Tips For Balancing Full-Time Work And Blogging

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Many bloggers are not blogging full-time and are working another job. I am one of these bloggers. I work as well as I running my blog, so I know first hand how hard it can be to balance life, work and run a blog.

I am not going to tell you it is easy, I found it hard it keep up at first. I really struggled to be consistent with my blog. However, since organising a blogging schedule and following some of these tips I am sharing, have really helped. It has allowed me to post consistently on my blog and working my day job. It takes hard work, but you can do both!

I am sharing tips that can help you if you are struggling to balance work life and running your blog.

1. Manage your time

As you are working and away from your blog managing your time is key to running a successful blog. Being able to allocate time to solely work on your blog will help you be the most effective. Having allocated time in your schedule each week will allow you to work on content and post consistently on your blog. I like to dedicate a bulk of my time on my days off to working on my blog.

2. Scheduling is your friend

Scheduling content and posts ahead of time can be such a useful tool in being able to balance work and blog life. Scheduling tweets is a great way to stay active on social media whilst at work, to help keep engagement on your social media platforms. I currently use the Hootsuite app to schedule tweets throughout the day as well as promotional tweets for blog posts. Having content and posts scheduled ahead of time, really helped take the pressure off and I am really enjoying writing and blogging.

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3. Eliminate distractions

When you do have some down time, eliminating any distractions is key to make the most of your time and allowing you to be the most productive. It will mean you are focused on the tasks you need to work on for your blog.

4. Reach out for guest bloggers

If you are struggling to write posts for your blog, reaching out to other bloggers to guest post is great. It will allow your blog to have continuous content being published and have others engaging with your blog. Being consistent then means you are giving your audience what they expect at the same day and time whilst boosting your DA score.

5. Write and take photos in bulk

When you have your down time, writing in bulk is a great way to stay ahead of yourself and have plenty of content to put out. Once you have bulk content and photos taken, you can schedule all the content ahead of time. This is extremely helpful especially if work gets busier for you. This was so helpful for me over Christmas to have content already organised. I now have all blog content planned until May and I am working hard to schedule as much as I can in my down time.

6. Take a break

If all else fails, you can take a break from your blog until work becomes less hectic or you can devote more time to your blog. There is no pressure! You should never put out content unless it is quality and of value to your audience.

Having that good routine and knowing what works best for you is vital in being successful with your blog. Do you blog full-time or just as a hobby?

130 thoughts on “Tips For Balancing Full-Time Work And Blogging

  1. Fab tips here Lauren! These are definitely some that I’m going to be trying really soon. I’ve got a week off for half term so hoping my planning will really get going during that. What do you do for work? I’m a school administrator in a private senior school for girls xx

  2. ‘I now have all blog content planned until May’ – rub it in 😉 I’m pleased if I finish a post two days before I wanna post it! (remembered again!)

  3. Thank you for sharing these tips – I’m at the point where I’m struggling a bit with managing my time so I found these really helpful. I’m a digital marketing executive for a voucher code website and I pretty much write blogs and content all day long, which has given me a little bit of a leg up when it comes to SEO knowledge and such! Xx

  4. These are some great tips. I work full time in an office environment Monday – Friday, and fit in blogging during my lunch breaks, evenings and weekends. The most important thing for me is scheduling! I don’t know what I do without being able to schedule post or tweets in advance.

  5. I love taking photos in bulk. It is also a lot easier to edit them in one mass rather then doing a picture a day. Some things need to be broken down into smaller steps, but not photography! 🙂

  6. Hey Lauren, I’m studying while blogging too. And I sneak in whatever time I have between lessons or before I sleep to manage my blog. I haven’t been very big on scheduling, but I may soon. Thanks for sharing these tips! 🙂

  7. This is really helpful, I’ll definitely be using these tips and I’m really struggling with blogging and working full time at the moment. Dedicating time and planning is so important, loved this post!

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