7 Tips To OverCome Writers Block

Have you ever suffered from writers block? Wondering how other creators seem to effortless put out creative ideas? You will be happy to know you are not alone. I have been asked how do I always find topics to write about on my blog. I decided to put together a list of tips to help others who need help to overcome their writers block.

#1 Take time away from social media and your blog

Sometimes staring at a blank page or screen can be redundant. Having time away, spend time with family and friends. Get outside in the fresh air, do something that has your mind elsewhere. Then you can go back to the task refreshed and motivated again. If you are thinking about taking some time away from social media, I have shared my tips for a social media detox.

#2 Search Pinterest for ideas and inspiration

Pinterest is a great tool to read lots of different blog posts and content on so many topics. There are lots of tags and challenges too. Their is also blog ideas lists of topics you could cover on your own blog. You will definitely find inspiration on there. I am loving Pinterest at the moment and my monthly views have jumped by 50K a month, if used properly is a great tool for blog ideas and blog traffic. I share my content on Pinterest too.

#3 Change your writing environment

Sometimes it can be as simple as changing around your workspace to help motivate you. Take a trip to your local coffee shop, or even just change the room you are writing in. A fresh space can give a refreshed mind.


Photo by Jealous Weekends on Unsplash

#4 Re-write or update old content

Revisiting old content you have put out, gives you the opportunity to add a different perspective, update information or you may have more experience to write from now. Updating photographs can boost your engagement and your inspiration. I have already compiled a list of older blog posts that I want to re-write and add more creative photographs.

#5 Read more blog posts or motivational books

Reading other creators content can be a great way to reignite your passion and motivation for blogging. It can also inspire you with ideas. If you come across a tag or theme you want to write in your own perspective, you should always credit the original creator. Motivational books are great to refocus your efforts and come back to your blog with fresh eyes. I have a book called Atomic Habits that I want to read.

#6 Eliminate distractions when writing

Having a quiet place to write with no distractions can help focus your mind on the task at hand. However, I have always been someone who likes some background noise when writing or being creative. It is about finding what is the best environment for you to be creative.

#7 Plan/Schedule content for your blog monthly

This tip is definitely one that has helped my eliminate writers block and will help you in the future. Scheduling content a month a head, gives you time to plan ideas and have less pressure on yourself. Back to the middle of last year I created a structured blogging schedule and planning my content monthly and it has made a huge different for writers block but also it has made me fall in love with blogging even more. I shared a post about how I plan my blog content, where I shared tips on how you can plan content ideas a month ahead. I now have content planned until the end of May with this method.

These are a few of the tips that can help you if you are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get those blog ideas flowing. Take a breath, take some pressure off. All creative people experience writers block and remember you are not less of a writer because of it.

Have you got a sure way to overcome writers block? What works best for you? I’d love to hear in the comments.

128 thoughts on “7 Tips To OverCome Writers Block

  1. Brilliant ideas! I love the one about updating old content, I hadn’t thought of that before ✨ I am forever in and out of blogging ruts so this will come in handy 😂 Great post! 💕

  2. I have changed my writing environment and it has made a world of difference! Thanks for sharing your tips, I’ll have to try implementing the others!

  3. Oh this is super helpful! Thank you! I suffered from writers block a week ago due to my anxiety. You’re 100% a break from social media can do the world of good. But I’m definitely going to give your other tips a go ☺️.

    Quinn x

  4. Thank you so much for these! Definitely going to give them a go, especially as I suffered from writers block only last week due to anxiety. You’re right though, a break from social media really does help! ☺️

    Quinn x

  5. Some great tips ☺️ I force myself to sit at my desk and just write. As long as I’ve got something on a page I can keep editing it until I feel it’s good enough to put out there ☺️

  6. These are great tips and strategies – I often find myself in this situation and just even taking a few minutes to do one of these often does the trick! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great tips here, Lauren. Your point about Pinterest is spot on, I was feeling in a bit of a rut recently but I got some new ideas when I was browsing last week. And yes to a social media break, I try to do that at weekends, I really need a clear head once a week and it makes such a difference. Congrats on 50k extra monthly Pinterest views too! xx

  8. There is some really good ideas here! I absolutely love searching through Pinterest when I feel like I’m lacking motivation and can’t think of any good ideas. I just so wish I had the oomph (think that’s the word lol) to go through old posts and update!

    Great read and has actually helped motivate me today! yayaya!

    Ashleigh x – https://www.ashleighsmoments.com

  9. These are brilliant suggestions, Lauren! Thank you for sharing your tips! I also find that when I am doing something else (like swimming) an idea will suddenly pop into my head. I think it is because when I am relaxed and not really thinking about much, that is when my best ideas happen 🙂 Planning in advance has definitely helped the ideas flow too. Great post, thank you for the inspiration! <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  10. I had block when I woke up this morning, just like I have for the past week. I finished a story I was working on and was lost trying to think about what to write next. I stressed for a couple of days.

    This morning I sat down and began to write. I am not fully satisfied with what I am writing yet, but I am choking out the words in order to get to a river.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  11. These are some great tips! It’s helpful for me to look for inspiration from other places-other blogs, articles, Pinterest, etc. I also tend to get ideas from taking a break from social media or by going for a walk to clear my thoughts. Switching to a different workspace can really help me too! Sometimes I just end up free-writing to start generating ideas. I can be a perfectionist, so this helps me start writing without worrying about mistakes, and it normally leads to something I can write about!

  12. Brilliant suggestions. I am full of ideas but no time to write. Sadly when I do get to sit down and write they miraculously fall out of my brain in to a giant puddle of lost hope!

  13. Great advice Lauren! I am updating old blogs right now. I add some new information and structure them better to fit the current feel of my blog. I also make new Pinterest pictures and new cover photos. It’s also a good moment to revamp SEO on old content.

  14. Such amazing tips. What works best for me is to take a little break from the social media pressure and focus on everyday life, exploring things around me, finding something new in the city and I quickly get new ideas. I also love to just write down ideas when I have them and maybe some short draft with direction I was thinking of.

  15. Writers block is such a real thing, and so annoying! I tend to read other blogs for inspo and i definitely think pinterest is another good place for a bit of blogging inspo!

  16. I love the idea of searching for inspiration on Pinterest. This is something I need to do more of. I like the idea of also changing the writing environment to spark creativity. Thanks for the tips.

  17. I agree that if you’re not inspired to write, you need to surround yourself with inspiration in order for that spark to hit. Stepping away from yourself gives you the perspective to find things to pull from the outside world or other creative people. Great tips!

  18. Some great tips here on how to overcome writers block – I find it so hard to focus at times so eliminating distractions and just being in solitude really helps me. I also love reading other peoples content and finding inspiration through art and other mediums. Thanks for sharing xx

  19. I’ve been away from my blog and socials for a little while and feel so refreshed, it’s a great tip, but one we can often feel guilty about.. I love planning my content monthly, it’s so helpful and allows you to identify areas or periods of writers block!

  20. Some great tips here! I find Pinterest an amazing resource for coming up with blog ideas. I also like to change my writing environment from time to time.

  21. All of these are super helpful! I definitely agree that taking a break from staring at a blank screen will allow you to live life and therefore have experience to write about. Happy blogging:)

  22. These are wonderful tips! 😊

    Taking time away is a great idea and I love searching Pinterest for inspiration! It’s my go to place 😊

    I love changing up my environment as well and cutting out distractions.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Love Lozza xo

  23. I’ve been ok so far, I’ve got some ideas to keep me going for a while, though the plan is to keep adding to those so the list is always healthy. My type of blog also has the advantage of, I can just tell people what’s been happening with the family, though im trying to save subjects to go with when it happens to us.

    I also want to start fiction writing again, and with that, writers block has been difficult. I’ve managed to find an old short story I wrote years ago (I should have loads, but can I find them 🤦‍♂️), that I’m planning to rewrite to get me going.

    Adam – http://daddoesautism.com

    1. Short stories would be great to share on your blog and help you feel more creative! Definitely sharing how you are doing the whole school at home thing I think would be helpful for other parents too

  24. This is brilliant and just what I needed right now! I’m in sort of a writer’s block right now when it comes to my novel. For some reason my blog is chugging along fine…don’t know why I feel inspired there, but not for my book. These are some great tips, and you can bet that I’ll be implementing some of them soon. Having writer’s block while you’re stuck at home all the time feels so wasteful. Thanks!

  25. These are great ideas. Most times, to get motivated I go on to Pinterest or Quora. These platforms help me to get ideas and know the kind of questions people are asking

      1. Quora is another social app where people ask questions about different topics to get answers from experts

  26. It’s amazing how much a change of location can really make a difference. I completely agree with eliminating distractions and setting break times. Great job Lauren! <3

  27. I agree with all of these – I hate writers block but I do find that deliberately taking some time away really helps to clear my mind and get me refocused.

  28. Changing my writing environment always helps me with a writers block. And updating SEO on old blog posts is a fab idea when you’re not writing new posts as it’ll improve your DA hopefully 🙂 Loved this post! So helpful gal x

    1. Thanks for the great tips. I will stop trying to force myself to write content and take time away like you suggested. And I will definitely have a look at Pinterest! Thanks again 💜

  29. Thanks for the tips. I definitely need to stop forcing myself to write and spend time away like you said. Will also be looking at Pinterest. Don’t use that enough. Thanks again 💜

  30. These are all such great ideas! I definitely think eliminating distractions is key for me too. Once I do that, I feel like my creative juices start flowing again!

  31. I always find that I write better when I’m not at home , a new environment really helps me to get concentrated as I’m not at home x

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