5 Toxic Habits You Need To Quit Immediately

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Toxic habits to me are habits you are practising that have a negative and harmful effect on your physical or mental health. You can have positive and toxic habits that can impact your life and help boost or stop you from succeeding. There are ways you can track your positive habits with habit trackers. In order to be successful and confident you must work through the toxic habits and mindsets that are holding you back.

I am definitely guilty of practising some of these habits, however I am consciously working on these areas. Toxic habits can not only effect your mental health but can bring so much negativity into your life, removing that negativity can help you to boost self-esteem and confidence. Are you guilty of these toxic habits? I am sharing 5 toxic habits you should quit immediately and start being successful.

1. Comparing yourself to others

It is natural to look at others in similar situations and compare. However, there will be someone who could be comparing themselves to you. Comparison can create such a negative mindset which can affect your thought process. Whenever I look to compare to another, I think about all that I achieved, or I focus on what I have achieved. The other way you can deal with comparison is to use that energy to motivate you, be inspired by that person.

2. Not believing in yourself

If you do not believe in yourself, how do you expect anyone else too? Believing in yourself and your abilities, helps boost your self confidence and motivation to be successful. It can be hard to believe in yourself, but you can start small.

I like to use a page in my bullet journal, where I focus on my positive attributes. I found this really helpful.

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3. Getting little or no sleep

Having a regular routine has so many health benefits. After doing some research I didn’t realise just how many benefits it can give you,

  • Reduces stress and can improve mood.
  • Lowers your risk of depression.
  • Can improve concentration and productivity.
  • Lowers your risk of serious health problems e,g, heart disease.

They are just a few of benefits of having a healthy sleep routine. If you have trouble sleeping start off small, keep away from technology and try to avoid caffeinated drinks late in the afternoon. Make sleep a priority.

4. Surrounding yourself with negative and unsupportive people

Spending time with negative people can be taxing on your mental health it can also causes stress and anxiety. If you have unsupportive people in your life, it can effect your self confidence. Where possible try to illiminate these negative influences from your life, it can help motivate you and you will have people in your life who want to celebrate in your success.


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5. Not eating well or enough

Similarly to not enough sleep, not eating enough or well enough can cause lack of concentration, tiredness which can lead to muscle aches and a whole host of other problems. You only have one body and it is important to look after it. I am guilty of this sometimes I will reach for junk food or a takeaway, skip a meal if I am busy. I am making a conscious effort to choose healthier choices.

Are you trying to quit any of these toxic habits? I’d love to hear in the comments.

170 thoughts on “5 Toxic Habits You Need To Quit Immediately

  1. 1 &4 are really personal to me. I had to stop comparing myself to others and being around unsupportive people as I realised it was affecting my life. I wasn’t able to achieve any of my goals and felt down all of the time! Thank you for these points! Great post.

  2. Sadly, I do numbers 1 – 3! But you’ve provided some great ideas to change these actions / ways of thinking. For number one, I like the idea of affirmations – “I am”, “I will” etc, this will be good for me to focus on throughout the week. Thanks for the tips. 😊

  3. OMG no.4 is so right! I had (notice the past tense) a boyfriend who used to gaslight me and I was so in love I never noticed in. And since I’ve realised, moved on, and am now in a loving relationship life feels so much easier! Thanks for sharing

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  4. I need to work on the sleep thing. I am home 24/7 with my kids (save for grocery pickup and recycling dropoff each week) and once everybody is in bed I just want to sit in the quiet for a bit. Next thing I know it’s almost midnight and my alarm goes off at 5:15!

  5. Great tips! #5 has always been a major one for me. The wrong foods can have an affect on your whole mood and mindset! I’m still working on a consistent sleep schedule myself! I can’t seem to keep myself on a schedule.

  6. Yes to all of these! Luckily, I don’t think I do any of these! Well, apart from the comparison point. I think a little bit of jealousy can be healthy and motivate you to do better but there’s DEFINITELY a line and too much comparison can be completely soul destroying!

  7. Sleep is definitely my biggest challenge! I do all the right things but it doesn’t seem to help. I sometimes think it’s an age thing but I have never been a good sleeper.

  8. I think comparing yourself to others is a really difficult habit to break as a blogger but it’s something I’m working on. Also working on not reaching for cake all the time, but hey, small steps, right?

  9. Yesss to all of these. Comparison is literally the worst thing ever. It can have such a detrimental impact on your mental health and when you end up in a comparison trap, it can be REALLY hard to get out of too.

  10. This post is very true, comparing yourself to others is definitely the worst thing you can do for your self-esteem. We all need to recognise our own self-worth without comparing ourselves to others, and we need to realise that everyone moves at their own pace 🙂

  11. All of these things are so true. Not getting enough sleep sets me up for failure in most of these areas. I compare myself to others more, eat like crap, and get very negative. If I get enough sleep, I do much better at everything else.

  12. These are all so true and important! Believing in yourself and not comparing to others are two bad habits I am trying to get rid of! Thanks for sharing this x

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