7 Tips To OverCome Writers Block

Have you ever suffered from writers block? Wondering how other creators seem to effortless put out creative ideas? You will be happy to know you are not alone. I have been asked how do I always find topics to write about on my blog. I decided to put together a list of tips to help others who need help to overcome their writers block.

#1 Take time away from social media and your blog

Sometimes staring at a blank page or screen can be redundant. Having time away, spend time with family and friends. Get outside in the fresh air, do something that has your mind elsewhere. Then you can go back to the task refreshed and motivated again. If you are thinking about taking some time away from social media, I have shared my tips for a social media detox.

#2 Search Pinterest for ideas and inspiration

Pinterest is a great tool to read lots of different blog posts and content on so many topics. There are lots of tags and challenges too. Their is also blog ideas lists of topics you could cover on your own blog. You will definitely find inspiration on there. I am loving Pinterest at the moment and my monthly views have jumped by 50K a month, if used properly is a great tool for blog ideas and blog traffic. I share my content on Pinterest too.

#3 Change your writing environment

Sometimes it can be as simple as changing around your workspace to help motivate you. Take a trip to your local coffee shop, or even just change the room you are writing in. A fresh space can give a refreshed mind.


Photo by Jealous Weekends on Unsplash

#4 Re-write or update old content

Revisiting old content you have put out, gives you the opportunity to add a different perspective, update information or you may have more experience to write from now. Updating photographs can boost your engagement and your inspiration. I have already compiled a list of older blog posts that I want to re-write and add more creative photographs.

#5 Read more blog posts or motivational books

Reading other creators content can be a great way to reignite your passion and motivation for blogging. It can also inspire you with ideas. If you come across a tag or theme you want to write in your own perspective, you should always credit the original creator. Motivational books are great to refocus your efforts and come back to your blog with fresh eyes. I have a book called Atomic Habits that I want to read.

#6 Eliminate distractions when writing

Having a quiet place to write with no distractions can help focus your mind on the task at hand. However, I have always been someone who likes some background noise when writing or being creative. It is about finding what is the best environment for you to be creative.

#7 Plan/Schedule content for your blog monthly

This tip is definitely one that has helped my eliminate writers block and will help you in the future. Scheduling content a month a head, gives you time to plan ideas and have less pressure on yourself. Back to the middle of last year I created a structured blogging schedule and planning my content monthly and it has made a huge different for writers block but also it has made me fall in love with blogging even more. I shared a post about how I plan my blog content, where I shared tips on how you can plan content ideas a month ahead. I now have content planned until the end of May with this method.

These are a few of the tips that can help you if you are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get those blog ideas flowing. Take a breath, take some pressure off. All creative people experience writers block and remember you are not less of a writer because of it.

Have you got a sure way to overcome writers block? What works best for you? I’d love to hear in the comments.

128 thoughts on “7 Tips To OverCome Writers Block

  1. I love all of these tips to overcome the writer’s block! Oooh Pinterest is perfect for finding inspiration. You get so many different visual references. I agree about changing your environment as well. I like that being super prepared will help ease the stress of having to roll content out. Thanks for sharing :)!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. Great tips! I particularly like the one about planning ahead. It reminds me of when you are looking to buy a certain type of car and then all of a sudden you feel like you see them everywhere. There aren’t more of them, it’s just that your mind is more aware of them now so you see it more. I’m thinking that if we plan ahead then we will start to see things that will give us more idea on how to expand on that particular topic more. Thanks for the insight!

  3. Every time I get writer’s block, I always just get up and go for a walk, it helps clear my mind and I feel more motivated when I get back. These are all great tips though, so I’m definitely going to have to give them a go!

  4. I only write when inspired by a fleeting thought or conversation. No pressure as a rule, however, when those fleeting moments occur, I have to rush to my laptop and madly type until it’s completely out of my head and released somewhere! Nothing on the planet matters other than getting it out of my head. It’s my mad dash!!

  5. These tips are super useful, thanks for sharing! I always find that if I take time away from my blog the ideas start flowing again and Pinterest is such a great tool to get some inspiration too. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to work on updating some old content as well as I think with everything going on the ideas have dried up a little! xx

  6. great tips! very helpful for anyone looking to improve his writing, thanks for sharing👍🏽
Follow @everythingtips for more tips if interested😊

  7. Lovely post, Lauren! I’ve certainly hit my fair share of instances of writer’s block. Totally agree with you re stepping away, pinning, motivational books, etc. Unfortunately, I’m more of a pantser than planner. Some things I find helpful are guest post swaps with old and new blogger friends, listening to various shows on public radio for blog topics and background music, and meditation. Just emptying the mind does amazing things for any project! Keep up the great work.

  8. These are excellent ideas and I have tried many of them myself. I took a long break from my blog to gain clarity for a few months actually. Came back and things are now better than ever! Thank you for sharing this! It will help many!

  9. Great tips here! When I find myself suffering from writer’s block, I also like to take time off from social media and my blog. It helps me find inspiration outside.

  10. This is great! I’ve actually not encountered writers block yet but I don’t really plan my blog content. I’ve accumulated a list of potential ideas and always add to it everyday and every few days I have a look at whats trending and compare it to my list and see what I can make work! Thanks for sharing these tips! I love the idea of revamping old content. It’s nice to find ideas through your own content! x


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