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My Spring Goals

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Spring is here and hopefully that means some nicer weather and some lighter evenings. With the start of a new season, I thought it would be a great opportunity to break down my 30 before 30 goal list and start checking off some of these goals. I like writing posts like this for me on a personal level, I am putting out there and they make me accountable for achieving them.

I do not want to overload myself and give myself a long list. I have given myself focus areas I want to work on and everything else I achieve is a bonus.

1. Posting for National Stationery Week

In April from 20th-26th is National Stationery Week, I loved getting involved last year and I am really looking forward to sharing my posts this year. I have some amazing brands to share with you for this year. I will be sharing a new post each day for the week. So if you are a stationery lover, you are going to want to look out for the posts and giveaways. You can look back at my stationery posts from last year.

2. Create a media kit

I have been pitching to brands for over a year without the use of a media kit. I usually write out statistics and previous work, but I think it will be more productive and efficient to use a media kit. I can show everything I want a brand to know about me and I can include some previous work and photographs. I can do this in one click rather than typing everything out several times.

3. A solo cinema trip

This is not blog related but another thing on my list to do this year. I chose Spring to achieve this as there are quite a few films in the cinema that I would actually like to see. I don’t mind going on solo shopping trips but a cinema trip is definitely out of my comfort zone. Personal growth doesn’t come from staying inside those zones, I keep telling myself!

4. Reach out for more collaborations

I think with the use of the media kit, I will have more time to be able to pitch to brands. I have some brands in mind that I would like to work with and stationery week this year has a brand I have loved and pitched too for the collaboration

5. Try Yoga

I have heard a lot of positivity about Yoga and how it can help you with your health and wellbeing and it is something I have always wanted to try. So I am definitely going to give it a go. If you have any tips on any youtube channels or any yoga tips in general, help a girl out and leave them below. 

These are my main focuses and tasks for this Spring. I am looking forward to getting these checked off. Making goals and having focuses is a great way to challenge yourself and motivate you to be successful, I know it works for me.

What goals do you want to focus on this Spring? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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