Tips For Balancing Full-Time Work And Blogging

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Many bloggers are not blogging full-time and are working another job. I am one of these bloggers. I work as well as I running my blog, so I know first hand how hard it can be to balance life, work and run a blog.

I am not going to tell you it is easy, I found it hard it keep up at first. I really struggled to be consistent with my blog. However, since organising a blogging schedule and following some of these tips I am sharing, have really helped. It has allowed me to post consistently on my blog and working my day job. It takes hard work, but you can do both!

I am sharing tips that can help you if you are struggling to balance work life and running your blog.

1. Manage your time

As you are working and away from your blog managing your time is key to running a successful blog. Being able to allocate time to solely work on your blog will help you be the most effective. Having allocated time in your schedule each week will allow you to work on content and post consistently on your blog. I like to dedicate a bulk of my time on my days off to working on my blog.

2. Scheduling is your friend

Scheduling content and posts ahead of time can be such a useful tool in being able to balance work and blog life. Scheduling tweets is a great way to stay active on social media whilst at work, to help keep engagement on your social media platforms. I currently use the Hootsuite app to schedule tweets throughout the day as well as promotional tweets for blog posts. Having content and posts scheduled ahead of time, really helped take the pressure off and I am really enjoying writing and blogging.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

3. Eliminate distractions

When you do have some down time, eliminating any distractions is key to make the most of your time and allowing you to be the most productive. It will mean you are focused on the tasks you need to work on for your blog.

4. Reach out for guest bloggers

If you are struggling to write posts for your blog, reaching out to other bloggers to guest post is great. It will allow your blog to have continuous content being published and have others engaging with your blog. Being consistent then means you are giving your audience what they expect at the same day and time whilst boosting your DA score.

5. Write and take photos in bulk

When you have your down time, writing in bulk is a great way to stay ahead of yourself and have plenty of content to put out. Once you have bulk content and photos taken, you can schedule all the content ahead of time. This is extremely helpful especially if work gets busier for you. This was so helpful for me over Christmas to have content already organised. I now have all blog content planned until May and I am working hard to schedule as much as I can in my down time.

6. Take a break

If all else fails, you can take a break from your blog until work becomes less hectic or you can devote more time to your blog. There is no pressure! You should never put out content unless it is quality and of value to your audience.

Having that good routine and knowing what works best for you is vital in being successful with your blog. Do you blog full-time or just as a hobby?

143 thoughts on “Tips For Balancing Full-Time Work And Blogging

  1. Love this post! I’m not working at the moment and I’m trying to dedicate more time to my blog. I haven’t got a schedule yet but I’m working on making one at the moment as I want to be consistent 🙂

    Coralle x

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  2. This is a great post! Lately, I’ve been considering ways to automate some of my blog tasks. There’s sooo many things. I will be sure to use some of these tips. Thank you!

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  3. I couldn’t agree more with this, especially scheduling tweets and posts, as I personally work nights I find this helps my view count so much during the day when I wouldn’t normally be awake. Taking a break was really helpful to me at one point too x


  4. This is really helpful, I definitely need to schedule my posts and bulk-write them at a certain time in the week. I think that will be my job for today, is to do a bit of planning and bulk-writing 🙂
    I love the ideas of having a couple of guest posts, but as I’m a really small blog (and just back from quite a long break) I don’t think anyone would be interested! :/

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth

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  5. I definitely struggle with feeling worn out from blogging and working! It can be a lot of work, especially if you’re writing more than one post a week or if the post is super long! While I really try to schedule my stuff, it doesn’t always work out that way! I actually downloaded the forest app and it helps me stay away from my phone! Great post xxx

    Melina |


      1. It’s an app where you grow digital trees the more time you spend away from your phone! If you go on your phone when you’re not supposed to, the tree dies. You get coins for every time you successfully grow a tree, and if you save up enough coins you can use the coins to grow a tree in real life!

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  6. I work part time too I balance work with an online shop and this blogs my new project. I have to say that working a late shift and coming home and writing is probably not ideal but it’s how it oftern happens. These seem like useful tips it would be useful to bulk write articles for my days of work.

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  7. I love these tips, I also work full time and it can be super hard to balance both I find setting alarms helps me focus as I know I have to have the work done before the alarm goes off. Also writing in bulk is such a good tip too I prefer sitting one evening and writing all my posts and scheduling them so I don’t need to worry about them again

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  8. Good tip about doing it on bulk! I feel bad sometimes about going a few weeks without blogging but then write 7 in 3 days or whatever haha. Need to get better at spacing out the scheduling though! Cassie

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  9. I am totally about this post. Having a full-time job gets me super drained during the weekdays to the point where I can return comments during the weekend. I totally agree with scheduling content!!! Often times, I find the peak times being the times when I am at my actual job @__@. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ♥

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  10. Trying to achieve work-life-blog balance is really hard. I’m a nurse and most of the time. I’m too tired to write after my shift. I’m trying to work on being more consistent with my posts. The struggle is real. But, I love writing… so I guess I’ll keep on blogging. Thanks for the tips!

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  11. I wish I could follow all your tips! I’m a teacher and it takes up so much of my time after school hours that sometimes I go weeks without writing a single blog post. I need to work on my priorities I guess…doing too much schoolwork has never been known to have any mental health benefits haha

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  12. I love writing in bulk. Most weekends I write for the following week and have 3 or 4 posts scheduled to come out. I’m hoping this method continues to work for me, since I’m adding some writing classes to my schedule.

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  13. These tips are perfect for me being a part-time blogger and full-time caregiver. Scheduling, writing and taking pictures in bulk have been life savers for me! Thank you for sharing!

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  14. I’m a new blogger who is struggling to balance full time work, family, volunteer responsibilities and blogging. I hadn’t thought of working on content in bulk and do want to start taking guest bloggers, so I can ensure my posts are more consistently.

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  15. Great tips! As a stay at home Mum, eliminating distractions is pretty difficult for me…! Managing time is key as I’m also starting up a business and need to ensure everything gets enough attention !

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  16. It’s so hard to manage blogging alongside a full time job, these are some really great tips!!! At the moment I’ve been using my lunch break to get some content written or fixing stuff and then I try take photos at the weekends! Planning and doing stuff in bulk is definitely key! Clare xx


  17. I work a full time job with a rotating schedule. I always feel bad because I like to pot at least once a week but I never know what day it is going to be and I know people don’t always like that.
    Blogging is more of a hobby for me so I know I shouldn’t worry so much, but it does get frustrating when I have a post I want to share but work gets in the way!

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