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March Bullet Journal Set Up

March bullet journal cover page. The page has cherry blossom washi tape layered with a rose gold pink and burgundy. The capital M is spelled out with the word march written over and over.

March has come around so fast! February was a busy month for me, mine and my dads birthday on the 11th and having celebrations with family and friends. It is now time for another bullet journal set up post.

I have really found my love for my bullet journal again, creating different spreads and using it for different trackers. I am still learning and practising lettering and my designs. This March spread I created I think is my favourite one yet.

The products I used were my cherry blossom, pink marble and slim purple washi tape. Tombow dual brush pen and Tombow Fudensko pen.

I really love how this turned out. It is a simple design, but it looks more creative. I paired the design with layered washi tape. I used the washi tape throughout my March bullet journal spread.

I decided a different set up for my habit tracker. I am going to mark each habit with a dot. I made the spread a double page, to add other habits. I love the lettering I used for this spread, it was a different style and I love how it looks. I love the clean look this spread gives off.

I changed the layout and design of my mood trackers. I will swatch of colour that corresponds to the mood. I will also give a reason why I was in that mood. This helps me when I look back on this page. I am interested to see how this spread works for the month.

I kept the layout the same as last month, I use this page to track my blog’s growth and progress. This layout works well, but next month, I want to track more of my analytics. Record where my blog traffic is coming from and my top rated blog posts.

This was a spread I brought in last month and it worked really well. This plan really helped me stay consistent on my feed, so I used it again for March. I have a blog schedule, so why not one for Instagram, right? This helps me plan my content to build my new account. My Instagram, I follow back! A bit of self promotion ha ha!

This is another page that I started in last months bullet journal spread. This helped me not only stay focused during that month, but made me more productive. Having a list of the month tasks to complete motivates me more to check them off, the feeling of completion. It helped me stay organised and I am aware of everything I needed to complete.

This is a personal page in my bullet journal, it allows me to track my progress and hopefully motivates me to work hard. I am happier with my lettering this month, I definitely see a difference.

I like being able to log my sleep. It is really helpful to be able to compare my amount of sleep and my mood tracker. As sometimes if I do not have enough sleep, I can sometimes be more anxious the following day. Being able to track this and change it so that I can have my anxiety under control.

I love my cherry blossom washi tape and thought it was a great pairing for Spring. Look how pretty it looks! I am interested to see how the different layouts work out. What is your march bullet journal theme? What do you like to track in your bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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