My Spring Goals

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Spring is here and hopefully that means some nicer weather and some lighter evenings. With the start of a new season, I thought it would be a great opportunity to break down my 30 before 30 goal list and start checking off some of these goals. I like writing posts like this for me on a personal level, I am putting out there and they make me accountable for achieving them.

I do not want to overload myself and give myself a long list. I have given myself focus areas I want to work on and everything else I achieve is a bonus.

1. Posting for National Stationery Week

In April from 20th-26th is National Stationery Week, I loved getting involved last year and I am really looking forward to sharing my posts this year. I have some amazing brands to share with you for this year. I will be sharing a new post each day for the week. So if you are a stationery lover, you are going to want to look out for the posts and giveaways. You can look back at my stationery posts from last year.

2. Create a media kit

I have been pitching to brands for over a year without the use of a media kit. I usually write out statistics and previous work, but I think it will be more productive and efficient to use a media kit. I can show everything I want a brand to know about me and I can include some previous work and photographs. I can do this in one click rather than typing everything out several times.

3. A solo cinema trip

This is not blog related but another thing on my list to do this year. I chose Spring to achieve this as there are quite a few films in the cinema that I would actually like to see. I don’t mind going on solo shopping trips but a cinema trip is definitely out of my comfort zone. Personal growth doesn’t come from staying inside those zones, I keep telling myself!

4. Reach out for more collaborations

I think with the use of the media kit, I will have more time to be able to pitch to brands. I have some brands in mind that I would like to work with and stationery week this year has a brand I have loved and pitched too for the collaboration

5. Try Yoga

I have heard a lot of positivity about Yoga and how it can help you with your health and wellbeing and it is something I have always wanted to try. So I am definitely going to give it a go. If you have any tips on any youtube channels or any yoga tips in general, help a girl out and leave them below. 

These are my main focuses and tasks for this Spring. I am looking forward to getting these checked off. Making goals and having focuses is a great way to challenge yourself and motivate you to be successful, I know it works for me.

What goals do you want to focus on this Spring? I’d love to hear in the comments.


119 thoughts on “My Spring Goals

  1. Great post, inspired me to make a goal plan for springtime esp as it’s my favourite time of the year😊Oh I have a question (as I’m still a newbie to blogging) how do you do your internal links? Mine come up with the full link showing…yours are in you need a plugin?

  2. I have long and short term goals. Short term are this year and long term is over is over 2 to 3 years, which I’ve blogged about, to help me keep focused and something to look forward to.
    I usually do goals over just the current year of things I’d like to do. But the long term is different.

    As for Yoga. My advice is give it some weeks to really see the benefits. I remember it took me 7 weeks to completly feel relaxed, when doing the relaxation part at the end.
    I did Yoga for a few years until the class stopped and then I went on to do Pilates. Pilates, I had been doing longer and although I liked Yoga, I like Pilates better. I some how remember the moves better, to do them at home.

  3. These all sound like great goals, Lauren! I can’t wait to read your posts for National Stationery Week, that’s really exciting! Yoga is awesome – I love doing yoga on YouTube, my favourite channel is Yoga With Adriene, she’s such a fab teacher with so many videos for all levels. She has a quite a few ’30 Days of Yoga’ series which is a great place to start and make it a daily habit if you wanted to 🙂 Hope that helps! Lovely post, hope you achieve everything you want to this month <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  4. I’d highly recommend creating a media kit as it’s much more professional and a great way to really show off what you can do and what you can offer! I did my first solo cinema trip last month and I loved it, hope you manage to tick that one off! And the Yoga one! I couldn’t live without Yoga now so hope you enjoy it. Best of luck with all your goals! x

  5. More yoga and a solo trip cinema trip are both on my list too. 🙂 I made a media kit for my blog towards the end of last year and it definitely makes things easier. Good luck with your goals Lauren and I look forward to seeing your stationery content.

  6. YOu will love yoga – and it will make everything else fall into place more easily!

  7. Best of luck!! I’d love to hear your thoughts at the end of the month about what you liked/didn’t like

  8. Good luck with your goals 💕, especially going to the cinema by yourself as I would find that one daunting but hope to do it one day too! 🍿 In spring I would like to be up to see the sunrise at least once 😂🌞

  9. Solo cinema trips are fantastic, enjoy. When I go with others we always discuss the movie and while I like to listen to others views I want to go and just enjoy what I want without having to justify why. Looking for ward to the stationery blogs.

  10. These are some lovely goals you plan on doing this spring Lauren. Oh yes going to cinema solo is scary to me. But my younger sister goes alone and doesn’t feel odd. I need to do that too some day 🙂 Media kit is what I want to do as well. I have never pitched a brand yet. Loved reading your post after long time. I was very busy lately. 🙂

    Via |

  11. Enjoyed reading this, a change from my usual blog reads, so thank you for taking me outside the beauty bubble 😁 My goals include Project Pan, improving my beauty blog and using social media more.

  12. Definitely a big fan of yoga. Theres an app called Yoga Life that I use but theres so many apps and videos out there 🙂 feel free to try a few and then you will figure out what works for you. Emma x

  13. Thanks for sharing about your goals. I found some of your links to be helpful as well! Going to the cinema by yourself is something that seems weird at first but it’s really not. I went one time when I was traveling with a friend and her flight left WAY before mine did, so I had a ton of time to kill. I found out that going to the cinema alone wasn’t as awkward as I thought! After you’ve done it you will be proud of yourself. 😊

  14. Great Goals Lauren. I really wanted to watch the film ‘Just Mercy’ but totally chickened out of a solo cinema trip. So respect to you if you step out comfort zone & rock off that goal, as I appreciate what it would take to do that one the most. Helen x

  15. You have some really great goals on your list for this Spring! The stationary posts project looks fun! I had gontonthr movies in my bucket list a few years ago and I ended up really enjoying myself. Something about the independence of it was so freeing!

  16. Love your Spring goals! Especially reaching out to brands for more collaboration, and creating a media kit (I look forward to reading how that goes, as I’m approaching a place in my blog where I’ll be doing the same thing soon). My spring goals are to work on my novel, learn how to use my sewing machine, and get a reading set up for the play I wrote. Best of luck this spring!

  17. These are some great sounding goals. Good luck in achieving all of them. This is my first time hearing about National Stationery Week, I had no idea such a thing existed. I love stationery, so I look forward to seeing your posts for this. I should look into creating a media kit as well as I’m hoping to start pitching to brands later this year.

  18. I like that you’re approaching your goals by breaking them up!! I love your post about stationery goods! Looking forward to seeing your content for that week! Oooh! It’ll be cool to see the solo cinema trip! I agree with you – growth comes from going out of your comfort zone. Good luck with all of your goals for the season!

    Nancy ♥

  19. These are great goals! I need a good media kit. I have a so-so one I made in Canva but don’t like it enough to use it.

  20. It makes such a difference to write goals down doesn’t it? Since I have been doing this I have been able to make huge shifts. Your goals look great, look forward to hearing more and yoga – you’ll love it!

  21. Great goals! You’ve inspired me to look into a media kit, too. I keep hearing about them and I know I’ll need to get one sooner or later 🙂 Looking forward to your stationery posts – I do love a colour-coordinated notebook and pen set!

  22. I love the wholesomeness of your spring goals.
    I think goals are meant to encourage us to remember to reach out, or get the things standing in the way of making reaching out easier done. Small and big goals alike all help us grow. 🙂

  23. You’ve definitely got some great goals & I highly recommend doing the media kit – it’s professional, like you said – time saving, but also a good reminder of how well you’re doing or how far you’ve come, if you’re ever in need of a little moral boost. One of my goals at the moment is finish all the personal development books I have sitting on my shelf (and there’s a fair few of them!) it has meant less screen time which can’t be a bad thing right? Good luck with your goals xx

  24. I can’t wait for the stationary posts!! I’m a huge fan of stationary… overly obsessed!

    Lovely post and good luck with your spring goals girl!


  25. Great goals!! I’m going to check out your pitching post next!! I cteated my media kit on canva and it’s made things soooo much easier for me!! Good luck on all your goals!!

  26. These are some great goals! I didn’t realize there was a week set aside for stationary, but that’s really cool! I look forward to seeing your posts that week. I’ve been meaning to try yoga for a while now-maybe I’ll finally try it this spring! Good luck with your goals this spring! ☺️

  27. Solo cinema trips are one of my favourite things to do! It’s such a great experience. I hope you’re able to make a media kit too x

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