How to handle negativity online

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The internet and social media has become an amazing tool. Communicating, working, networking and learning new things. There are so many positive benefits, however like everything there can be some negative aspects too.

The online bullying is increasing, people and kids thinking they can hide behind a device and be cruel and abusive for no reason other than to troll. It is dangerous and should be tackled. When you are a blogger you will share information about your life, experiences and your thoughts and it does make you vulnerable online. Online platforms are improving their safety with report buttons but there is still a long way to go.

I am sharing 4 tips to help you deal with negativity online

1. Block and report any negative people or comments

Sometimes getting negative comments or trolled might happen. I have learned that even if you have a credible argument to what they are saying, do not reply! Block the person and report any online abuse to the social media platform you are using.

2. Delete all negative people from your feed

To help keep the negativity off your feed and to limit you having to deal with unkind or negative posts. Having positive people on your feed, to support you and follow you on your journey. With all the negativity that is going on in the world you don’t need to witness or be subjected to negativity online. We all need to be kind and understand that everyone is going through something or dealing with their own issues.

3. Change your settings

If you are having a problem with negativity online or negative people online, you can edit your settings to make your accounts more private. Only allowing certain people to follow you if you wish or block those accounts and make your accounts safe and positive. Your mental wellness comes first!

4. Practise self-care

If you have had difficulty online with negative comments or just the sense of negativity, taking some time away from social media is very beneficial. Being around family or friends, being creative and being around positivity. Looking after your mental health is so important and sometimes social media can be exhausting, so having that balance can help with your mental health. Self care activities can come be a variety of things, having that break from negativity influences can allow you the strength to challenge the negativity.

These are just some tips that you can refer to, to help you handle negativity online. If you are bullied, make sure you report the account and make sure you block them too.

How do you deal with negativity online? I’d love to hear in the comments.

95 thoughts on “How to handle negativity online

  1. I don’t spend enough time on social media to get much hate there, but on WordPress I’ve gotten to the point where I have no qualms about quickly deleting and blocking comments that bother me,.

  2. It’s really sad how mean people can be to each other. I have my settings on my blog so that i have to approve the comment before it goes public.

  3. I agree with all of this! I don’t follow negative people in the first place and if I see someone being rude or mean they get a swift unfollow. I also don’t engage with these people – if someone was nasty to me I’d just ignore and/or block. They’re not worth wasting my time on. I’ve got better things to be doing than arguing with strangers on a screen!

  4. I love number 4, these tips are all too needed. I have definitely unfollowed people for their negativity

  5. I think it’s sad that people feel the need to be so negative to others sometimes. It’s impossible to stop these people saying nasty things but learning how to delete and block it is soooo important! Thank you for sharing x

  6. Agree 100%! I found it interesting that once I did delete the things and people who were causing me stress how much stress it actually caused. I knew it was negatively affecting me but I didn’t realize how much. Good post!

  7. As yet, I’ve not experienced any negativity or trolling online, although I did have one snotty comment on an old blog. I think you’re spot on though, Lauren, the mute and block buttons are there for a reason and sometimes that’s an essential part of self-care. It’s so tragic about Caroline Flack, she was one of us, and it’s hit me hard to, even though I didn’t know her. Great post, lovely, thank you for these tips xxx

  8. I have not experienced anything negative personally, but then again I am not fully committed to the social media world so that may be why! However, if I ever see it on other people’s etc I always report or block. This is a lovely post and hopefully will help others xxx

  9. I haven’t had any negative comments online thankfully but I did follow another account and have the girl send me lots of messages saying I was stalking her etc for following her page and asking how I found her, we followed mutual accounts and posted about similar things. I had to explain calmly how I found her account and answered all her questions but ultimately I ended up unfollowing her and blocking her. It was really strange! These tips are super helpful if anyone ever is negative towards me online. Thank you for sharing!

  10. These are all such great tips for handling negativity. It always makes me feel bad when I get a mean comment or message off of social media.

  11. Deleting and blocking any negativity on social platforms is excellent advice! As with all bullies, it’s best not to rise to their provocation. It can be a cruel world we live in xxx

  12. Occasionally, I receive a sarcastic comment on YouTube, Medium, my blog, etc. Sometimes I’ll leave a smarta** comment for laughs, but most of the time I’ll straight up ignore it. If someone is using hate speech, I block and report. I don’t care about anyone’s disapproval but I’m certainly not just going to put up with abuse.

  13. These are some great tips and well needed – not just in light of everything that’s happened but in also in general. People don’t realise how powerful a few characters in a tweet or a comment can be! Xx

  14. Yes, yes, yes. It’s so hard to not let a negative comment affect you that I think it’s important to just plain not see them if you can. Some constructive comments can be good but that’s not the type of negative comments that I think we are talking about here. Great post!

  15. This is a really helpful and important post, thank you for sharing Lauren! I was also shocked and saddened by the news of Caroline Flack, the internet can be so cruel at times 🙁 Like you say, removing negativity and unkindness from your feed is a positive step in the right direction. We definitely need to take care and look after ourselves when we are online. Thanks again for sharing your tips and advice lovely! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  16. There are very negative people online but luckily there is also a lot of kind people who outweigh the negative people. I love this post because it tells you how to set your own personal boundaries.

  17. I have a rule, if they do not motivate me, make me laugh, or make me feel negatively in any way, I gotta delete them, unsubscribe, or unfollow them. It’s nothing person towards them, but my happiness has to come first! Especially online, where it can really take a positive or negative toll in your mental health! Great post laura xxx

    Melina |

  18. Great tips! Luckily, I haven’t dealt with too much negativity online but it is so important to have boundaries and know how to prepare for it. I love that you focus on self-care too, as sometimes the negativity goes beyond the screen.

  19. I’ve had to either unfollow or mute some people because their feed was triggering! A couple tended to RT things like videos of animal abuse and I couldn’t deal. Going to try some of your tips!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  20. I just wanted to say how helpful and kind this post is. You have provided some wonderfully usefully advice, and I can tell that it is very heartfelt. Thank you for sharing. Online safety is so important and no one should be subject to abuse xx

    1. Aww thank you so much! I am really passionate about this and will recent events it just makes it all that more important to be kinder and safer especially when using the internet! Thank you for your kind comment xx

  21. Great tips – it’s SO important to look after your own wellbeing when you’re online. Of course bullying online shouldn’t happen but if you’re online, you need to accept that it might and take necessary precautions to protect yourself. After recent events, there really is no limit to how far online bullying will go, sadly xxx

  22. This is a really great post! I have been lucky with not getting too much negativity online but there are definitely times when I just have to come off social media for a while but blocking definitely helps! X

  23. I love this. So many people do not realize that what they see is their choice.
    It may seem that the internet is a dark and scary place to be and, sure, sometimes little bits of negativity sneak in, but choosing whom to follow and interact with shapes a big part of our experiences.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. It’s really sad how people can treat each other online and I’ve been a victim of cyber billing myself in the past. But one of the best things you can is block and delete anyone who effects your wellbeing and try to fill your feed with supportive people. Great post.

  25. These are all great tips, thanks for sharing. My blog isn’t yet 3 months old and so far I haven’t really encountered negativity (*knock on wood*). I dread the day I’m confronted with this challenge. If or, more likely, when such a thing occurs I will keep your advice in mind 🙂

  26. Such a pertinent post but it’s so sad that this kind of post even has to exist.

    So far (fingers crossed) I haven’t encountered much negativity or criticism online but I think that’s because I don’t venture too wide with my social media usage and I have a smallish number of followers.

    I actually think the main reason is because I don’t use twitter. What I’ve seen on there genuinely makes my toes curl because it seems at time an openly hostile, negative cess-pool of spite. I mean I could be being overdramatic here….

    I kept meaning to start using it but last year I had a bad depressive episode so I wasn’t going to do that to myself.

  27. Touch wood. I’ve not had to deal with any negativity around my blogging yet. Never had anything that’s turned into anything major either. If I sense a “troll” or idiot I’ve always stepped away. It’s not worth it.

    Adam –

  28. It is so sad to see online bullying, especially when it’s over something that isn’t exactly wrong. If you don’t feel comfortable with how people are treating you, it is always worth distancing yourself. I experienced some negativity from a person last month and honestly, blocking them made a huge difference because I don’t have to be stressed out over the negative comments. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ♥

  29. Oh yes, not replying is sweet! Negative people hate being irrelevant that’s like a smack in their faces. All they want is attention, kill em with kindness and silence. Thanks for sharing

  30. It’s really sad that some people can be so heartless. I have never experienced online negativity yet. No body has ever commented that would hurt me in any way. But I will keep these suggestions in mind if I ever encounter negative people. I have already removed some negative people from my life hehehe. 🙂

    Via |

  31. I dont really bother a lot about people being negative cause if you give them attention it gets more worse. So I simply ignore or if its like really bad then block them.

  32. Thank You so much for sharing this, negativity can really bring someone down and reduce their productivity. Am glad I found this, thank you so much lauren.

  33. This is sadly quite common. I find with things online at least you have a choice to some extent as to how much you read. Blocking people is such a useful feature and generally avoiding accounts involved in nasty comments.

  34. I couldn’t agree more. We need to think about what’s best for us. Negativity doesn’t help anyone.

  35. This is a fantastic post on a very important topic. Shared it with my 15 year old stepson. Thank you for sharing this ♥️

    1. That is incredibly sweet. I hope your 15 old stepson is okay and reaches out to you if he is struggling with this online.

      Can you link your blog if you have one, so I can read x

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