Why Bloggers Love Blogging

Have you ever been asked why do you blog? Or why do you enjoy blogging so much? When I first started thinking about blogging and when I first started writing on my blog, I did it because I love writing. As I have continued to blog I have found more reasons why I love blogging.

Blogging has become a big part of my life and a great creative outlet for me. The more I blog, work with brands and network with people, the more I learn about myself and the blogosphere.

I am sharing 5 popular reasons I have seen as to why bloggers love blogging. See if you can relate to any of these.

#1 The opportunity to be creative 

I have always loved being creative with colouring, drawing and crafting. So blogging gives me that creative outlet, whether its the writing, designing and taking photographs. I love taking photographs and sharing them.

#2 Helping others by their writing

There are some bloggers who’s niche is advocating for mental health, nutrition or sport. Posting this information can really help others. I have had a few people reach out to me and tell me the post I shared help them. It is a great feeling to know people are not only enjoying your writing but it is having a positive impact on their lives. Has someone reached out to you before after you shared a post?

#3 Working with brands they love

A huge benefit of blogging is working with brands you have loved for years and building those pr contacts. I love writing and being able to represent brands I have loved and enjoy using is such a wonderful thing. I have been fortunate enough to work with some great brands, it has helped me build my confidence and learned a lot about PR and business. One post I really proud of is working with Say Nice Things Stationery.

#4 Making new friends online

Being able to connect with other like minded people is a great perk of blogging. It can be such a supportive community. I have made some great friends through my blog and they are kind and supportive.

#5 Learning new skills

Setting up a blog there is technical information to learn as well as SEO and analytics. When working with brands for example, I have learned a lot more about pitching, contracts and invoices. I am sure I still have so much to learn and I am excited for me and my blog to grow.

Blogging is growing as a profession as a hobby. With so much creative content out there and so many talented writers. These are just a few reasons I have learned about why bloggers love blogging and why I love it so much.

Are you a blogger? Why do you love blogging? Can you relate to these reasons? I’d love to hear in the comments.


94 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Love Blogging

  1. These are all great points! Blogging is definitely a hobby that I love because I can write about things that inspire me or that I love, or write about topics that I feel need to be talked about more. But I have also learnt a lot through blogging too, and made some lovely friends in the community! great post xxxx

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  2. Blogging is one of my passion which I enjoy a lot. Blogging taught me a lot and of course it gives me a chance to connect with fellow bloggers . The creativity in me came out by blogging.
    It’s a part of ME time where I can forget everything and concentrate on my thoughts.
    So I really love blogging and all you made are vital points.

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  3. I’ve been blogging for eight months now on WordPress self hosted and there’s definitely a big learning curve here. I thought I was just going to write content and publish and that was going to be the end of that but there’s so much more. I’m learning something new every day and it feels so rewarding. Not to mention all the new friends I gained.
    It does take me away from my work but it’s a hobby I dearly cherish. I could relate to all your reasons. xx

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  4. Love the blogging community, I have connected with some amazing people from all over the world. I have set up a series where I share blogs I have discovered, such a fun way to share the love of blogging.

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  5. While I don’t have many followers I enjoy the back and forth on their views as well as my own. It has helped my writing I believe and it has let me talk about my opinions on important(to me) subjects. I do not hope to make money because my writing and posts don’t really have a theme.

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  6. Is it weird to say I don’t have the words to explain why I blog exactly and how I like it? probably because I haven’t done it for that long yet and I’m still trying to really find my footing but I definitely don’t hate it. I can’t wait to know more all all that entails and learn new skills and be more comforatble with everything for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I love all of the points you’ve hit about why we love to blog! YES on the opportunity to be creative! I am all about making new friends online too. It’s amazing to see the different people and interests out there! I love being able to share my life while learning from others :).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  8. I’ve not got into point 3 yet. But the others are absolutely why I do it. I’ve not been going long, but to have a couple of people already saying, what I’ve wrote has helped them feels so rewarding.

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  9. While there is so much to blogging, which I don’t think any of us realised when we first started out, there’s also so much to love about it! The blogging community is one of the nicest I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, and I’m grateful for it for introducing me to my blogger friends like you! It’s a great way to relax for me personally. Knowing people actually take the time to read my work is a great feeling!

    Great post Lauren xx

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  10. I can totally relate to all these points. I love blogging because I have always loved to write too so it just kind of goes hand and hand together! I would ultimately love to be able to make some money of it too in the future, but I am still enjoying it right now even though it is super profitable yet!
    -Charity http://www.morningsonmacedonia.com

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  11. Ooh, I am inspired to write a piece on why I love blogging!
    I cannot agree more that having an outlet for creativity gives me a sense of freedom and value; I love to know that my writing gives others food for thought or just helps them smile once in the day.
    Having the opportunity to learn and share your wisdom with others is, I think, one of the best reasons to write.

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  12. I agree with all of these reasons, Lauren. Having a creative outlet was the reason I started my blog but the online community, fabulous opportunities, and constant learning are definitely why I keep blogging – I’d be lost without it! xx


  13. Over the years of blogging I’ve had such a love hate relationship with blogging and other bloggers but for the most part it has been great! I really love learning new skills too x

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  14. I love having an outlet which lets me use my brain 🙂 done so many years of study but not yet in a position to use that education so it’s great to have an outlet for that. I agree it’s great to be learning something it’s pretty difficult to get started as it’s more than just writing it’s about being able to promote your work too but it does feel worth while. I don’t work with many brands atm but I imagine it’s pretty worth while to be able to choose what you promote and promote what fits with you and your writing rather than only promote what pays.

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  15. This is such a relatable post to me and has come at such a good time too. I’ve been doubting why I keep this up but then I stop doing it for a while and it leaves me so bored and stuck in my own head. I love that it gives me an outlet, it’s made me make friends and I’ve learnt about a community I never knew about before. I love it!
    Thanks for sharing this and hopefully inspiring others in a rut!
    Alex xx

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  16. This is one of the tough questions when people who don’t blog ask about my blogging! They ask what I write about, why I blog, etc. There are so many reasons, but I guess the base of it comes down to me loving it! I love having an outlet to write what I want to write about, and I’ve met so many lovely people through blogging that I wouldn’t have if i never started blogging. Great post! Super relatable xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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  17. I totally relate to all your points Lauren. I started blogging to get myself busy and do something. Just like you I am also very interested in different art work. But some people don’t appreciate and say little things that really hurt. I blog only to share my love for everything related to beauty. It is in me from my childhood. I will continue doing as long as I can. I really love blogging, taking pictures, connecting with fellow bloggers. I have learned so many things in this process which I would never have dreamt about doing and using my time that I used to waste watching useless things. Speaking from my heart. Thanks for this lovely post. 🙂

    Via | https://glossnglitters.com

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