5 Ways To Feel Calmer During Lockdown

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I wanted to share some content that could be helpful to anyone during this time. A lot of people understandably are anxious and frightened.

There has been a lot of information to process both in the news and on social media, at times it has been so overwhelming for us all I think.

Although there isn’t much you can do directly, you can abide by your governments regulations and follow all guidelines for all symptoms. There are some practises you can do to help combat and relieve some of the stress you might be experiencing.

I am going to share 7 ways you can try and make yourself feel calmer and more relaxed:

1. Limit your amount of the news and social media

The news and media are constantly overwhelming us with information about we should and shouldn’t be doing as well as so many statistics. Limiting how much news you watch can help you feel more in control of your feelings and can allow you to digest everything that is happening. On social media there is also a lot of fake news and scaremongering happening also, so try to avoid these posts as much as you can. Taking a social media detox during this time may help with your mental health.

2. Check your government website for all financial and other queries

If you are concerned about finances or schooling for example, head to your government website for the most up-to-date and correct information. It should also be able to tell you any financial help you could be entitled too.

3. Spend time with family or friends

If you are isolating with family or friends, then using this time to stay away from screens and spend time with loved ones. Maybe watch a film or play a board game for example. Some light hearted fun is very much needed in a time like this. If you are not isolating or in lockdown with them, technology is a wonderful thing, video chat or even Skype call with your loved ones and stay in touch.

4. Practise self care

It is important that during these next few weeks/ months that you are keeping yourself as healthy and safe as possible. Eating right, exercise or yoga at home and practising self-care, can all help to reduce stress and allow you to have times of relaxation and calmness.

5. Get creative

If you are not able to work from home or you have a lot of spare time on your hands, being creative is a great way to channel anxieties and can help you focus your mind. Things I like to do when being creative are: Engraving Art, Scrapbooking or Practising My Lettering. What do you like to do, to be creative?

colouring book for adults with colouring pencils and colourful confetti

These are just a few practises you can put in place to help you feel calmer and more relaxed during this time of uncertainty.

Remember where possible stay inside, keep to your countries guidelines and rules. Keep yourself and all your family safe and healthy.

Do you have any tips for staying calm and relaxation? I’d love to hear in the comments.

106 thoughts on “5 Ways To Feel Calmer During Lockdown

  1. Thank you for sharing your tips, Lauren! This is such a helpful and encouraging post, especially during such times of anxiety and uncertainty. I’m not able to work at the moment as my offices are closed, so I’m trying to stick to a routine to keep things as normal as possible. Limiting news and social media is such an important one as it can just feel so overwhelming at times! Thanks for your suggestions and hope you are staying safe and well <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  2. This is such a needed time. I have been trying to be more creative and away from social media a bit more, to keep more clam.

  3. Definitely agree with limiting how much time I spend watching the news and on social media. Luckily, I’m still working (from home) so I only really catch up properly a couple of times a day. And we’re very lucky to have a garden so we can escape for some fresh air, which is very good for our stress levels. Great tips, Lauren, and hoping you stay safe too xxx

  4. I’m 110 miles away from home during isolation so I’ve been doing my best to facetime/talk to my family when I can it keeps me in good spirits x

  5. I video called my mum for the first time ever today, as my son wanted to see and talk to their dog.

    My partner is watching every bit of news, I’m staying well away from it as much as I can. She normally tells me of anything important.

    Creativity is always important in our house, but right now it’s vital, we have been drawing today.

  6. This is honestly such a weird time right now, and my work shut this week as I work with children and there are not enough children going into our place. So everything is uncertain at the moment for me, but I am trying to remain positive and use my time wisely to keep productive. I want to learn new skills and get creative which should help. This is a lovely post xxxx

  7. Thank you for sharing! We all need to support each other right now. I’ve been trying to consciously step back from social media. Instead I’ve used that time to do some workout videos and it’s really helping me cope! xx

  8. Great tips! I definitely need to work on #1 – I am spending way too much time on social media and reading news articles and it really is just adding to my stress. I’m planning for tomorrow to be a completely news/work/social media free day and it is so needed!

  9. This is so true. I try to stay away from excessive news updates on this as I have my mom back in India, and it creates unnecessary anxiety for me.

  10. Great tips, I have been on my phone far too much during the lockdown. The only saviour has been DIY and garage workouts. Will actually be glad to get back to work this weekend 🤣

  11. Great advice! Honestly, there is so much panic and fear circulating social media right now, it’s no wonder that so many people are mentally and emotionally struggling. I think we need to remember that not only is social distancing important, so too is social MEDIA distancing!

  12. Very relevant post. I’ve definitely found isolation testing at points and it’s up and down for me but focusing on self care is so important 💕

  13. All great ideas! I have been focused on being as creative as possible. I have also spent as much time outside in the backyard as I can too! The weather has been great here so I am thankful for that. Hope you are well!!

  14. Especially the news one is so important. If we’re constantly bombarded with fright stories from the news it’s easy to constantly be in worst case scenario fright all the time.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. This was such a helpful post. I love how you mentioned the financial aid side of things as so, so many of us are going to need it.
    Stay safe!

  16. Thanks for reminding us of the good of restricting the flow of negative information into our minds.

  17. I love all of these different tips to be calmer. I think it is a great idea to see what assistance is available, if needed. A lot of companies these days are being more forgiving with recurring payments like cars. It is important to spend some time with others, give them a call! Thanks for sharing all of this!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  18. This is a very helpful post. My anxieties have been over the roof. I love my WA-group chats and calls a lot now. We even managed to do a WA happy hour with my sisters on Friday. The call lasted for over 2h 🥰

    1. That’s great you have used the time to have group chats. We have done that with our family group what’s app video calls. So much fun. We are definitely going to continue them after this is all over x

  19. There are some great tips here Lauren! I hope you and the family are all safe and well in this madness that’s going on! I’m on the extremely vulnerable list so will be at home for 12 weeks, but I’d rather be safe than take any chances! I’m actually enjoying the downtime so far, although boredom is starting to creep in! Not sure how I’m going to manage all this time with Ant though haha! Take care, Steff x

  20. Very important advice! I’ve definitely felt calmer since limiting the amount of news I’m consuming. The misinformation being spread did not help my anxiety levels at all! I’m awful at self-care a lot of the time but even just going for a bath or doing the laundry so I have clean, fresh clothes and bedding have massively helped to keep me calm. Sticking to a routine is an important one I’ve found to help. It gives a sense of normality in such trying times. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  21. I think we’re all appreciative that you decided to switch the content you’re sharing to help people feel calmer at this time. I agree that it’s best to limit the amount of “news” and social media that I’m exposed to.

  22. Fab tips here girl, especially about getting creative! We all have a lot of free time now so why not find a new hobby! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s good you are able to contact and stay in contact with people. I think that’s so important!!
      We have all been group video chatting on what’s app, that has been great. Thank you for reading and commenting! I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy x

  23. Great post, I’m trying to be more creative too whilst I’m at home. I’ve also tried to sort out different areas of the house each day so that whenever normal life resumes, I don’t have to worry about my home as much

  24. Love your thoughts on this! As the situation changes, so do the things we do to adapt with it and continue moving forward. I think limiting news on social media is a great way to get creative juices flowing. 🙂

  25. Limiting my news intake has definitely helped my levels of stress since the outbreak, and although I’m scared for my family members I’m remembering to take it day by day rather than worry about the future! These are great tips.

  26. I very much appreciated this post Lauren! It’s certainly a very stressful time. I didn’t think I would be affected too much but now that it’s so close to home, it’s a constant worry in my mind. I admit I’ve gone to bed and cried for several nights straight thinking of bad scenarios that could happen. When I limited what I read especially news of what’s going on outside, I felt more at ease. It’s important to know what’s happening around you but not let yourself binge read the news all day! Thanks for sharing lovely xx

    Geraldine | contact@geraldinetalks.com

    1. Oh bless you, I hope you are okay. Follow the guidelines and you can stay safe. But I understand how worried you are. I am a key worker and back at work on Saturday and slightly nervous about going in xx

  27. There is nothing as important as only allowing yourself access ONLY to relevant information from experts alone – else a lot of fake news has already cost lives.

    It may not be the best time for pranks or jokes either.

    Even Google banned their April Fool’s Day pranks.

    Lovely post

  28. Some great tips! Being creative is always a good way to relax and distract your mind away from what is going, which is particularly important at the moment!

  29. Thank you for sharing these tips, I think we all need them right now. I’ve especially found that limiting my social media use has really helped – people are so quick to share stuff without even reading it or considering if it’s true and it can be so harmful to your mental health. I’ve also found that only looking at decent sources for my news as well is a big help – if I want to find something out about what’s going on with the current situation, I’ll check the Gov website and nothing else! x

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