4 Tips And Benefits Of A Social Media Detox

Woman holding an iPhone with a silver watch and nude painted nails

Since I started my blog I have spent a lot of time on social media than I used too. Social media is a great tool for marketing my blog posts. Social media has such positive benefits for networking and branding but there can be negative set backs and some times a break from social media is good to refocus.

The benefits of social media are vast but there are some negative aspects for example; receiving negative online comments which can make social media exhausting at times. If you are struggling with the negativity online I have a post on how you can handle the negativity. If you are wanting to build your social media I have tips to build your profiles organically.

Today is National Day Of Unplugging and I decided to share some tips about participating in a successful digital detox period and the benefits you will have from going through a digital detox.

If you are a blogger on a social media influencer, social media is crucial in being successful. So if you are wanting a few days to detox I recommend

Schedule your content

With the use of helpful apps it is easy to schedule tweets and blog posts, so whilst you are taking the detox, you will still have content going live and have engagement on your platforms to keep your blog traffic steady.

Turn off your notifications

Part of the reasons I get pulled back in especially if I have decided one day to stay away from social media, is the notification icons. So if you are like me and are drawn in by those little numbers of notifications, turn them off! Then there is no temptation to respond.

Woman holding an iPhone with a silver watch and nude painted nails

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Make plans off screen

Keeping busy, can help keep your mind away from social media and that scrolling behaviour. Making plans with family or friends and living in the moment. Or taking some time for yourself. I always feel so refreshed after days away from social media with family.

Log out of your social media apps

If you still find yourself checking the apps for notifications, you can try logging out of the apps or even temporarily deleting the app from your phone. It means when you are taking a photo of a family moment or taking a call you will not be tempted to click that app.

table flat lay with a macbook with a coffee in a clear mug an iPhone and a plant

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

9 Benefits from carrying out a social media detox

There are great benefits to having a digital detox and taking time away from social media. I complied a list 9 benefits that seem to be the most prominent after a social media detox:

  1. Improves your mood
  2. Self-esteem can rise
  3. Can reduce anxiety
  4. You will have a lot more free time
  5. More opportunities to live in the moment
  6. Will be more productive
  7. You can stop obsessing over the past
  8. You will stop comparing yourself with others
  9. You can sleep better

These are only a handful of benefits you may experience when you take a digital detox? Have you experienced any of these benefits?

I remember when I was younger there was less social media and definitely before blogging I spent less time on social media. This is why I like the idea of having a regular detox. Spending several days away from scrolling and making plans.

Have you ever given yourself a digital detox? How long did you detox for? I’d love to hear in the comments.




86 thoughts on “4 Tips And Benefits Of A Social Media Detox

  1. These are some great tips! I love taking some time away from social media because it really does help, luckily for me I don’t spend that much time but I do try to promote my blog etc on social media sites and to build my blog xxx

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  2. These are great tips, Lauren! Turning off notifications is such a good one, as it reduces the temptation to check the apps all the time. I definitely felt the benefits of my social media break, and now I am back I am careful not to spend too long on there. I find that at the weekends when I am busy, I often forget to check social media and can go hours without logging on which feels like a good thing for my mental health. Thanks for sharing – fab post as always! ❤ xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  3. I think a lot of us could spend more time offline and see our surroundings more. We forget how to communicate in person and hiding behind a text or a tweet gets normal. I like people but often I feel alone when I’m trying to have a conversation and they just sit there looking at their phone.

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  4. Great tips! Before I started blogging I didn’t realise how important the social media aspect was and I’ve found myself online a lot more and craving the positive responses. Definitely don’t think I’ve got the balance right just yet so a detox might be needed!

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  5. Great tips.
    I did a pretty dramatic detox after the 2016 election. I actually deleted my twitter account, my instagram account, and deactivated my facebook (I didn’t fully delete facebook because I had a lot of pictures there). It definitely improved my mood and made me feel less anxiety. I did eventually come crawling back but I’ve been extremely careful how much time I spend and the the types of accounts I follow. A good tip is setting Screen Time limits for specific social apps on your phone.

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  6. These are great tips. It can be hard to do the initial detox though, can’t it? I like the idea of turning off notifications and keeping busy doing something else to switch off.
    I always try to stop going on social media at a certain time before bed and read a book instead.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics


  7. Social media was emotionally draining me therefore I logged out in September and haven’t been back on since. I do plan to return soon however I’m going to turn my notifications off so I’m not spending so much time on Facebook.

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  8. Loved this article – it’s so needed to keep ones sanity! It’s so refreshing when you do it – to not be inundated with so much information.. Great ideas for doing so!

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  9. These are some great tips. When I started blogging I got a Twitter and IG (never used before) and I’ve been finding that i spend a lot of time on them both. Last year I took a tech detox for 4 days and it was hard in the beginning but it felt so freeing. I definitely recommend doing them.

    Thanks for sharing
    Loren | plaidandsugar.blogspot.com

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  10. A break from social media is a great way to focus on your life! I am out enjoying the spring wind and sunshine, watching daffodils flower without worrying. Scheduling posts helps, I think, reduce worry because you know your online life is taking care of itself. 🙂

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  11. I did not know that today was national day of unplugging! That is so cool. I need to do that. And yes, it gets so overwhelming at times! It’s always nice to take a step back and a break from it!

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  12. YESS! It is important to unplug from social media and the internet once in a while. I try to do this on a somewhat regular basis (which is why I go MIA during the weekdays). I am BIG on turning off notifications. I only have it on for text messages and email. Thanks for sharing all of these benefits! Getting off of social media helped me with avoiding burnout :).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  13. Love this article. I advocate going on social media detox for mental health. Most times I just go MIA, no pictures, no posting, just living within the moment. With that I don’t have to compare my life with anyone else. Thank you for this post

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  14. These are really great tips, but can we really go on a social media detox? There’s always something or the other, like catching up on new posts or responding to comments. And scheduling posts is easier when you have already written in bulk or post maybe like once a week, but those who post more frequently need to stay connected.

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  15. I have been very plugged in since starting my blog for fear of losing the tragic I have been working so hard for, but you make very valid points. Once my scheduled content is back up to speed, I’ll plan times to unplug because I can feel the weather being constantly plugged in is having on me.

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  16. Ah I could really use this right now because I’m finding social media to be really hard to cope with in the mist of the current virus! I always try to schedule tweets because I’m worried id spend way too much time on twitter otherwise x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟 http://www.kayleighzaraa.com


  17. I haven’t done a full digital detox yet but I’ve tried to get into the habit of not checking my phone after 9pm and I’ve really noticed a difference in my sleep, so it’s definitely worth doing! I think for me and probably a lot of others it’s having my phone physically next to me that makes it so difficult – it’s such an obvious, silly thing to fix but I think we’re a society that’s so reliant on having our phones on us all the time it’s a difficult habit to break! x

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  18. I definitely use social media so much more now than before I started my blog. I hadn’t used Twitter for about 6 years and now it’s my favourite social media platform for my blog! Logging out of my accounts is my go-to when it comes to taking a detox. It’s the most effective way to stop myself from spending too much time on social media x


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  19. Great post!! I work as a social media specialist and have been working from home lately. Managing negativity and controlling things like alerts and notifications is so critical!! 🧡 pinksheepdesignblog.wordpress.com

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  20. Oh I love a good social detox! The benefits are amazing! Thank you for sharing these tips – I especially need to work on the scheduling… now you’ve brought it to the forefront of my mind I’m going to spend more time working scheduling into my routine ☺️ X

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  21. I seriously need to give myself a digital detox! I’m trying to keep Saturdays free from social media but I spend all day planning/writing/scheduling blog content instead so it’s definitely not a proper day away from it all. I probably need to go further than social media and have a laptop detox to be honest. Some great tips here, thanks for sharing!

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  22. Great tips, Lauren. I’ll certainly keep them in mind in case I ever have too much social media action going on – frankly it’s not a problem at the moment! 🙂

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