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This lockdown is having such huge affects on businesses across the world, especially the smaller businesses. I wanted to try and help out some of the smaller businesses that I love.

It is so important to support fellow creators where you can, whether thats make a purchase, share their business or recommend their business to someone else. That can make that person smile. Everyone needs a smile on their face during these harder times.

I first came across Ellis and her designs nearly two years ago, you can see goodies that I have purchased previously here and here. If you don’t know Ellis, firstly where have you been? Ellis is an illustrator based in Leicestershire in the UK. She is married to James and  they have two very cute doggies Vespa and Custard. She runs an environmentally friendly business, which I think is so important. You should head over to her Instagram to see some her beautiful artwork.

I wanted to share some of the new pieces I picked up from Ellis’s shop. See if you love them as much as I do.


I love this dreamer pin. When I saw it, I thought it was perfect for me. I am a day dreamer and a big dreamer in general, sometimes very strange dreams too! This pin is a beautiful shade of purple. I love the silver edging and lettering. I also love the gummy bear and cola bottle enamel pins.


I chose the painted dog button badge because I think they are beautiful animals. I have always collected button badges ever since I was young, I still have one from my 8th birthday (I am now 29!). I have them all pinned to this teddy bear I had when I was younger, that you can hang and put your pyjamas in the zip compartment at the back. Anyone else had one of the pyjama keepers? Ha ha! I love the detail that is in this design.



I love big cats, so when I came across this tiger card, I knew I had to have it! I love the detail on the tiger’s face, Ellis is so talented. My only problem is I have to gift it away, instead of keeping it. But I know another person will appreciate the design, when I gift it to them. I love that this card is made from recycled oatmeal card stock, how clever is that? To protect the card it was wrapped in biodegradable cello. Just imagine the positive impact on the environment and the planet if all businesses were to do the same. I love sending cards, putting pen to paper and show someone you are thinking of them. I also love the owl and the winter jar greeting cards.


How cute is this squirrel button badge! I thought this would be perfect selection for the start of Spring. I love the detail in the nature background, it is so intricate. I love the shading on the squirrel’s body too. I love animals so this badge is the perfect addition to my collection.

Ellis very kindly added some lovely goodies in my order. How sweet is that?



I love this A5 print. Such a cheeky grin! You can see the individual brush strokes of the design. It shows how much time and effort goes into each individual piece that Ellis creates! I love the colours of the background and how they blend together. I can’t wait to put this up!


This fox sticker is so cute! Everyone who follows my Instagram knows how much I love stickers. So I am excited to include it in one on my planner spreads soon. You can get this fox design as a button badge or as a print. So beautiful.


I love this magnet. Not only do I love the lettering Ellis has used but the cute little stars too! I love the pastel colours used for this design. This will sit on my radiator next to my desk. What a great affirmation and I can remind myself every time I look at it!


I am so happy with my purchases and thank you so much to Ellis for the extra goodies in my order! I LOVE them all. I am already looking forward to placing my next order.

What is your favourite product I have purchased? I’d love to hear in the comments.

41 thoughts on “Designs By Ellis Woolley

  1. I own one enamel pin that I won form a draw at school, which was for a good cause. It’s pretty neat, but I am afraid I’ll lose it. I have not heard of Ellis but I don’t do much online shopping nor do I live in the UK, so maybe that’s why? The blue-eyed cat with the cheeky grin is my favoruite. He reminds me of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland!

  2. This is such a fantastic collection of gorgeous goodies! Ellis is super talented, isn’t she!? 🙂 My favourites are the enamel pin (you know I’m obsessed, haha!) and that Tiger card is super cute – I love the pinks and purples. I love that Ellis also included some extra treats too, that is so kind and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing this lovely bundle Lauren, and reminding us that it’s so important to continue supporting our fave small businesses! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  3. 😍 I love that tiger card, but the grinning cat topped it by far. I know friends who would kill (not literally) for that. The little squirrel and doggie pin are so cute; the squirrel especially reminds me of Beatrix Potter’s art.
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful creative outlet we can support during these times!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I love how you have supported a small business and in doing so have shown me lovely things! I will be checking out the shop for sure!

  5. I love the enamel pin! It is gorgeous and the color looks amazing. Ellis did a great job with the tiger card as well. What a year for tigers! The Cheshire cat looks cute too!! Thanks for sharing all of these gorgeous creations from Ellis!

    Nancy ♥

  6. wow! I think the badges are my favourite they are all so cute. The tiger card is adorable aswell x

  7. I have seen Ellis work on Instagram she is so talented! Seeing the cat print reminded me of a friend’s upcoming birthday I will certainly have to have a browse!
    Thank you for some fav recommendations!

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