March Bullet Journal Set Up

March bullet journal cover page. The page has cherry blossom washi tape layered with a rose gold pink and burgundy. The capital M is spelled out with the word march written over and over.

March has come around so fast! February was a busy month for me, mine and my dads birthday on the 11th and having celebrations with family and friends. It is now time for another bullet journal set up post.

I have really found my love for my bullet journal again, creating different spreads and using it for different trackers. I am still learning and practising lettering and my designs. This March spread I created I think is my favourite one yet.

The products I used were my cherry blossom, pink marble and slim purple washi tape. Tombow dual brush pen and Tombow Fudensko pen.

March cover page for a bullet journal with pink washi tape

I really love how this turned out. It is a simple design, but it looks more creative. I paired the design with layered washi tape. I used the washi tape throughout my March bullet journal spread.

I decided a different set up for my habit tracker. I am going to mark each habit with a dot. I made the spread a double page, to add other habits. I love the lettering I used for this spread, it was a different style and I love how it looks. I love the clean look this spread gives off.

I changed the layout and design of my mood trackers. I will swatch of colour that corresponds to the mood. I will also give a reason why I was in that mood. This helps me when I look back on this page. I am interested to see how this spread works for the month.

I kept the layout the same as last month, I use this page to track my blog’s growth and progress. This layout works well, but next month, I want to track more of my analytics. Record where my blog traffic is coming from and my top rated blog posts.

This was a spread I brought in last month and it worked really well. This plan really helped me stay consistent on my feed, so I used it again for March. I have a blog schedule, so why not one for Instagram, right? This helps me plan my content to build my new account. My Instagram, I follow back! A bit of self promotion ha ha!


This is another page that I started in last months bullet journal spread. This helped me not only stay focused during that month, but made me more productive. Having a list of the month tasks to complete motivates me more to check them off, the feeling of completion. It helped me stay organised and I am aware of everything I needed to complete.

This is a personal page in my bullet journal, it allows me to track my progress and hopefully motivates me to work hard. I am happier with my lettering this month, I definitely see a difference.

I like being able to log my sleep. It is really helpful to be able to compare my amount of sleep and my mood tracker. As sometimes if I do not have enough sleep, I can sometimes be more anxious the following day. Being able to track this and change it so that I can have my anxiety under control.


I love my cherry blossom washi tape and thought it was a great pairing for Spring. Look how pretty it looks! I am interested to see how the different layouts work out. What is your march bullet journal theme? What do you like to track in your bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

77 thoughts on “March Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. I keep thinking about starting a bullet journal but I already have a planner, a goal planner, a budget journal and a self-care tracker journal lol. I am not sure what else I could do with the bullet journal but maybe I can use it for my blog like you did.
    Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love the themed springtime colours – all the cherry blossom! 😍 And I can see how having a beautiful journal to write in would help with motivation for the tasks in it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow this is such a stunning theme – I love the simplicity of it bc all of the beautiful lettering really shines. The Washi tape is so pretty, too.

    I love the idea of creating an IG tracker, as well as a sleep tracker!!! I totally related when you mentioned how your mood is impacted by sleep (or lack thereof) bc I’m the same way.

    Hope you have a wonderful March!!

  4. Wow, your pages are absolutely gorgeous, Lauren! I’m loving all the washi tapes and how you layered them, that is so effective! Your lettering is beautiful too and makes each page look so pretty. I love the page ideas – tracking sleep and comparing it to your mood is really clever. I set my March pages up before I came back to blogging but I’m definitely adding the blog stats page into my April design. Thanks for the inspiration, hope you have a fantastic March! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  5. I love the simplicity of your March designs. The wash tape colours go very well together and give off Spring vibes. It’s great that you’ll be putting in reasons for your moods this month. It will be both interesting and useful to see what reasons there are.

  6. I love your front cover for March!! It is super creative and neat at the same time. I like that you changed things up and incorporated colors for different functions. It’s exciting to see that you have a lot of different content to work on in your bullet journal for March. The cherry blossom theme is really neat!

    Nancy ♥

  7. Your bullet journals are so pretty I can barely stand it!!! The calligraphy, the layout…it just fill this artist’s soul with happiness 🙂 Best of luck in March! And funny coincident, my dad’s birthday was also on the 11th. He passed in ’08, but I think about him a lot, especially every Feb. 11th.

  8. I did a challenge for February that I keep a spreadsheet for. It takes some time and effort but it’s worth it. Best of luck on the journal.

  9. I always really look forward to your monthly bullet journal set up! I really like the look of the mood tracker and the Instagram page! X

      1. I was thinking about doing pro tables maybe. My big goal is to design and sell my own. I just didn’t think anyone would be interested in buying them x

  10. What a great looking layout! I absolutely love that March title page. This is a great reminder that I have been meaning to get back into bullet journaling but haven’t yet. Need to go do a quick March layout to get back to the swing of it.

  11. It is hard to believe another month has whipped past! It was a warm and sunny day for me, but in years past tit has been snowing about now.
    Since you can never tell what March will bring, I love your use of washi tape to bring some color to the pages.

  12. You don’t have to be creative. You can use it with the original method, or try simple designs on Pinterest. I am still not amazing but definitely better than I was! Aww thank you xx

  13. omg laura, I loved your march cover page.Like you said, it looked super creative, and yet was clean and very simple! This month I decided to create a cover spread based on one of Amanda Rach Lee’s older spreads! Great post, hope you have a happy March! xxx

    Melina |

  14. As always another gorgeous spread! I especially love the floral theme, really fresh and spring-like. I’ve gone with a floral theme this month too and a yellow colour scheme! X

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