5 Ways You Can Show Kindness During Lockdown

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We are all living through this uncertainty and so I thought a post about kindness would be a good topic to discuss. During times like these small acts of kindness can really help people feel less alone. Most acts of kindness do not cost a thing.

Kindness does not only help others, it also makes you feel good too. Putting out positivity into the universe, is so important especially during these unprecedented times. There is so much uncertainty, if you are anything like me your anxiety levels are off the charts at the moment! Being able to show kindness also helps give me something to focus on.┬áThat small act of kindness you show, can brighten that person’s whole day. I have compiled a list of 5 acts of kindness you can show being in lockdown.

1. Treat the loved ones you live with to a home cooked meal

With everyone on lockdown, treating your loved ones you live with to a cooked meal, is a great way to show you care. Cooking is a great activity to throw yourself into during lockdown as well as learning recipes. It is an activity that you can do alone or with other members of your family. I recently tried a new meal seasoning and loved it.


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2. Call or video chat with family and friends

Being away from family and friends can be really hard. Being able to make phone calls or video calls to your loved ones are a great way to stay connected. If the people you call with are alone, it can really brighten their day and help them to feel less lonely during this isolating time. We as a family have been doing group video calls which have been great keeping in touch and laughing away. In fact, we all wondered why we haven’t been doing this more before.

3. When you go shopping for essentials only buy what you need

When you are shopping being respectful of your community is so easy by only buying the products you need and not bulk buying. Also following the guidelines that the stores have in place and respect the workers. This is a small act, but can have huge impacts on your community.

4. Pay someone a compliment

Whether this is to someone you live with, to a friend or someone online. Saying something nice about another person not only makes that person feel good about themselves, it makes you feel good for doing so. Small acts like these being paid forward can help a huge amount of people during this scary time.

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5. Support a small business

Times are hard financially and for self-employed or small business owners times are even harder. So where you can buy small. These businesses are still open trying to make a living. I have recently brought from two small businesses for stationery, to try and help them! These posts will be up soon on my blog, as I want to share their work.

What acts of kindness have you shown this week? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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