate, unfortunately! XX

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  4. I connected most with the ‘sign-up to comment’ thought. I am guilty of reading a good post but, when I get to the sign -up comment box, I know the post was not good enough if I just scrap it and close the site.
    Also, an easy-to-follow outlay is gold, especially if it is nice to look at and showcases your work to the best of its ability.
    Thanks for sharing these tips!

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  5. yes these are all so true! Argh I literally get so annoyed when a blog has way to many pop ups when I’m trying to read something they’ve written! I also try and schedule my blog posts at a specific time in the day as when I’m awake most people who follow my blog aren’t, so I have to be careful with that otherwise usually no one will see it!

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  6. Thank you for sharing! I definitely need to promote my posts more. You’ve also made me think about looking at my blog from the point of view of a reader to see how easy it is to navigate 🙂 xx

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  7. I know I’m not promoting enough and I don’t have keywords for SEO right now. It’s still a big learning process. A week ago, I didn’t even have Google Analytics active for the blog so… Thanks for sharing. I will pin this as well.

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  8. You are so spot on!! Sometimes we don’t want to admit we are our own shortcomings, but if hard work isn’t put in, what can we expect!? I would actually love a comment system that doesn’t require my readers to sign up, but have yet to find one. Do you have any recommendations??

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  9. Oh wow, this was super helpful. I think you definitely touched on everything that needed saying and I can say that the reason my blog is doing well for a beginners blog (barely a month old) is because I do literally all of these things.
    – katelyn

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  10. I’m guilty of all of these…except that I’d like to think of the content I’m posting as helpful. It’s just that although many people travel, not many seem to have access to my blog. Might be because I don’t know about the right platforms yet (I hope!) It’s discouraging when I put so much effort into them and they are hardly read by anyone hehe

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  11. THANK YOU.

    I have needed to start over with blogging and it’s been challenging. I have been so anxious with promoting and have no idea how to do it. Do you have any blog posts that show HOW to promote as well? If not, I would love to read it if you ever write it! I use my blog for personal use but this was still helpful for me. Social anxiety has been a challenge when it comes to blogging, but I’m going to work on that this year.

    I appreciate you making the time to write this post to help other bloggers out!

    Keep up the great work!

    Chrissy Marie | My Jumbled Journal

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  12. Great tips. I struggle most with #1. I am trying to promote my content more, but doing it is still hard. It still makes me uncomfortable. As women, I think part of this is due to that old expectation that we should be “good girls” – for ex. never brag – which promotion actually is not. Appreciate the nudge. I need it.

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