5 Essential Elements For An Effective Blog Post

There are aspects of your post you will want to make sure are in place, before you hit that publish button. When you take the time to write a blog post you want it to be the most successful and effective as it can be.

Putting a blog post out, doesn’t magically receive blog traffic. You have to make people want to read the content you create. So having a checklist to ensure your blog post has all the essentials to succeed is a great way to boost your blog engagement.

I have 7 areas of interest that you should check/include in your blog post before it goes live.


Blog posts that are just reams and reams of text can put off some readers. Having photographs where they are your own or stock images, help make the post more appealing. If you are writing about a product or an experience, having photos about the subject will help readers relate more to your writing. If you do not have a photo you would like to use, you could always use a Pin for Pinterest you have created or your featured image.

Headings and Sub-Headings

How many times have you been put off by large paragraphs of text? Whether your post is a useful tips post such as this or a piece on an experience, using quotes, headings or sub-headings are great to make the post less daunting to read. It can also help your readers to identify the information they wanted to read from clicking on your post.

Linking other content

When you are writing a blog post you might have previous content that you have shared that will compliment your post. It can be helpful to your readers and can help boost your blog traffic. With sharing links to your content, products or other creators you need to make sure they are correct and not broken, as that can affect your DA score.

Featured Image

I personally have to include a featured image. When promoting your blog post on social media and I share the link the image appears also. It is much more visual pleasing than a  link with just text. Also if you are sharing a review of a product for example, it will encourage people to click on your link. It definitely looks more professional. In this space you can use stock photos if you want, just make sure you credit the original creator.

Categories and Tags

When you have written a blog post, placing it into a category is helpful for your readers. If they click on your blog looking for blogging tips for example, they can search that category and it makes it easier for your readers to navigate through your blog content. Using tags can again help promote your blog post and make sure the tags are relevant.

I am not an expert by any means, however ensuring I have these aspects for my blog post definitely impacts my blog traffic and engagement.

I have learned over the years of blogging, that working on these aspects of a blog post can help boost engagement and traffic on your blog.

What aspects of a blog post are a must to include for you? Do you use featured images? I’d love to hear in the comments.




126 thoughts on “5 Essential Elements For An Effective Blog Post

  1. These are such good tips! I didn’t start using headings until last year, but it makes such a difference!

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned the importance of headers because I have come across many blog post that do not have them and I simply go back and click on another site

  3. I completely agree with this list!!! Especially headings/sub-headings because they are vital to having a blog post with strong SEO. The structure helps Google to better understand the flow of content.

    Also, categories and tags are so important, too. I never realized until last year that having too many tags (more than 10) can flag your content as spam within WordPress.

  4. Absolutely agree! If I click on a post that’s just loads and loads of text with nothing to break it up, I tend to bounce.
    If a post isn’t easy on the eye, I lose interest quickly.

  5. What a great post! I think the one thing that makes a great post, and helps you get views is making sure that the post is SEO friendly. I use the plugin Yoast SEO, and it helps make my post as SEO friendly as possible! Recently I’ve been going back and fixing the SEO on older posts, and my views on google have gone up significantly! Great post lauren xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

      1. SEO is making sure that your website/blog post is Search Engine Optimized! I use the Yoast add-on to do so. It literally gives you tips to make sure your posts are SEO friendly! SEO is the algorithm that Google uses, so if your post is SEO friendly, you’re a lot more likely to get your posts to show up on google! Hope this helps 🙂 x

  6. Structuring the blog content is necessary to attract the attention of visitors. The correct headings and images are also relevant here.

  7. These are really helpful especially adding headings and subheadings, they help the reader navigate easily to their topic of interest within the post.

  8. Thank You! for the information I never knew about the tags and the categories being so important in posting for my website! THANK YOU again.
    <3 Brittany

  9. Great tips! I’m now at the point where every post has to have a featured image otherwise it stresses me out 😂 I’m hopefully going to get around to doing a blog audit over the next few weeks so these pointers will come in handy! xx

  10. One essential element: relatability. People are more likely to read, congergate, shop, dine, party.. With whom they can relate.

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